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【江東区】TGG(TokyoGlobal Gateway)英語村のハロウィンイベントに行った!料金とアクセスについて

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[Koto-ku] I went to the Halloween event of TGG English Village! About prices and access


I went to TGG (Tokyo English Village) in Odaiba, Koto Ward once in August of this year. The pattern at that time was introduced in the following article. (Yo who was 30 minutes late in the 1-hour lesson! ;;)

What is TGG? If you think that, please take a look! ♡


というわけで、今回の東京の小学生とおでかけ!の行き先は、ゆりかもめ「テレコムセンター駅」からすぐのTGG(Tokyo Global Gateway)のハロウィンイベントでございます。

Because it was incomplete combustion for me, it is the second round in the sense of revenge (⇒ what?). Khan! That’s why I went out with an elementary school student in Tokyo this time! The destination is the Halloween event of TGG (Tokyo Global Gateway), which is right next to the Yurikamome “Telecom Center Station”.



TGG’s Halloween event e-mail newsletter has arrived



TGG is an English conversation school in Odaiba, Tokyo, run by the cram school Ichishin. Speaking of English conversation schools, there are cheap lessons without classrooms that you can teach at Starbucks these days, but TGG’s facilities are super clean and spacious. The total area is about 7,000 m2.

There are about 10 rooms like this on the 2nd and 3rd floors!


I’ve been paying attention to TGG for a long time, but I haven’t been to elementary school yet because it’s expensive and Hatchan’s English learning hasn’t progressed so much yet.

Buy medicine at a pharmacy in English. I’ve never done it!


TGG also has an Arab-like teacher and has a rich nationality ♡

However, she has recently been declining in Benesse’s Shinkenzemi Challenge English motivation. At that point, the Halloween event e-mail newsletter came from TGG, so I thought (just right!) And immediately decided to let TGG know the joy of Englis


One-day pass or afternoon pass, that’s the problem

This is a TGG travel agency. You can practice your travel application in English.


If it’s cheap, I’ll immediately pop it on Amazon! I’m an aunt, but I’m at a TGG event! Before that, I thought a little.

One Day Pass
こども:7,700円 大人:1,100円
Children: 7,700 yen Adults: 1,100 yen
Afternoon pass
こども:3,850円 大人:1,100円
Children: 3,850yen Adults: 1,100 yen
It’s a path that is set to get lost! Mr. TGG!


The Halloween event was pretty crowded


An afternoon pass costs 3,850 yen for two and a half hours, but a one-day pass costs 7,700 yen for a seven-hour stay. A simple calculation shows that the one-day pass is more profitable, but it costs about 9,000 yen including the parent’s fee.


What did you do at the Halloween event?


Start from SmallTalk by a foreign teacher ♡

Afternoon pass groups will line up before 14:30!


Enter from the back entrance, not the one with Lawson at Time 24


While looking at other children, Hatchan is thrilled ★


「Hi! I am ●●。What is your name?」などの超典型的な英語のあいさつを黒人の先生から言われ、かたまりながら名前などを答えるはっちゃん。いまの英語学習はオンラインだけなのに、泣きださないだけエライぞ~!

Everyone dressed up as Halloween costumes, but my kid hated it stubbornly, so I went in a normal fashion; my mother was Miha. , The child is non-meeha. (⇒ Good thing)

A black teacher gives a super-typical English greeting such as “Hi! I am ●●. What is your name?”, And Hatchan answers his name in a lump. She’s only learning English online now, but she’s just not crying!


On the 2nd floor, you can experience English by plane, hotel or shop!

There was a Halloween sign on the wall at the front entrance

受付で、TGG予約時の受付番号を伝えたら、受付は完了です。「航空券のチケットは、2階のタウンでお配りしています」と言われました。飛行機?チケット?大事そうだ。とりあえず、そのチケットをもらいにエスカレーターを上がると、外国人先生から「Hello!」「Nice to me to you!」と、沢山声をかけていただきます。

At the reception, tell the reception number at the time of TGG reservation, and the reception is complete. He said, “Airline tickets are distributed in the town on the second floor.” airplane? ticket? That’s important. For the time being, when I go up the escalator to get the ticket, a lot of foreign teachers say “Hello!” And “Nice to me to you!”.

There are Halloween decorations throughout the building


When you go upstairs, you will be asked to go to the right. Oh, this is the famous (?) City where you can experience overseas! Wow! Like Disney! A mother was a little impressed.

There was a leaflet that showed you where to hand over your boarding pass.


I immediately got a ticket from NRT to NY from 15:50. Now, we have 1 hour and 20 minutes left, so let’s go around as you like. The first was decided to be a hotel.


I was crying in KidZania, but I’m aggressive at 6-year-old TGG!

The first activity is decided by Hatsuko’s favorite hotel ♡


On the 2nd floor of TGG, there are restaurants, hotels and shops just like the real thing, and when a child goes to each booth, the teacher actively says “Hi!” And immediately starts a mini lesson.

The first activity. Hatchan is throbbing ♪


It’s perfect for me, who is short-term, instant, and has a good waiting time ♡ Unlike KidZania, there is no need to make a reservation (other than airplanes), and the number of customers is small, so I can handle bang bang English lessons.

First of all, learn words and phrases related to the hotel from the first teacher
When you feel confident, go to the reception to make a hotel reservation


Instead of suddenly speaking in English, they will give you a mini-lecture with a sheet with figures first, so even children who do not speak English can easily get along. My Hatchan, 6 years old, had been learning English for about a year and a half (with a sabori in between) and had a child Eiken gold of 78%, but I was able to keep up.

If you like the article about KidZania, please!


Next is the shop! I don’t know what I’m talking about because my parents don’t line up;

I thought all the TGG teachers were positive, kind, and caring.


Opposite the hotel was a shop like a newsstand. Is it crowded? I thought, but I was immediately called Come on!


At the end of the activity, the teacher will stamp your TGG passport

Maybe she gained confidence through the exchanges at the hotel, and Hatchan said she was very active ♡ I hate English and it was difficult, but she seems to realize that she is learning the challenge English tablet on a daily basis.


A travel agency, a diner, a pharmacy, and a smiling Hatchan who said, “Here, it’s fun!”

Travel agency …! I’ve never been to Japan; suddenly in English w


Surprisingly, the customer base of TGG was also in the upper grades of elementary school.

今回のTGGも、いきなり一人で外国人の先生と会話するのですが、できちゃってました。(中身はよくわかりませんが;)英会話は4歳半~5歳半から1年間駒込の英会話スクール(スージーの英語教室 https://school.epark.jp/school/13095/)に通い、その後、はっちゃんが嫌だというのですぐ辞めました。

Hatchan noticed the fun of English by TGG


This TGG also suddenly talked to a foreign teacher alone, but I was able to do it. (I don’t know what’s inside;) English conversation is from 4 and a half to 5 and a half years old for one year Komagome’s English conversation school (Susie’s English class , and after that, I quit immediately because I didn’t like Hatchan. However, it seems that there is still a little left over for a year, so I was happy.


On the 3rd floor, you can make Halloween paper bags, skip drones, read picture books, etc.

Hatchan made a black cat paper bag


Various events were also held on the 3rd floor. Hatchan didn’t study English so much (whether it’s 30 minutes in a week or not?), But she tried to line up in the free talk corner saying “Mom, I want to do this”, so “No, I can talk a little more. I wonder if it’s okay to start from? “

Cute 💛


Called by an airplane announcement, Hatchan boarded an airplane (simulated) alone.

Parents also head to the airport booth to board the plane.


私はその間暇なので、他の先生とSmall Talk。良いホテルね、でも私はお金ないから泊まれないわ。いくら?とかw

Check-in at the airport has begun. I want to do it!


The highlight of this event? The experience of boarding an airplane has begun. It was 5 minutes early, so for some reason I was instructed to go to the hotel again. It’s the second time, but Hatchan says “I’ll do it!”.

I’m free during that time, so Small Talk with other teachers. It’s a good hotel, but I can’t stay because I don’t have the money. How much? Or w


The last workshop to make maracas. Two and a half hours in no time. I can’t see everything in half a day

The maraca making workshop was very popular!




It’s already 16:30. When I did the Halloween quiz rally, I got a notepad and sweets, but I didn’t have time to do the quiz rally. Buy Walkers shortbread at the kiosk, hug and hug near the toilet, and take part in the final activity, maraca making. Hatchan, not me, rushes to say, “Mom, fast!”

The way back from TGG. You can see the story of Oedo Onsen in the immediate vicinity
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