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[Chofu City] The Bears’ School! I’ve seen nice and nice gifts ♡


I love Kuma’s school ♡ Round eyes, cute colors, and a heartwarming story ♪ I like everything.


The Bears’ School is a character born from a picture book, but plays and musicals are also performed regularly. Content for nursery school teachers is also distributed, and we are also focusing on children’s education.

本日の「東京の小学生とおでかけ!」のテーマは、くまのがっこう すてきなすてきなおくりもの(2020年12月24日)です。

Honjitsu no `Tōkyō no shōgakusei to o dekake!’ No tēma wa, kumanogakkō sutekina sutekina okuri mono (2020-nen 12 tsuki 24-nichi)desu.


I misunderstood the bear’s school musical “Jackie!”

December 2018. The Urayasu City Cultural Hall / Large Hall was crowded with “Kuma no Gakko” musicals.


I watched The Bears’ School musical “Jackie!” On December 15, 2018. To be honest, I was at a loss to pay the ticket fee of 5,000 yen for the Bears’ School musical (10,000 yen for parents and children). However, I went because my parents’ house was near and my mother could go with me.

The lobby of Urayasu City Cultural Hall. Kuma’s school plays are held around December every year.


Conclusion, the Bears’ School musical was really good! I watch Annie and The Lion King, and they are as good as they are. Therefore, when I saw the information that the play of “The Bears’ School” would be performed on the theater company airship in December 2020, I immediately held down the ticket.

Check out the article about The Lion King!

「くまのがっこう すてきなすてきなおくりもの」の内容とは

What is the content of “The Bears’ School”

引用:劇団飛行船 公式ページ(https://www.hikosen.co.jp/



Jackie Kuma and his brother David are preparing a birthday party for their close calf milk. Jackie wants to make a crown with flowers that she likes milk for milk. Jackies challenge the riddle forest to get the legendary flower that glows in rainbow colors. It is the content.This is an original story that has not been published in a picture book ♡

Chofu Green Hall that feels good in orthodox


Why, Jackie and David’s costumes come out, and then the butterfly Mar Me Mu comes out, and the song and direction are slow and fairy tale overall.

In terms of content, I thought that 3-4 years old was the best. (⇒ Hatchan, I’m sorry to take you even though I’m 6 years old!) With my mom! It feels just right for the generation watching.

Before entering the venue, in addition to filling in the name, measuring the temperature, and disinfecting the hands, there was also disinfection of clothes.


However, the performance time is 40 minutes → break 20 minutes → 30 minutes, totaling 90 minutes. The start time was 18:00, so the performance ended at 19:30. Then, when it comes to taking a bath, I have a little time to spare.If you are a 3-year-old child, you may get sleepy or bored on the way.



What are the admission fees and gifts for visitors?

小学生以下のこどもはシールとおひさまプレスレットのプレゼントがあります。Children under elementary school age will receive a sticker and a Ohisama presslet as a gift.


The admission fee was 2,800 yen including all seats reserved and tax. The price is the same for children and adults. It is 5,600 yen for a parent-child pair ♪


The Bears’ School: At the performances on December 24th and 25th, children under elementary school age (⇒ well, I don’t think junior high school students will come to see this) will receive a gift. was. The orange Ohisama bracelet has a mechanism to make it shine during the play like a Pretty Cure movie ♪, so children can enjoy the play more.


The threshold is high on weekday nights, but I’m sure I bought a ticket for the night of the 24th because I wanted this;


How about selling goods?

Balloons are cute!


The Bears’ School goods were on sale in the lobby. The pamphlet was not for sale, but a stuffed calf “milk” was on sale. (2,500 yen)


Hatchan “Mama, I want milk!”


I said, “Eh! I don’t think there will be more stuffed animals. I’ll buy it at my own expense.”

I’m glad you bought the balloons ♡


My kid gets Christmas gifts, but I don’t buy more stuffed animals; I had them put up with a balloon with gas, but I really liked it and I was happy to buy it because I was playing all the time when I got home.

Hatchan is crazy about balloons at Chofu station


If you are not feeling well, you can get a refund by filling out the special form until 12:00 on the day.

引用:劇団飛行船 公式ホームページ(https://www.hikosen.co.jp


I think that some people may feel sick at this time. The theater company airship will inform you about ticket refunds for those who are in poor health on the official website.


The children watching The Bears’ School seemed to have a lot of fun. Mom was also relaxing. The actors were also shining. But for adults, (Corona) would have always been in my head somewhere. I hope that the time will come when children will be able to watch high-quality plays in a safe and secure manner as soon as possible and make them smile more!


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