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Even though I’m a corona, am I stupid when I go out with my kids and blog?


Hello ♡ outing so tired you are writing only spot, I will write a different sentence.


Why are you writing an outing blog with your kids? Why english?


The reason I wrote an outing blog with my child was a major opportunity called “memorial record”.


However, I gradually became greedy and thought, “Do you think that foreigners are quiet about Japanese people or do not know what they are thinking?”, And I want to write for foreigners as well! I started to think. (⇒ Hey! Do you want to go out on your blog ?! No one stopped it ~ ♡)


So what do you do with English? However, the first one was translating by myself. Then it will take a long time! I’m already living a life that has little to do with English.


Google Analytics data.


4.5% (98 people) * The article was viewed by strangers such as Americans, Chinese, and Vietnamese. This is good. In the future, if this number reaches about 10%, there may be a need to paste a flat translation.


* As of January 2021


Do you only write articles about going out with your children? Do you not write about playing at home, mom friends, lessons, eating out, studying?


I don’t write it because it’s endless and I want to think that Google Crawler Robot (this blog is a blog that likes going out); I posted a lot of facebook in 2019, but it’s always the same person I only like it, and I don’t. I thought it wasn’t developmental, so I stopped updating it.


I like the peace of mind that I’m always with the same person, but I think it’s better to have new encounters and discoveries, so I’m writing a blog ♡, so I’m waiting for introductions and impressions of spots that are not in the article. Masu ♪ Please tell us where you are going!


Maybe you can meet a hidden relative? !! Ambition


I don’t think there is anything else, but I think it would be great if I could meet the relatives of my ancestor Inazo Nitobe through my blog. I go out all the time because it’s almost one operation on weekdays. We invite various customers and do various things so that Hatchan is an only child and does not feel lonely indoors.


It would be nice if my relatives were cousins, but I didn’t have any relatives and small children. However, if I live long, I will be able to make friends with my children, and my aunt’s friends will soon be disliked. There are many relatives who have a great educational background but are not blessed with children, so if this is the case, my daughter may be lonely in the future. I’m writing a blog because I want to meet my relatives if I can. (⇒ It seems that the direction is wrong,!;) But I love writing sentences, so I will continue to write when I go out. Thank you ~! !!


Will the new normal (new lifestyle) change the way you go out with your children?


Even if you don’t go out separately, you can satisfy your child and have fun playing as much as you want. However, when I got a job, I had a lot of trouble with my narrow horizons, so I would like to go out and broaden my horizons and increase my experience points.


I have only seen animals and insects in pictorial books. I haven’t taken a closer look at the starry sky (⇒ I can hardly see it in Tokyo!). It seems that there are many such children. If I didn’t easily decide where to work at a major company, I wouldn’t have had a hard time changing jobs! I think that I want my child to have as wide a range of experiences as possible and decide his or her life from them. (⇒ The rest is just because I like going out!)

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