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Minato-ku,Go out to Roppongi Hills with kids♡

If you try to learn English for free, the recruitment is amazing? !!



Roppongi Hills is a commercial complex of Roppongi 6-chome opened by the Mori Building in 2003. I chose the theme of Tokyo Mode Gakuen’s graduation thesis to be Roppongi Hills, and the place of work for the online English conversation school was the Roppongi Hills membership library, and it was here when I worked for a famous search engine company. There was a connection to Roppongi Hills.

That’s why the theme for going out with elementary school students in Tokyo this time is “Roppongi Hills.”


When my child was a baby, I liked the Hillside B2F’s “Oyako Rest Room” (resting in Corona).

ガラス張りで自然光が明るいおやこ休憩室 引用:公式ページ
A glass break room with bright natural light



The image of Roppongi Hills has something like Tsubasa Yozawa or Horiemon; but it’s a little hard to understand how the stores are a little expensive. If you leave it out, it’s just a commercial facility. It is a surprisingly friendly facility for children.

First of all, there is the “Oyako Rest Room”, which is unified with the high-class educational toys Bonnelund. This is Roppongi Hills, as I am used to the usual children’s hall! It is a place that feels like that. There is a diaper changing space where you can take your shoes off and play freely (in front of the corona), so parents and children can come here to play, eat lunch, and then take a walk in the Mohri garden. I can do it.


Children can run around in the Mohri Garden.

Suddenly running with a boy I don’t know



There are mosquitoes in the summer, but the Mohri garden in Roppongi Hills is wonderful. The reason why the name is Mouri Garden is that it is the site of the Azabu-Kamiki House, which was the origin of Mohri Tsunamoto, who was the lord of the Nagato Chofu Domain (a branch of the Choshu Domain Mohri Family). (Wiki information)

Children up to 5 years old are tough if they don’t have toys or a space to run around. I don’t like books or anything like that (I can’t read), and I’m not so good at drawing, so I get bored in a short time. Therefore, having a garden in a commercial facility is very helpful for children.


My daughter is 6 years old now, She is glad She have Doraemon and Shin-chan ♪

Shin-chan’s movie is also quite interesting


Roppongi Hills has a TV morning opposite Mohri Garden, so there is also a store for goods such as Crayon Shin-chan and Doraemon, and a play space. I was only about 2 years old when I went here, so the reaction was normal, but now I’m 6 years old.


There was a free English conversation class for Christian children at “Sumitomo Fudosan Belsar Building”, which is diagonally across from Roppongi Hills across a large street.





When Hatchan was 0 years old, I quit my job and was in agony because of the stress of caring for my baby. However, since I wasn’t working and I didn’t have the money to free myself, I searched and found Rippongi’s “Life Kids” free English conversation for Christian kids. Tell them that you are going to participate by email and take your baby Hatchan to an unknown world full of foreigners. Everyone was very kind, it was like a foreign country, and they were free to have coffee or snacks, and Hatchan got used to English, which was great! I went there three times. However, I was suspicious of going to the cloud halfway through, and I was invited to a meeting to read the Bible app together, so I was disgusted by myself who was talking with me. I faded out on the way. I like Christian culture, but I can’t get into 100% and I believe in Buddhism. Well, it was a good experience w


Speaking of children at Roppongi Hills, it’s a summer workshop! !!

Roppongi Hills’ summer workshop for children is super fulfilling



Lunch at the Hills

A popular summer workshop for children is Roppongi Hills. I’ve been warming up for a while when I’m older, and I applied for a programming course at LEGO last year, but I’ve been defeated; quite high! !! Something like “Let’s decorate a cupcake” is also done in my neighborhood, and it’s about to die. What you should come to Roppongi Hills is something you can do only here (such as programming in English). It feels dull when I’m always in my hometown, but when I’m in various places in Tokyo, I have a child that is different from the one I always see, and I feel that this is a stimulus for Hatchan.

Shop Name
Roppongi Hills
Commercial facility
Web Site
Phone Number
The degree of infant’s pleasant
I think it will be fun if parents do their best
The degree of primary school child’s pleasant
It’s an adult facility, isn’t it? I think that you can enjoy it if there is a Doraemon event.

I don’t think there is any particular money for children.


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