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[Edogawa Ward] How is the subway museum crowded? Explain the highlights & what is there!


The subway museum is a cheap and fun place, but it’s a shame that many people don’t know much about it. (⇒Is that so?) In the mooks of the “Children and Outing!” But I love such a subway museum ♡


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is “Subway Museum” directly connected to Kasai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.


Access to the subway museum where you can play in Corona around Kasai


I am avoiding living in Ichikawa and staying at my mother’s house because I am in the state of emergency. However, my mother repeatedly sent me sad emails saying “I want to see Hatchan ~”, so it’s a place where my mother doesn’t move much, and a place where there aren’t many people and it’s deserted (⇒ I’m rude to Chikahaku fans !!). So I went to the subway museum.

Go out the “Subway Museum Exit” of Tokyo Metro Kasai Station and go down the stairs, you will find it on your left!


There is a subway museum sign on the platform of Kasai Station.

The subway museum is a 1-minute walk from the subway museum exit of Kasai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (light blue line), and is a supermarket station Chika. Even if you come with a small child in a stroller, it is convenient because you can get off at the bottom by the elevator ♡ Please note that the rapid train does not stop at Kasai Station! !! As a 44-year-old ADHD Gimi (self-proclaimed), I went to Urayasu Station and pretended to be calm with a screaming face in my heart (Ahhhhh!);

This is the central exit of Kasai Station.
This is going down the stairs at the entrance of the local subway museum.
Street address
6-3-1 Higashikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
2-1.環7通り東側 <地下鉄博物館> 方面出口改札を出てかいだんを左へ降りて正面。
1.Get off at Kasai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (rapid trains on the Tozai Line do not stop).
2-1.East side of Kannana-dori Avenue <Subway Museum> Exit the ticket gate and go down the Kaidan to the left.
2-2.Exit the central ticket gate and cross the pedestrian crossing on Kannana-dori Avenue to the front.
business hours
From 10 am to 4 pm (admission is until 3:30 pm)
closing day
·every Monday (If it is a holiday or a transfer holiday, the next day) ・ Year-end and New Year holidays


The price of the subway museum is 220 yen for adults! You don’t need a coupon, right?

Hatchan likes the Hanzomon line. The reason is “because it is purple”. ,,,,.


Buy an admission ticket. You can pay by cash or Suica Pasmo.
I took a picture of the ticket vending machine up without any meaning.

Admission to the subway museum is 220 yen for adults and 100 yen for children. It’s cheap, isn’t it? The Railway Museum in Omiya costs 1,330 yen for adults and 620 yen for children (310 yen for infants). I didn’t look for a coupon this time because it’s so cheap. The subway museum is recommended for going out with children who do not want to spend much money!


The congestion level of the subway museum was “not too little, not too much”

The two simulator corners were lined up with about 3 to 10 people.


The rest area is gala-n. It is NG to eat, but OK to drink. There is a gacha.

The day I went to the subway museum was Saturday, February 7th, 2021. (⇒ It’s the same day I wrote this article. I’m not sure if I write it on the day I went!) I thought that it was a state of emergency, but there were some people. There are many young couples with toddler boys, and middle-aged men and young men here and there. There were quite a few combinations of elementary school boys and mothers.


昔のキョンキョンみたいな、ちかはくのアイドル「わかめちゃん」(⇒勝手にネーミング)Chikahaku’s idol “Wakame-chan”, like the old Kyonkyo (⇒ naming it arbitrarily)

The entrance to the subway museum is a real automatic ticket gate. It’s a Nikui production! If you go to the left, you will see the yellow subway (Ginza line?) And the red Marunouchi line. Put the Marunouchi line inside. A boy about 6 years old suddenly shouted to us, “Emergency dispatch! This train is being surrounded now”, creating an atmosphere like a real escape game, and I thought it was cute ♡. This kind of boy is pure and nice ~.


What are the highlights of the subway museum?

Since it is under the overpass, it is a horizontally long subway museum. The building is on the first floor only.


(Part 1)You can enjoy two types of driving simulators at no additional charge ♡

The driving simulation was NG for video recording.


Some families were driven by children, and some were driven by dads.

Although the admission fee for the subway museum is as low as 220 yen for adults, there are many participatory exhibits as well as viewing. Two types of driving simulations are popular. The first is the Chiyoda line and the second is the Tozai line. Did both work at the former Tokyo Metro? A veteran middle-aged man who makes you think will guide you. Elementary school students and above are required to disinfect their hands before lining up. It’s fun because you can feel like you’re driving the subway while looking at the screen.


(Part 2) Enjoy the limited photo booth

Hatchan, a man-year-old rebellious period that looks just like me, rebels against “Yada” when he says “take a mask”
I’m no longer a high school girl, so I’m 44 years old, and I’m confused about the operation.


Chikahaku’s idols Gin-chan and Maru-chan are the landmarks ♪
It’s done!

You can take a photo booth with a unique design to commemorate your arrival in Chikahaku. The fee is 600 yen. There is no break in the sticker mount, and you have to cut it with scissors by yourself. (⇒ I was a little confused about what this photo booth was at my house;) Whether you are a couple or a family, using this corner in the serious subway museum will make you feel a little restful ♡


(Part 3) You can raise and lower the pantograph

Boy and dad raising pantograph.


Electricity for the subway is distributed from the overhead line installed at the top via the pantograph. At the subway museum, you can learn how it works by pressing a button and raising and lowering the pantograph.


(Part 4) You can play the Tokyo Metro command tube


Hatchan, Ganbare.


[Problem (1)] A strong wind is blowing, and the anemometer in the general command center shows 25 meters or more per second. Touch the instructions that you think are appropriate.


[Option ①] Postpone departure


[Option (2)] Instruct the running driver to run at a speed of 60 km / h or less.


[Option ③] Notify the stationmaster of the section about the wind speed situation


The answer is at the subway museum ♡

Oh? The sensor puts a Tokyo Metro hat on the screen.
It seems that the word “general command center” is still difficult for elementary school students.

The Tokyo Metro line, which is as dense as a mesh, is avoided by the General Command Center issuing a command to the driver for problems such as flooding. At the Tokyo Metro Museum, we take a quiz about sudden troubles and ask the question “How do you avoid it?” On a TV monitor. Elementary 1 Hatchan has many kanji that I can’t read yet, so my mom translated it appropriately as “Wow, great person! Great person!” It’s difficult to translate between Japanese instead of English!


(Part 5) There is a metro panorama

I love little boys like this ~ ♡


Metro Panorama is a large model that combines the miniatures of each line of Tokyo Metro with railroad tracks and cityscapes. Originally, it seems that you can experience moving the miniature subway, but this time I went, it was canceled due to the corona disaster.


(Part 6) The museum shop is cheap and cute ♡

Somehow simple, colorful and cute.


A little boy would want a lot of things.

The subway museum goods are small in number but colorful and cheap. The impression is that each museum is 100 to 200 yen cheaper than other museums. Precure or Thomas’s adhesive plaster is more expensive for 280 yen.


There are other spots to enjoy such as movie screenings and exhibitions. You can enjoy it for about an hour and a half to two hours. Please enjoy the subway museum with your children when you stop by!

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Thank you for visiting. I hope that Corona will settle down quickly and that everyone will be able to go out with their children and smile. I participate in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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