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【川口市】STAND BY ME ドラえもん2を観てドラ泣き♡の感想。気持ち悪い、爆死と書く人の気持ちが分からない

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[Kawaguchi city] Watching STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 and crying Dora ♡ I don’t understand the feelings of the person who writes that it feels bad

It is irresistible for people who like space and the future ♡

「一生傍にいるから~♪一生傍にいて~♡」でお馴染みの、菅田さんの主題歌が目立つ映画「STAND BY ME ドラえもん2」を昨日こども(6)と観てきました。

Yesterday, I watched the movie “STAND BY ME Doraemon 2” with a child (6), in which the theme song of Mr. Sugada, who is familiar with “Because I’m by my side for the rest of my life ~ ♪”, is conspicuous.


Conclusion = I thought, “Yokatta, I was impressed.”


However, there seems to be a lot of criticism on the internet, such as “I don’t like catchphrases” or “I don’t like the abbreviation of Stadora”, which is not related to the contents of the movie; well, each person has their own taste for the movie. Any impression is an ant ♪

というわけで、今回の「東京の小学生とおでかけ!」のテーマは映画STAND BY ME ドラえもん2です。

So, the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the movie STAND BY ME Doraemon 2.

※文中の動画・画像の出典はSTAND BY ME ドラえもん2の公式ページ(https://doraemon-3d.com/)です。

* The source of the videos and images in the text is the official page of STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 (https://doraemon-3d.com/).

If you like Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio, please read this article ♡

STAND BY ME ドラえもん2ってどんなストーリー?

What kind of story is STAND BY ME Doraemon 2?

おばあちゃんとのび太のシーンが印象的な、映画「STAND BY MEドラえもん2」
The movie “STAND BY ME Doraemon 2” with an impressive scene of Grandma and Nobita

映画「STAND BY ME ドラえもん2」は、STAND BY MEドラえもんの続編です。STAND BY MEとは英語で「そばにいて」という意味ですが、STAND BY MEシリーズでは毎日の日常を切り取りながら「ドラえもんとのび太」そして「ドラえもんとしずかちゃん」等の絆を感動的に描いています。

The movie “STAND BY ME Doraemon 2” is a sequel to STAND BY ME Doraemon. STAND BY ME means “beside you” in English, but in the STAND BY ME series, the bonds such as “Doraemon and Nobita” and “Doraemon and Shizuka-chan” are touchingly drawn while cutting out everyday life.


In this story, I happened to see a teddy bear sewn by my grandmother in the room, and Nobita suddenly developed from the place where she wanted to meet her.


Nobita went to Doraemon in the past with a time machine. “Don’t stop, grandma won’t believe you now,” Doraemon says, but Nobita doesn’t stop.


And Nobita was able to meet her grandmother safely in the past. I was so happy that I tried to go to the future with a time machine in order to fulfill my grandmother’s words, “I want to see Nobita’s wife at a glance.”


On the other hand, in the future world, Nobita’s people are all involved. Nobita didn’t come to the ceremony on the day of the wedding with Shizuka-chan. Well, what will happen …?


Ario Kawaguchi was late at 15:30; I couldn’t buy a ticket

Every time I’m familiar with Ario Kawaguchi!


MOVIX Kawaguchi where you can watch a movie for 1,200 yen every Wednesday on Ladies’ Day. If you become a free SMT member (⇒ you can do it online) and load the membership card screen on your device every time you watch a movie here, you will receive one free benefit for 6 movies ♡

that. The work has begun …


However, when Hatchan returned from elementary school, he ordered, “Mom! Take that box!” And created a maze with the extra boxes of the year-end gifts. Oh, I didn’t promise to go to the movies today … Well (⇒ I’m used to it;), I think Doraemon will still be screened.


“Mama! Doraemon, I’m going to see it. Let’s go early!” Kids swing around; but I’m just as swinging, no, so they’re like each other.In the end, I decided to watch the movie with a delay.


Weekday Kawaguchi Ario, Sukasuka! Masaki Suda fan (?) High school girl and a little parent and child

I’m hungry so I got a side dish on the 1st floor of 1ARio


Doraemon movie, rattle. I knew the net news, but when I saw the seat, I thought “Oh!”. Even though it’s a weekday, this one is taken by the devil, Collya.


Even though it’s a movie, the theme song is the search word. Is it such a bad movie? Take a look.

STAND BY ME ドラえもん2の良かったところ

The good points of STAND BY ME Doraemon 2


(Part 1) The design of the cityscape of the future has a good taste, and I can be excited if it really happens.

Giants make a phone call because Nobita does not come to the wedding hall


Time machines appear many times in this movie. Currently, I go back and forth between the past and the future, but I thought that the design of the cityscape of the future is very good ♡.


The “Prince Melon Hotel” run by Suneo has a design that makes you think that it will be realized soon, such as a waterfall with a head flowing in the hall and a mobile car moving in the air flying.


It’s raining on the day of the wedding, but is it a head shield that isn’t a face shield above Gian and Suneo? Is covered. If this is commercialized, you can carry your luggage with both hands without worrying about breaking the umbrella, and it’s great ♪


(Part 2) The tempo of the story is good and there is almost no slack.

I want to be a mother like Doraemon


I have a childish personality, so I often get bored in the middle of a movie. However, the script for this movie was quite well-written, and I didn’t feel the so-called “slackness”.


No, rather, the scene where Nobita, who became an adult in the middle of the game, was chased by a bully’s classmate and ran away on a motorcycle, made me feel like “Is this a Pixar?”


Personally, I wanted you to sort out the time setting on the time machine a little more. I’m an adult, but maybe my child, Hatchan, was (?). But even if you don’t have to worry about it, your child’s flexibility is at the demon level


(Part 3) Because it’s 3D, I was happy to feel that Nobita-kun was by my side.

I also want to be such a grandma ♡


At the beginning, Nobita’s usual room on the second floor is shown in CG images, but it’s strange. I felt like I was in Nobita’s room. I feel like I’m listening to Nobita’s conversation with Dora in the same room.


In addition, there is a scene where Doraemon turns the ceiling upside down to organize the four-dimensional pockets, but there was also a range of image expression that I thought was better with 3G than 2G. It’s a real feeling. 2G Doraemon is amazing.

でも、3Gだからできる表現もあるし、中でのび太たちが必死で生きている。CGが気持ち悪いのは、ディズニーも同じじゃない?ドラえもんファンとして、STAND BY MEドラえもん2のCGは必然という気がします。(ドラえもんてそもそも未来縛りだからね)

However, there are expressions that can be done because it is 3G, and Nobita and others are desperately alive inside. Isn’t Disney the same as CG? As a Doraemon fan, I feel that # G of STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 is inevitable. (Doraemon is tied to the future in the first place)


(Part 4) Nobita has something that Japanese people don’t have today

Adult Nobita lost the confidence to make Shizuka-chan happy


Nobita is a typical bad character who always gets 0 points at school and is always teased by his classmates Gian and Suneo. It is famous that Nobita is modeled on Fujiko F. Fujio himself.


And Fujiko-sensei also says this in the back of the manga “Doraemon 1st grade”. “Not all human beings are perfect. On the contrary, no one can do anything. There is always a field where you can find and devote yourself to what you like with curiosity.”


What I think Nobita is amazing is that he is honest and kind to me. You may not be able to read the air because you are too honest with yourself. However, there is a kindness to worry about thinking about grandma and Shizuka-chan.


Nobita also has the courage to express his own opinion. Even if Gian threatens me, I will not withdraw, saying, “But I think I’m XX!”. Nobita, a surprisingly rock man. Now that many Japanese people can’t say what they think face-to-face rather than anonymously, I think Nobita is pretty cool.


(Part 5) Family is nice ♡ Nobita’s wedding speech was excellent and cried

Many people feel sorry for this work, Miss Madonna Shizuka


In this movie, Nobita loses herself to marry Shizuka-chan, and messes with “I think I was actually given it” and “Shizuka-chan feels sorry for me and marries me.” (⇒ Well, Nobita can be like that …)


However, Nobita regains himself by riding a time machine and experiencing various things. I realize that “I can stay with me” and “I was loved so much”. It’s the so-called self-affirmation that is popular now.


The revived Nobita’s speech is the best. It’s a perfect score of 100 points. Do you feel sorry for Shizuka-chan because Nobita is worried about this? I do not think so.


It may be rude to compare it, but I remembered Mr. Habu and his wife in shogi. Nobita is a genius. Shizuka-chan was fascinated by Nobita’s pure heart, so what does the outfield say about it? I don’t think it’s a movie issue.



This time, instead of “going out with children”, it became “middle-aged Doraemon criticism”! Hahaha.


Basically, I like majority more than majors, so when everyone makes a noise, “Ke!”, I don’t want to see it.


Not only movies that are catchy and trowel attractions, but also quiet movies are interesting ♡ I want to fully feel the sensibility of the author in books and movies as if it were a stupid tongue that was just fried food. (⇒ If you still hate it, you can’t help it!


Because I don’t like myself, I think it’s a waste to say “boring” immediately without knowing it well. The little girl who came to us often said “I don’t like it” and “I’m boring”, so when I yelled “Don’t say it without knowing it!”, I stopped coming ♡



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