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We are the mother and daughter who have changed jobs more than 20 times and was born at mother’s old age. Especially, the mother Saeko loves to go out to Tokyo.Have fun of our Tokyo’s memory together!




This is a Tokyo outing magazine written by “Hatchan”, who was born at the end of her childbirth, and a mom writer who spends the world of Tokyo happy every day. I was clumsy to do anything from the beginning, and I didn’t really want children, but when I was born, “Thank you for coming to me like this.” I was feeling.

And even if I don’t have any money, I just have to experience and play with mom every day. I’m living every day thinking (laughs) So, there are quite a lot of places to go out in Tokyo, and I often see websites such as “Jalan” and “Iko~yo!”, but where are the many links? I didn’t know what to look for, so I want a super simple outing site! I made it.



TGG おえかき お台場 お祭り さいたま アート カフェ キャラクター グルメ コンサート ショップ スポーツ デジタル ホテル ホール ミュージカル 中央区 乗り物 公園 動物 動物園 北区 千葉県 博物館 墨田区 子供 屋内の遊び場 工場見学 幼児 文京区 映画 未来 板橋区 水族館 江東区 池袋 浦安市 神奈川県 美術館 自然 英語 観光地 赤羽 足立区 選手

By mama