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[Kita-ku] I went to Verdy’s Home Town Day with an elementary school student and a mom friend ♡

I watched soccer for the first time in a long time


Wouldn’t it be exciting to see the J League in your neighborhood? !! J-League by bicycle without getting on the train ♡ J-League where you can return by bicycle even if you are late


When I was a junior high school student, I wasn’t good at sports at the hell training camp when I was in the track and field club, so I didn’t watch sports.


However, the soccer I just watched was very good ♡ Soccer player, seriously respected ♡ (⇒ Is it too late to notice the charm ?!)


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Soccer / J League Home Town Day (Verdy edition).


One day, an elementary school daughter brought back a leaflet for Kita-ku Home Town Day.

Hmm? what is this? ??


Our Hatchan (6) is currently in elementary school. I bring back various letters from elementary school every day. One of them was a green leaflet, and when I read it, it was a leaflet about Kita-ku Home Town Day in “Tokyo Verdy”.

Verdi came in half-time ♡


Up to the first 200 elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students up to the age of 22 who live in Kita Ward on Home Town Day are invited for free. If adults also have unreserved seats, it is very advantageous at 1,000 yen per person.


I love cheap! The poor man who jumps as soon as it is cheap I jumped immediately, but the first time I gave up because the schedule did not match;


You can go on the second weekday of November 25th (Wednesday)! Wow! However, I and Hatchan were the only ones, so I invited my husband as well.

It looks like a Pokemon and is cute! Even Livern


“Eh? Start at 18:00? I can’t make it in time.” That’s no surprise. So, I LINEd to two mom friends from kindergarten and boasted, “I’ll get a ticket!”


What is J League Home Town Day in the first place?

It starts at 18:00, so I was hungry with Pokemon beef bowl at Yoshinoya before 17:00.


As you may know if you are familiar with soccer or a fan of the J League, I didn’t know Home Town Day. Even though she is not very familiar with sports, she is an aunt who likes to go out abnormally.



When I searched the internet immediately, I couldn’t find any description about Home Town Day written by Don Pisha. (→ That’s a writer …!)

Meet my daughter’s friends in front of the kindergarten! Click on the hustle and bustle!


However, looking at some sites, it seems that the team and the local government are working together to offer free invitations and special offers (discounts) to the J League.


First, I read the QR code of the leaflet and created an account for the J League site.

It is a fence from the bus stop to the main gate. Cool ~!
A tent for Home Town Day spectators was set up at the north gate


This is the login screen when purchasing J.League tickets. (For PC)


For the time being, I got this screen, so I created an account. So, when I tried to go to the ticket purchase screen again, the message “There are no tickets to buy” was displayed. I didn’t look at the leaflets often, but the release date wasn’t there yet!


Precautions when purchasing tickets


You can purchase multiple tickets with one account

Verdy ticket (smartphone screen version)



My bicycle is not electric, so we took a bus from Akabane Station to Ajinomoto Stadium.

By the way, although it was good to say “I will get a ticket!”, I thought that it would be troublesome if it was a rule such as creating one account for each person. Right now, I don’t know most of my mom’s friends’ addresses and phone numbers, and I live only on LINE.


However, when I asked Google Sensei, he told me that “J League tickets can be purchased with multiple tickets (up to 5 tickets per person)”, so I have a “Hatchan” (elementary school student) account. I made a ticket and got a total of 6 tickets from there.


When I accessed the release time on the release date, I was able to get it with a margin


Many moms were paying attention to the free invitations and special offers for Home Town Day. However, there were some who gave up saying “It’s impossible” because of the first 200 people.


In my case, probably because it was a weekday night instead of Saturday and Sunday, I was able to purchase without any problems by standing by just before the release time (12:00). However, I heard that some people couldn’t buy it after a few hours.


Purchased tickets can be easily sent to friends on LINE



I sent the reserved ticket to my friend via LINE. Once sent, it will not be displayed on the ticket screen of Verdi’s My Page.


However, in the unlikely event that the opponent who sent it could not go to soccer, it could be redisplayed by operating it on My Page, according to the “Frequently Asked Questions” on the official page of Verdy’s ticket.


Location and access to Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka (National Nishigaoka Soccer Field)


Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka is a 21-minute walk from Akabane Station and one bus away from Akabane Nature Observatory Park. If you take the bus (Red 51, bound for Ikebukuro East Exit), the boarding time is 6 minutes. Get off at the HPSC Rikujyomon.(Both the south gate and the north gate are OK. Buses for multiple routes leave from the west exit of Akabane Station)

On foot
21 minutes walk from the west exit of Akabane station (free)
国際航業バス 赤51で「HPSC北門」下車(乗車時間6分)
おとな:220円 こども:110円
Take the Kokusai Kogyo Bus Red 51 and get off at “HPSC Kitamon” (ride time 6 minutes) Adults: 220 yen Children: 110 yen

Boarding time 6-9 minutes from the west exit of Akabane Station (about 410 yen)
Neighbors have a bicycle parking lot when they go to the main gate!


There is such a park near Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka!


How was it when you saw a real soccer player in the first grade of elementary school?

After the game is over, customers will come home from the south gate.


Mascots came to play at half time ♪

It’s about 21:30 when I’m in the first grade of elementary school and go to bed at night. This time we watched the game with two sets of friends, but the children seemed to have a lot of fun until after 20:00 at the end of the game ♡

Cheering for soccer, playing rock-paper-scissors, busy little ones ♡


You can meet your ex-kindergarten friends in a place other than elementary school, and at night, at the soccer field ♡, so it’s no wonder.


It’s impossible to watch soccer from the beginning to the end in elementary school; but the fun of watching sports on the soccer field is known, and it’s a great opportunity for boys who are learning soccer. Verdy, Kita-ku, thank you very much ♡


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