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[Tachikawa City] Is PLAY (inside Green Springs) crowded? Tickets, access, lunch, reservations ♡


When I was surfing the internet at work, I happened to see Tachikawa’s PLAY. (What’s this, it looks super fun!) The moment I saw it, it became a trico. So I went yesterday.


Today’s “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is a PLAY PARK in Tachikawa / Green Springs.


Tachikawa PLAY congestion-Saturday


I put it in suddenly on the day

This is the PLAY entry.
PLAY is a state of emergency and is shortened by one hour only on weekdays.

ネットで口コミを見ると「混んでて入れなかった」とか書かれていて、ちょっと怖かったんですがw 実際には、当日いきなりでも全然入れました。(2020年2月)料金がほどよく高いので、(PARKは休日の場合、親と子供1名で3,000円/終日)とりあえずどんな感じか見てみたい人は入らないんでしょうね。入口前で「いくらなの?」とか、入場を迷っている大人を何人も見かけました。(⇒私は趣味が子供とおでかけすることなので、全然高いと思いませんけど、、

When I looked at the word-of-mouth on the internet, it said “I couldn’t enter because it was crowded” and I was a little scared, but in reality, I entered it at all suddenly on the day. (February 2020) The price is reasonably high (PARK is 3,000 yen for one parent and one child / all day on holidays), so no one wants to see what it looks like for the time being. In front of the entrance, I saw many adults who were wondering how much it was. (⇒ I don’t think it’s expensive at all because my hobby is going out with children, but …)


It was very crowded in front of PLAY


Snow play corner (free) in front of PLAY. The Green Springs event is good!
I want to come again next February!
I’m glad She was able to play in the snow for the first time this year. It’s because snow doesn’t pile up in Tokyo.

We entered PLAY after 2 pm. I arrived at 1 o’clock, but I had an event where I could play with snow at Green Springs, so I was playing with snow for an hour and was late to get inside. No, I went to Green Springs for the first time, but the atmosphere is very similar to Mezza in Moominvalley Park.

If you want to bring your children to Tachikawa’s PLAY, we also recommend PANZA Miyazawako in Moomin Valley.


Some people return during the cleaning time from 12:30 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 15:30.


At the theater. There are sparsely populated people.
Near the reception on the 2nd floor. It’s as large as a gymnasium, so there are customers, but the impression is that it’s vacant.


About PLAY tickets and prices / discounts


PLAY consists of a cafe and museum on the first floor, and a park and toilet on the second floor. You can enter the cafe free of charge. If you enter both the museum and the park (show one ticket), you will get a 200 yen discount on either one.

There was a PLAY leaflet in front of the entrance.
The cafe is on your right as soon as you enter the entrance. (It ’s expensive …)
Next time, I want to go to the museum too!
Hatchan who wants to play quickly and dashes ♪


It is the scenery seen from the vicinity of the stairs on the 2nd floor of PLAY.
There was also a grand piano. Impressive ♡

Prices are completely different on weekdays and holidays. (Disney method) On weekdays, if you show proof of residence or school in Tachikawa, “Tachikawa Discount” will be applied. (⇒ Good ~!) It’s expensive for a moment! I thought, but I’m an ant because I can play for a whole day. I think it’s a healthy and creative outing for children, as they can play both physical activity and art (musical instruments, crafts, etc.) and not just consume the created content (just watch YouTube, etc.). .. I think it depends on the person, but we were there from 14:00 to 17:30, and the child was so happy that he clung to the pillar saying “I don’t want to go home yet!”.

平日 Weekdays休日 holiday
grown up
[One-day pass] 1,000 yen * Mutual discount between Tachikawa Discount and Museum is 800 yen [Evening ticket] (15: 50 ~) 800 yen
Same as weekdays
* There is no Tachikawa discount on holidays
(3-12 years old)
[One-day pass] 1,500 yen * Mutual discount between Tachikawa Discount and Museum is 1,300yen [Evening ticket] (15: 50 ~) 1,200 yen
[One-day pass] 2,000 yen [Evening ticket] (15: 50 ~) 1,600 yen
* There is no Tachikawa discount on holidays
(Under 3 years old)
[One-day pass] 1,000 yen
* Mutual discount between Tachikawa Discount and Museum is 800yen
[Evening ticket] (15: 50 ~) 700 yen
[One-day pass] 1,500 yen [Evening ticket] (15: 50 ~) 1,700 yen
* There is no Tachikawa discount on holidays


PLAY PARK prices are higher for children than for adults and higher on holidays than on weekdays. In other words, children’s fees on holidays are the highest. However, elementary school students and grown up who can’t take a day off on weekdays can’t help it; it’s a great deal because you can play on weekday rates during long holidays such as spring break! I think.


Same-day tickets are recommended for PARK on weekdays, and advance reservations (online) are recommended on holidays.

!A yellow house made of Styrofoam. He seems to like children!


There is also a kinetic sand ~.

Looking at PLAY’s official website (https://play2020.jp/visit/), it says that you should come with a same-day ticket on weekdays and make a reservation in advance (purchase a reserved-seat ticket) on holidays. It is written. Those who use Tachikawa Discount cannot purchase online, so only same-day tickets are available.

Gallery corner. The works made by everyone are on display. cute! !!


絵本コーナー(3時間滞在したけど、結局行かず、、)。自販機があります。飲み物はOKです。There is a picture book corner (I stayed for 3 hours, but I didn’t go after all) vending machine. Drinks are OK.

However, pre-purchased tickets are non-refundable or non-cancellable. If your child suddenly becomes unable to get sick or suddenly feels ill, it is a waste to make a reservation in advance. Except for Golden Week and Obon, I basically go with the same day ticket! I think.


PLAY access is 1 km from Tachikawa station, about 10 minutes on foot

立川駅北口から伊勢丹立川方向に歩き、akari cafeで左に曲がります。(エスカレーターで上がります)From the north exit of Tachikawa Station, walk toward Isetan Tachikawa and turn left at the akari cafe. (It goes up with an escalator)


PLAY is not a train station, but it’s not too far away. It is located on the far left in a commercial facility called Green Springs. There are many nice cafes in Green Springs, so it’s a good idea to have lunch at the cafe.


There are so many, don’t hesitate!
I like Tachikawa’s Fairytale! Pachiri ♡

There is a cafe in PLAY where you can have lunch, but it is a painful expense for me who often go out with me. In addition, my child is not good at seasoning small cafes (⇒ pickles, prosciutto and olives are not good). .. .. Therefore, we ate in at a sandwich shop called “Fairy Tale” in LUMINE at Tachikawa station and had lunch.

Check out the article about the tent cafe near Tachikawa ♡


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