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[Kita-ku] Parents and children learn in the gospel classroom and go to production! in tokyo


I’m not a Christian and I don’t love gospel. However, at the end of the year, he has the tendency to look for recruitment for the ninth and gospel music. Why? (⇒ I don’t know!)


In other words, to put it badly, Miha? To put it better, is there a strong sense of cooperation that you want to spend the end of the year with the people?


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Gospel in Tokyo for parents and children.


How to find a gospel classroom

I love Christmas and gospel!


This time, I found a gospel recruitment guide on November 3rd in a public relations magazine called Kita Ward News. Then, on November 3rd, I accessed the site written in the guide and applied by email form.
* Recruitment for 2020 has ended



練習のお手伝いは「Radish Choir」が担当させていただきます!

引用元:北区North Jazz2020 ゴスペルワークショップ応募(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScd_YH0zeogKdO0i15o7WniAWj0_izqbMIHNxNQW1ImPCEjXw/viewform

この文章を読んだ瞬間に「やりたい!」と思いました。楽しそう♡申し込み後は、Radish Choirの方が丁寧なメールをくださり、親子で初回の練習に参加しました。

The moment I read this sentence, I thought, “I want to do it!” It looks fun ♡ After applying, Radish Choir sent me a polite email and my parents and children participated in the first practice.


Cheap workshop fee because Kita Ward is subsidizing

Noth Jazz page on the Kita Ward Culture Foundation website


In Kita Ward, there is a 17-story building called “Hoku Topia” that houses a concert hall and a conference room, and the office of the “Kita Ward Culture Foundation” is located there. The Gospel Workshop is co-sponsored by the Kita City Culture Foundation.

If you like the article about Hoku Topia, please!
North Jazz ワークショップ料金

North Jazz Workshop Fee
一名 1,600円(大人・子供共通)
※本番(12/20の北とぴあ・さくらホールでのNorth Jazz公演への出演込み

1,600 yen per person (common to adults and children)
* Children are in the first grade of elementary school and above * Sheet music, venue fee for all 3 times, instruction fee included
* Production (including appearance in North Jazz performance at Hoku Topia Sakura Hall on 12/20)
Hmmm! Exceptionally cheap!


Therefore, it costs 1,600 yen to have a professional teacher teach gospel for 90 minutes x 3 times = 270 minutes. What’s more, you can participate in the actual stage with a big band after that without changing the costumes. (Any black outfit is OK)It is cheap in the private sector and the monthly fee is about 6,000 yen.


Isn’t this irresistibly attractive to gospel lovers?


By the way, when I LINE that to a friend who lives in Chuo Ward, I got a reply saying “I like it! It seems that there is a gospel group in Chuo Ward. I’ll contact you next time.”


Looking for gospel classrooms is not limited to private classrooms, but surprisingly there are many cases where the ward or city cooperates.


6-year-old first grader and parent and child participated in gospel for the general public

初日は「Oh Happy Day」の楽譜が配られました。
On the first day, the score of “Oh Happy Day” was distributed.


Elementary school student participation rate was low


Looking for gospel classrooms is not limited to private classrooms, but surprisingly there are many cases where the ward or city cooperates.
The age group was high, with an average age of 50-60 years. And there were many regulars.

Practice scenery


The teacher is cool




Add furigana to the score for elementary school children who cannot read English yet


I soon fell in love with the teacher. However, Hatchan was suddenly brought to gospel by her mom, and at first she seemed uncomfortable. It’s English lyrics. So I gave her furigana with hiragana.

I accidentally made hiragana


Oh Happy Day~♪

お~はっぴー で~


like. However, my efforts were vain and I remembered it with my ears and memorized it immediately. As expected, my brain is young. I still can’t remember the repetition;


Will it be out of production because there is a corona? But I’m glad I was able to participate halfway

After practice, Guzuru said that the room was hot.


This gospel workshop was recruited just before the third wave of Corona (from mid-November). The teacher was very cautious about practicing and was wondering whether to hold many workshops.

もう1曲はYou are Good goodです♡
The other song is You are Good ♡


Therefore, the windows of the room are fully open even in winter. Before entering the room, I measure the temperature and take care of my physical condition. But gospel is still fun. First of all, it feels good to sing together. Since it is a chorus, I also use my head so that the pitch does not shift. I think it’s very good for the mind and body.


But,I am practicing for now, but there is a great possibility that the actual and next practice will be lost due to the recent situation of Corona.


However, I can practice even once and I am Yokatta. I want to show you a lot of fun and the places where adults are lively outside of work. Thank you to the teachers and Kita Ward. I want to participate again next year!


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