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[Taito Ward] Mummy at the permanent exhibition of the TOKYO National Museum! Explaining congestion, lockers and tickets


A large national museum where children can run around ♡
The museum is also free, but a separate reservation is required.

The Tokyo National Museum is a reasonable museum where you can see the main building, the Heiseikan, and the Horyuji Treasures Museum with an admission fee of 1,000 yen for adults. Moreover, high school students and younger can take pictures in the hall for free ♡ (Some exhibits are not allowed or flash is prohibited)

It’s 500 meters from Ueno station!


This is the third weekend since Tokyo became the second state of emergency with the new Corona. Moreover, it is raining. I thought (what’s the plan for today?), But I can’t stay home for two full days (⇒ I can’t count on my husband and my parents’ house on weekdays + weekends), so I went to a national museum that seems to be vacant. I decided to go for a walk with ha-chan (6 years old).


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the National Museum in Ueno!


How busy is the National Museum? Corona x Saturday = not crowded at all ♡



How busy the reception is

Street address
東京都台東区上野公園13-9 東京国立博物館
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo Tokyo National Museum
business hours
closing day
Monday (However, if Monday is a national holiday or holiday, the museum will be open and closed on the following weekday), June 9th (Tuesday), June 16th (Tuesday), June 23rd (Tuesday), December 22nd (Tuesday) , Year-end and New Year holidays (Saturday, December 26, 2020-Friday, January 1, 2021 (holiday)). As a general rule, it is open every day during Golden Week and Obon.


An 8-minute walk from Ueno Station, the Tokyo National Museum is a magnificent building and a large facility. First, go through the main gate of the above image and go to the right

After entering the main gate of the National Museum.
12:30.There were some people, but the inside was vacant.


9:30で716の空き、12:30で941の空きw すごい空きまくってますね。
716 vacant at 9:30, 941 vacant at 12:30 w There is a lot of vacant space.
左手の表慶館 では現在、特別・「日本のたてもの」を実施中です。(~ 2021年2月21日(日))
At the Hyokeikan on the left, a special “Japanese Tatemono” is currently being held. (-Sunday, February 21, 2021)

There is information like this, and there is a ticket office in the back. Tickets basically need to be reserved in advance at Coronavirus. (⇒It’s the same everywhere now!) When I bought the ticket, I had two choices of time, 9:30 or 12:30.


Hey! If you don’t know how to get on the train, don’t go ahead! !!
It was said that it would snow in Tokyo on that day, but it was raining all day.

Isn’t the ticket booth crowded if you choose two? I thought for a moment, but there weren’t enough people to line up. After showing the ticket, measure the temperature and proceed inside. Then, enter your favorite building and appreciate it.

There was an artificial pond in front of the main building.


The room is small only in the main building [Parent and child gallery “Whole experience! Japanese culture”]

Hatchan wants to put an umbrella in the umbrella storage area.


By the way, the National Museum is large as mentioned above. It feels like the tourist spot. The site area is large, and the hall is also large, so even if you go on Saturday at 12:30, you will not feel any congestion. However, it is not that there are few people, and there are people who are not lonely. What kind of people were there?


Couples in their 60s and 70s


Foreigners with small children


Men & Women in their 50s and 60s



こんな感じでした。小学生連れの44歳なんで私一人です!あっはっはw この日は本館に入って左のお部屋で「親と子のギャラリー・まるごと体験!日本の文化」という企画をやっておりました。常設展のチケットで2021年2月28日まで見られます♡

It was like this. I’m alone because I’m 44 years old with elementary school students! Ahaha w On this day, I entered the main building and in the room on the left, I was planning a project called “Parent and Child Gallery-Whole Experience! Japanese Culture”. Tickets for the permanent exhibition can be seen until February 28, 2021.

Oh! There was a signboard (?) For this project.
It’s a staircase that makes you want to pretend to be a princess by saying “Father!”


My 6-year-old Hatchan (1st grade) still doesn’t like to see serious exhibits, so these hands-on exhibits are very helpful. “Whole experience! Japanese culture” was interesting. First of all, you can experience Japanese lacquer work on the touch panel

Hachiko during the lacquer work experience. Touch the picture of the cherry blossoms to draw, or tap to sprinkle gold powder.
Kids like touch panels! ♡


Recent museums are high-tech. The image I made on the terminal was displayed on the wall display.


Align the paper with the red frame and stamp in order.

After that, you can stamp the experience of Ukiyo-e (Sharaku, etc.) in the Edo period. There are white postcards, so if you stamp them in order, you can make a picture of Sharaku. It’s an exhibition that not only children but also foreigners will be pleased with because you can easily understand the mechanism of Japanese culture ♡ (⇒, foreign tourists can’t come to Tokyo right now;)

The picture of Sharaku is completed ♡
There is replica armor on the tatami mats in the exhibition room. You can go up on the tatami mat and see the armor in person.


I forgot to pre-book my child’s ticket! ⇒I put it on the day


Advance reservations are basically recommended for tickets to the Tokyo National Museum.

Tickets can be purchased from the official page

東京国立博物館 総合文化展 日時指定券

  • 当サイトでは、東京国立博物館 総合文化展(常設展)のご入館日時をご予約いただけます。
  • 総合文化展の日時指定券では、特別展はご覧いただけません。総合文化展の日時指定券をご購入後、差額のお支払いで特別展をご覧いただくことはできません。
  • ご入館は日時指定・定員制です。入館無料の方や会員の方を含め、すべてのお客様に事前予約が必要となります。
  • 混雑緩和のため、1日を以下の入場時間枠で区切り、その時間枠内にご入場いただきます。
  • 当日、定員に空きがある場合、当館窓口でご予約いただけます。
  • On this site, you can reserve the admission date and time of the Tokyo National Museum General Cultural Exhibition (permanent exhibition). Special exhibitions cannot be viewed with the reserved-seat ticket for the General Culture Exhibition. After purchasing the reserved-seat ticket for the general cultural exhibition, you cannot see the special exhibition by paying the difference. Admission is by date and time and capacity. Advance reservations are required for all customers, including those who are free to enter and members. To alleviate congestion, please divide the day into the following admission time frames and enter within that time frame.
  • ■ Normally open (closed at 17:00) ① 9: 30-12: 30 ② 12: 30-16: 30 If there is a vacancy on the day, you can make a reservation at the hotel window.


However, for some reason I made an advance reservation for my adult and forgot to reserve a ticket for my child’s Hatchan; when I told the receptionist, “Then, there is space today,” A4 said. I was given a ticket printed on white copy paper and was told, “Please bring this to the entrance.” If you give the paper at the time of admission, even children who do not have a ticket on the day can enter. (⇒ But it’s definitely better to make a reservation ~!)


Where is the mummy of the National Museum?


After seeing the “Whole Experience! Japanese Culture” room, we went upstairs and saw about half of the exhibits (scrolls, Buddha statues, etc.). About an hour later, my 6-year-old got tired of it.

It was when Prince Shotoku was little!


Therefore, I asked, “Hatchan, are you going to another building?” Since it means “go!”, I asked the information sister on the first floor, “I’m sorry. Where is the exhibition that the first grade children would be happy with?” It’s gone. However, the receptionist usually replied, “There is a mummy in the Toyokan and a haniwa in the Heiseikan.”

I’m tired too (There is a break space on the 2nd floor of the main building. I can’t eat or drink)
It is the appearance of the Toyokan.


If you leave the main building and go to the left, you will find the Toyokan. I was already tired at the Toyokan, so I immediately asked, “Where is the mummy?” If this wasn’t Toyokan, I would be a completely strange person ww

Where is the mummy!
There was! !! I found a mummy.


I saw a mummy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before, but my child, Hatchan (6), met for the first time. When I asked, “How are you scared?”, He was silent. When I tried to leave the place immediately, I said, “Mom. Take a picture.” I didn’t take a picture of the dead, but I took it. The Toyokan is getting hot because it is heated, so I decided to eat cake at “Hotel Okura Restaurant Yurinoki” on the right side of the house.

Oh,,! It’s like an oasis in the desert because my legs hurt ♡
The cake set was about 1,300 yen.


Where are the lockers at the Tokyo National Museum?


There is a locker at the back of the first floor of the main building. It is a type that puts in 100 yen and returns. The Tokyo National Museum is very large, so it is recommended for 44 years old to go around while taking a break by putting luggage in a locker or eating a cake set ♡

If you don’t mind, check out this article!


Thank you for visiting. I hope that Corona will settle down quickly and that everyone will be able to go out with their children and smile. I participate in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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