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[Kita-ku] I experienced a guided tour of the Nature Fureai Information Center in Shimizuzaka Park with my children!


My children and outing stories are mainly sourced from “Kita Ward News” or “Lawson Ticket e-mail newsletter” (⇒ The information source is poor for the outing blog writing,;), but especially Kita Ward Most of the children’s events in the news are free or cheap, so I always apply for it in haste.


However, I couldn’t always win a certain event. It is a night tour and insect hunting at the “Nature Fureai Information Center” in “Shimizuzaka Park (a park famous for the Jabujabu Pond in Kita Ward)”.


However, this time I was finally elected, so I would like to deliver the contents ♡


Where is the Kita Ward Nature Fureai Information Center?

When I went there recently, middle-aged and older people made bird carvings (wood carving birds) ♪
It is a signboard


The location of the Nature Fureai Information Center is in Shimizuzaka Park, Kita-ku. Don! Since it is set on a hill, you can see it when you arrive at Shimizuzaka Park.


In terms of stations, it’s about halfway between Higashi Jujo Station and Akabane Station. The nearest bus stop is “Nakajujo 4-chome” (Toei Bus, King 54, King 78, etc.).All the locals in the area go by bicycle.

Please also read the article about Shimizuzaka Park!


The nature classroom at the Nature Fureai Information Center seems to have a high magnification

This is the winning email from the Nature Fureai Information Center.


Put insects in the cup and observe!

In the nature class of the Nature Fureai Information Center, you can observe the insects in Shimizuzaka Park and have your brothers guide you. From the perspective of going out in Tokyo, it’s honestly a sober outing (⇒ I’m sorry to say it’s rude!), But it’s very popular with the local residents ♡



I’ve heard the voice of a mom friend who said, “I applied for it, but I missed it.” It’s so plain (⇒ persistent!), But after all, (1) in the neighborhood, (2) it seems to be good for children’s learning, and (3) it’s difficult for moms and dads to do it alone, so I wonder if there is demand for this kind of


Contents of “Let’s find insects that overwinter”


It was raining that day, so everyone wore a raincoat and went out.
Wasawasato, everyone goes out to the garden behind the building


The staff at these facilities are really natural and respectful!

When I arrived at the Nature Fureai Information Center, the tables and chairs were lined up, and I was guided to “Please sit here.” Since I moved by bicycle in the rain (I’m crazy to look for insects …), I got into a light self-euphoria w (⇒ I’m lying)


He gave a lecture on the whiteboard about where the insects are.

First of all, my brother gave me a transparent cup with a lid to collect winter insects for observation. We look for it ourselves and put insects in it.


Roughly move in a dark and damp place and look for insects

Even though it’s raining, everyone is Erai ~!


Insects are smart enough to avoid the wind and rain and stay in a warm place. Then, dig up under the trunk of a fallen tree or where the fallen leaves are solidified.


I’m sorry, Mushi-san …! (⇒ In the style of Teruyuki Kagawa!)


Observe the insects you brought back

We brought the birdhouse as it is. wild


On the blue sheet spread out indoors, let’s rush the dead leaves that are thought to have insects such as the birdhouse that we brought back! I will throw it. This is certainly an experience you can’t do at home;

February 2020. Everyone hadn’t put on a mask yet


When there is an insect, someone yells “There was an insect!”, And other parents and children also say “○○ -chan, aren’t you around here?”


Participation fee is free. I think boys will be happy

Boys always have children who are familiar with insects. It’s cute!


Participants were about 10 pairs of parents and children, of which about 70% were boys. right!


It’s fine. My policy is Miha, and I don’t know what Hatchan will be interested in, so it’s wide and shallow now. And since I can touch nature a little, which is usually unrelated to nature, I want to go again!

[Kita-ku] Green and Environmental Information Center If you would like an article about Eco Verde, please!


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