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[Taito Ward] Is Ueno Zoo crowded with corona? Please note that the Ikenohata Gate is closed!


* The park will be temporarily closed from Saturday, December 26, 2020 to Monday, January 11, 2021 during the year-end and New Year holidays.


October 1st Tokyo Citizen’s Day. I didn’t want to go to Ueno Zoo because there was no admission fee, but I happened to feel like I wanted to see animals, so I went there.



“I can’t always see the giraffe at the end, so let’s enter from Ikenohata Gate today!” I divided my mother and Hatchan.


The theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is a story that I had a pain when I went to Ueno Zoo with a corona virus.


Le prenotazioni anticipate per Corona allo zoo di Ueno sono strette in tempo! Stai attento ~!

Ikenohata Gate is far away …!


Ueno Zoo’s Ikenohata Gate was closed in the Corona War


Ueno Zoo has to make a reservation in advance as a measure against corona. So far I knew.

Lotteria in Ueno is like a food court

ですので、10月1日の12時にスマホから3名分で事前予約をしていました。上野駅に母と11時に待ち合わせをし、軽くロッテリア 上野公園ルエノFS店にて昼食をとり、池之端門まで70代の母、6歳のはっちゃんを連れて歩きました。

Here is a screenshot of the pre-booking at Ueno Zoo

Therefore, I made a reservation in advance from my smartphone at 12:00 on October 1st. I met my mother at Ueno station at 11 o’clock, had lunch at Lotteria Ueno Park Lueno FS store, and walked to Ikenohatamon with my mother in her 70s and 6-year-old Hatchan.


When I walked around the Shitamachi Museum (around Shinobazu Pond formation Uenogawa) after a long time, a barefoot man dressed as a woman popped out, and when I saw the popping out, it felt like a strip theater.

Deep Ueno is still early at the age of 6!


(Hey, wait a minute), I managed to walk the 6-year-old, who was tired, to Ikenohata Gate.


Finally, I arrived at Ueno Zoo’s Ikenohata Gate (the gate closer to Kirin, not the park entrance). When I showed my smartphone to a female security guard and tried to enter, she said, “Because of Corona, you are not allowed to enter from Ikenohata Gate.”


I finally put it in! Oh, I’m sorry for my mom’s mischief;

“It’s been 15 minutes past the designated time,” he didn’t seem to let me in.


Therefore, we raise our hand and board the taxi, then return to Ueno Station and start over from the beginning.


At this time, it was already past 12 o’clock, so I called Ueno Zoo and made an excuse, “I accidentally went to Ikenohata Gate and was late.” I was refused.


I talked to a person above Ueno Zoo and got permission

Elephants are always cute! ♡


(I’m sorry for Hatchan and my mother if I don’t stick here;) I managed to get the Ueno Zoo to be late and I was able to enter the park because I was good at crying.


In the case of the Ueno Royal Museum, I entered the designated time even after the guideline, but the Ueno Zoo was out after 15 minutes.

Meerkat is cute!
A white owl like Harry Potter


In Corona, various facilities are reserved in advance. I hadn’t caught anything in advance reservations, but I have to read the notes about this time at Ueno Zoo! I thought.

I’m a little angry. I’m bad


Make sure that the time specified at the time of booking does not pass. And you should also have the identity verification documents for everyone. (⇒ This time, if I forgot this and went to the call center person, I got OK if I had the identity verification document of the representative)

A polar bear was seen in person on this day


I felt the degree of congestion was the same as before Corona. Is it because it was a weekday?


October 1st was Tokyo Citizen’s Day, but it was a weekday, so it was normal congestion. There are a lot of people, but Xiang Xiang has no waiting time.


Xiang Xiang’s parents said that a new panda garden was opened in Nishizono (Ikenohata Gate, the garden where Kirin is), and I felt somewhat lonely alone. (⇒ Maybe it’s because of my mind!)

If you are in Ueno Park, be sure to read this article!



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