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Toshima-ku, Sunshine Aquarium



Speaking of Tokyo’s three aquariums, the Shinagawa Aquarium, the Kasai Rinkai Aquarium, and the Sunshine Aquarium. (The Sumida Aquarium is still young!) Convenience is good because it is in the sunshine where you can enjoy shopping and rice!The concept is to move the heart, there is discovery.The theme for going out with children this time is the Sunshine Aquarium in Toshima Ward♡


The premium member of “Ikoyo” at Sunshine Aquarium is now 0 yen!



Prepare a smartphone coupon screen at the entrance. If you ask the person in charge to click it, this screen will appear.

As you know, “Ikoyo”, the largest information site for going out with children, is currently carrying out a generous project ♡ What a premium member of Ikoyo (550 yen per month), 4 aquariums (4 aquariums until the end of September) Parents and children can enter the Sunshine Aquarium, Shinagawa Aquarium, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, twice each, for a total of eight times. When registering for a premium pass, it is a bit of a bottleneck that you have to register for an e-mail newsletter, but if you think you don’t need it from next month, you can cancel it from My Page.


Hatchan looks at the booklet she received from “Ikoyo”. It looks like you like it ♡

We went to Sunshine today (Sunday, September 6, 2021). At the entrance, you can also get a booklet and stickers of sea creatures that are special benefits of Ikoyo. This is a very good content and will be useful for adults as well. I haven’t seen it recently, but sometimes there are such special projects, so I have to check it out from now on!


Discounting when you buy a ticket at “EPARK Outing”

The sea is really beautiful!


If you’re going out with kids, it’s a good idea to check them out occasionally!








小・中学生・・・1,100円 (-100円)


If you go to the daytime on weekdays, it’s vacant~!

EPARK Do you know going out? EPARK is a web media brand that was originally funded by a huge communications company called Hikari Tsushin. There are many sites like EPARK Beauty, EPARK Gourmet, and EPAR○○ like Recruit’s Hot Paper Beauty, and EPARK Outing is one of them. At EPARK Odekake, you will occasionally receive generous discount coupons. So is this Sunshine Aquarium. The official ticket prices for the Sunshine Aquarium are as follows.


・Elementary school student・・・1,200 yen


・Under 4 years old・・・Fre

If you buy this through the EPARK Odekake website.

Adults・・・1,800 yen (-600 yen)

Only adult ticket fee, but 600 yen will be discounted. You can buy one ice cream! When you go with your mom and dad, you can get a discount of 1,200 yen. If you go to the Sunshine Aquarium, everyone should use EPARK outing! !! (⇒ Information as of September 2020. We have been doing this for more than half a year)


Even in Corona, the Sunshine Aquarium is crowded on Saturdays and Sundays!

It was much more crowded than when I went there two years ago on weekdays in 2019. (Sunday, September 5, 2021)


Tokyo is in the process of being declared a state of emergency due to the corona disaster, but Ikebukuro has been very crowded for the first time in a while. The Olympics are over, the woutin inoculation rate is high, and it looks a lot different from last year (2020). I tried to avoid areas where people gather as much as possible, and aimed at aquariums with as few people as possible.

屋外エリア マリンガーデン 天空の旅は都会の中なのに気持ちイイ!!

Outdoor Area Marine Garden Traveling in the sky feels good even though it’s in the city! !!

Penguins who are swimming in the air outdoors!


People who sparkle the story of the staff at the aquarium♡

Recent aquariums are devising a lot of ways to “attract” creatures. The highlight of this Sunshine Aquarium is the aquarium of an outdoor marine garden. On a clear day, you can feel as if you are swimming in the air. I wonder if the children will be impressed with “Wow~ ♪”♪ (It is usually cloudy when I am a cloudy woman!)

Sunday, September 5, 2021. It was halfway through, but Sea Lion was doing a show. Tiny!


For moms who don’t like being crowded, why not go to a kindergarten or nursery school on a day when they have a half-day break during an interview?

Woopal ooper is always cute ♡


I don’t think children can wait so long. It’s because I don’t yet know why I’m waiting, and my skill to wait is still low. I’m looking for a place with aura that seems to be crowded (Disney, Ueno Museum, Aquarium etc.) as much as possible, “Isn’t this month a weekday?” For example, the day when you take a half-off for a medical examination or the day when your child returns early after an interview. It’s not every month, but if you look for it, it happens once every few months.


After all, it is much more fun to listen to the commentary of a professional aquarium!

No, but. It’s a great aquarium!


Outdoor area of ​​Sunshine Aquarium (Sunday, September 5, 2021 around 16:00)


I can feel it not only in the aquarium but also in all museums, but the story of those who work on site is still interesting. It comes to mind rather than seeing it online or in a picture book, and there is information that I know only there. So I would love to hear not only the penguin-like experience of feeding, but also the story of the breeding staff♡


“Kurage Space” is born in the Sunshine Aquarium!

Something like a long string is the tentacle of Mr. Jellyfish.


Jellyfish loves not only adults but also children. In July 2020, a new area called “Kurage Space” was created at the Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium. There are more places where you can see a jellyfish panorama called “Jellyfish Screen” that you did not have when you went in 2019, and a place called “Jellyfish Drop” where you can see Mr. Jellyfish in a vertically long aquarium on a round cylinder.


The jellyfish screen is also good for couples ♡

A jellyfish screen that you can see for a long time without getting tired of it. I took this picture from the bench where I can sit in front of me.


The Sunshine Aquarium has an image of having children, but there are so many couples as I went today! I thought. In particular, the newly created jellyfish area is full of mood ♡ You can see that jellyfish are popular because they really look good on SNS. It’s an ecologically interesting creature. (I’m always wondering if the tentacles get entangled)


Small children love aquariums! I want to take a lot

Jellyfish are really beautiful! !!


My Hatchan has loved Kurage since she was 5 years old. (I went to see it today) I’m not an aquarium enthusiast at all, but when I go to the aquarium recently, the jellyfish exhibition feels more beautiful than before. Lighting and layout may have evolved from the past.



The creatures in the aquarium have a mysterious shape, so it’s really fun just to walk around. When I was enjoying it like that, I suddenly remembered “Sakana-kun” w

Enchanted ♡ Hatchan
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Sunshine Aquarium
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東京都豊島区東池袋3丁目1 サンシャインシティ ワールドインポートマートビル 屋上
The degree of infant’s pleasant
By all means! !! ♡
The degree of primary school child’s pleasant
I think everyone can enjoy it! !!
If you use EPARK outing, it’s safe!


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