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The price is cheaper than other shops.

[Minato Ward] Which is the recommended Odaiba Takoyaki Museum? !! I’m silver than ○○


The “Takoyaki Museum” in Odaiba / Decks Tokyo Beach is an irresistible place for takoyaki lovers with 5 popular takoyaki (2 other stores)shops ♡ We love takoyaki, my husband and my husband! !!


Which is the most delicious takoyaki in the Takoyaki Museum? !! I think there are quite a lot of people who think (⇒ for some reason in Osaka dialect;). That’s why I would like to send you the theme of Odaiba Takoyaki Museum in this “Outing for elementary school students in Tokyo!”


Nearest station to Odaiba Takoyaki Museum


I changed trains at Shimbashi station and went by Yurikamome! (The image is FamilyMart at Shimbashi station ♡)

It seems that Takoyaki Museum is also in Osaka and Nagoya. In the case of Tokyo, it is in Odaiba. The nearest station is Yurikamome’s “Odaiba Kaihin Koen” (5-minute walk). The next closest station is “Tokyo Teleport Station” (14 minutes on foot) on the Rinkai Line.

Don’t wait for the red girl there! !!

It seems that Takoyaki Museum is also in Osaka and Nagoya. In the case of Tokyo, it is in Odaiba. The nearest station is Yurikamome’s “Odaiba Kaihin Koen”. The next closest station is “Tokyo Teleport Station” on the Rinkai Line.

Street address
1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Surfside Mall 4th floor * Enter from the building entrance opposite Thirty One Ice Cream and go up to the 4th floor on the escalator, you will find it on your right.
business hours
11:00~22:00 (LO: 21:30) 
* May vary depending on the season
phone number


Admission to the Takoyaki Museum is free! Store list


Takoyaki Shrine? !!

Unlike the Yokohama Ramen Museum, the Takoyaki Museum does not require an admission fee, and admission is free. The name is Museum, but it’s a takoyaki version of the Bukkake Food Court. In particular, the history of takoyaki is not exhibited, but to put it bluntly, it is a musiam tic that has a model like this ↓ takoyaki shrine in the center.

【本命ナンバーワン?!】大阪アベノタコヤキ やまちゃん

[Favorite number one? !! ] Osaka Abeno Takoyaki Yama-chan

Hmmm, I’m not sure which one to use ♡

まず1つ目は大阪・あべの「やまちゃん」です。「たこ焼きやまちゃん カリトロカリトロ 食べて旨い カリトロカリトロ」というキャッチフレーズですっかり「やまちゃんにしよう!!」と決めてしまいました。また、私の空耳かもしれませんが「この中だったらやまちゃんでしょ~!」という若いギャルの話し声を聞いた気がしましたw

Yama-chan’s takoyaki is big and fluffy one by one

The first is “Yama-chan” in Abeno, Osaka. With the catchphrase “Takoyaki Yama-chan Calitro Calitro, it’s delicious to eat, Calitro Calitro”, I decided “Let’s make it Yama-chan !!”. Also, it may be my mishearing, but I felt like I heard the voice of a young gal saying, “If it was in this, it would be Yama-chan!”

While watching the sunset in Odaiba, “I’ll have it !!”
Hmmm, there are many delicious menus!


Hatchan “At first, Hatchan eats!”


Me and my husband “Do ~ zo ~ (⇒ I’m a couple who doesn’t get hot about anything good ★)


I “How is it? Is it delicious?”


Hatchan “… Gindaco is delicious.”

I said “Seriously ?! Eat a little !! (⇒ steal one)

The inside of the Takoyaki Museum feels like “The Festival!” And it’s fun to walk ♡


First of all, I thought that the outside was crispy, but there was no crispness at all, and the fabric felt like “immediately deflated”. (⇒ Why Solya) My daughter didn’t like the green laver, so I wonder if the taste is different. Anyway, I liked the supermarket delicatessen ♡.
Well, it looks like a famous Takoyaki shop (also posted in Michelin Guide Kyoto / Osaka 2016), so I think it’s better to eat it twice more and check it. I thought the sauce was delicious.

Yama-chan’s fabric is characterized by floats! It seems to be made by blending chicken gala, vegetables and fruits and simmering for 4 hours or more.
Specialty Akashi Takoyaki
(8 pieces)
W cheese(8 pieces)
Classic takoyaki (8 pieces)


[Diced potatoes on the dough ♡] Imo octopus

Imo Tako is to the right of Yama-chan.


It is standard in Osaka to add yam to takoyaki and okonomiyaki, but Imo Tako is characterized by using diced potatoes. The owner, who has 30 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, cooks takoyaki as part of Japanese cuisine. The soup made by boiling Hinai chicken, dried bonito, green onions and ginger is excellent ♡ Since the shop in Osaka has been closed, only Takoyaki Muniam is currently able to eat takoyaki with octopus.

Torotama looks delicious! !!
Grilled shrimp mayo (6 pieces)
Negimayo (8 pieces)

【生地にエビ!】たこ焼き 一八番

[Shrimp on the dough! ] Takoyaki 18th

たこ焼き 十八番のホームページ(http://d-sons18.co.jp/

たこ焼き 十八番も生地に特徴があり、粉末エビが練り込まれていてサクトロなのにクリーミーだそうです。(⇒すいません、書いてるのに食べてません!!)たこ焼ミューアジアのたこ焼き屋さんって大阪で売れている、生地に特徴のある人気店が多いみたいですね~。

Some shops have green onions or cheese on them.

Takoyaki Juhachiban also has a characteristic dough, and it seems that it is creamy even though it is a sactro with powdered shrimp kneaded into it. (⇒ I’m sorry, I’m writing but I haven’t eaten !!) Takoyaki Mu Asia’s takoyaki shops are sold in Osaka, and it seems that there are many popular shops with unique dough.

Assorted green onions (8 pieces)
8 pieces
・ Source Mayo
・ Tentsuyu
・ Grated ponzu sauce

【シンプル派に】大阪玉出 会津屋

[Simple school] Osaka Tamade Aidu-ya

たこ焼き 会津屋 ホームページ(https://www.aiduya.com/shop.html


The feature is that it is simpler and cheaper than other stores.

Next is “Aizuya” in Osaka. Yama-chan is a shop in Abeno and Juhachiban is a shop in Yodogawa Ward, but Aidu-ya is a shop in Tamade in Nishinari Ward. (⇒ I lived in Osaka when I was 4 years old, but I don’t know at all!) The mainstream of other shops is to sprinkle takoyaki with onions, cheese, mentaiko, etc. It’s delicious even if you don’t sprinkle it on it. ” But it looks delicious! (⇒ Mom who writes this article is a middle-aged 44-year-old, so she is not good at strong-tasting foods;)

元祖たこ焼き 12個
12 original takoyaki
ラヂオ2種盛り 14個
Assortment of 2 types of radio 14 pieces

【パフォーマンスも楽しめる】たこ家 道頓堀くくる

[Enjoy the performance] Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru

たこ家 道頓堀くくる ホームページ(https://www.shirohato.com/kukuru/


Akashiyaki looks delicious! !!

Kukuru is a takoyaki restaurant run by the Shirahato Group, which is famous for its sweet potato cake (sweet potato) called “Lapoppo”. Somehow the takoyaki shop had the image of a sole proprietor, but there are also shops with a proper company in the back. Kukuru no Takoyaki is said to be flambéed with white wine as a finish ♡ I think that takoyaki and white wine will definitely match.

わんさかネギポン酢たこ焼き 8個
Wansaka Negipon Vinegar Takoyaki 8 pieces
北海道コーンバターチーズたこ焼き 8個
Hokkaido corn butter cheese takoyaki 8 pieces
This is the menu of the Dotonbori main store.


My family likes Gindaco because it’s cheap in Toro.


Most of the takoyaki shops in the Takoyaki Museum are famous and gourmet takoyaki, but I like cheap takoyaki that is simple and has no trowel toppings. (Even if the dough is delicious, if you have a lot of toppings, you won’t know the taste?) And because I want to eat takoyaki like a snack, I think that 800 yen is “expensive!”. However, it seems fun to have dinner or lunch with beer.

よろしければ、こちらの記事もどうぞ!たこ焼きミュージアムと同じデックス東京4階です。If you don’t mind, check out this article! It is on the 4th floor of Decks Tokyo, which is the same as the Takoyaki Museum.


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