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[Toshima Ward] Mummy, cuneiform characters at the Ancient Orient Museum ♡ Admission fee, size, access and impressions


This is it.

I think the Ancient Orient is still too early for elementary school students, but since it is a prize demon, I got an invitation ticket to the Ancient Orient Museumw The expiration date is about to expire, so this time I went to the same building in Ikebukuro with my family.


Moreover, Ikebukuro’s Ancient Orient Museum was established in 1977 when viewed online. I’m one younger than me ~! (⇒ What happened!) That’s why the theme of this “Going out for elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the Ancient Orient Museum.


You can see the mummy at the Ancient Orient Museum ♡

“Why was the mummy made?” There were plenty of explanation panels for children, and I thought it was kind!


I saw the mummy about a month ago. I’m 45 years old this year ~!

The best thing about museums like this is that you see mummies. (⇒Eh? Only me?) Since we are declaring an emergency, we cannot go to a very crowded place, so we have just seen the mummy at the National Museum in Ueno.

Hmmm. Ha-chan, who has seen a mummy for two months in a row at the age of six!


I saw a sea cucumber mummy for the first time …!
A self-paced Hatchan who dances even near the mummy.

There was also a mummy in the Ancient Orient Museum. But it’s not real, it’s probably a replica. But when I saw it, I was still thrilled! As a rare mummy, there was also a sea cucumber mummy (⇒ yes! That is the sea cucumber). Kyowai has a little tongue out ♡


First challenge to cuneiform at the Ancient Orient Museum ♡

You can experience writing cuneiform letters on a clay tablet using disposable chopsticks and gloves ♡



Looking at the official website of the Ancient Orient Museum (https://aom-tokyo.com/), I got the impression that, contrary to the image that seems to be difficult, the experience for children is also powered. Received. One of them is this. It is an experience of cuneiform characters. I learned this in world history! I completely forgot the contents;

② Decide the character you want to write. There is a sample of ancient Orient letters on the left and cuneiform letters on the right.


③I dug my name on the clay tablet ♡ I was addicted to this corner and didn’t move for about 20 minutes. ..

It is said that the world’s first human character was written with a V-shaped pointed piece of wood called a wedge. That’s because it was an era when mechanical pencils weren’t used. But the first person to come up with something to express with this is amazing!


How much is the admission fee and ticket fee for the Ancient Orient Museum?

The interior was like a luxury hotel.


First, click the tab “Visit” on the right side of the top page.


The admission fee is as follows.




At the Ancient Orient Museum, even if you go with a couple, a couple, or friends, it costs 1,200 yen for two people! It’s cheap. Moreover, it is intelligent and surprisingly interesting (for me). Sometimes it’s good to go to such a place. Museums are expensive these days, so I hope the Ancient Orient Museum in Ikebukuro will do its best! !!


How big is the Ancient Orient Museum?

Daddy and Hatchan playing with “Look for Lucky Orient Items!”
The experience for children is okay as it comes with detailed illustrated explanations ♪


It was about the size of a luxury hotel lobby + restaurant!


The Ancient Orient Museum is located on the 7th floor of the Cultural Center in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. It’s one floor, so it’s not really big, but it’s fairly large. The area is 1,392m2, which is written on WIK, so it’s a little over 1km.

A picture of a child who wrote a cute haniwa ♡


At first there is a straight corridor, then turn right and you will see a large monitor and screen

Powerful with a big screen!


When you enter the museum, there is a reception desk next to it, which is a museum shop. Then go straight and you will see a corner that looks like a fortune teller. (Reference ⇒ https://aom-tokyo.com/event/children.html) If you draw a fortune here, words such as “Do you break when you touch it?” Will appear, and you will find an item that matches that word in the hall. It is the content. This is good for children who are not good at serious exhibitions, but feel like they are looking for treasure ♡


A rugged style “tel” where the next person begins to live on the roof.
It is an Iranian hand jar about 1,000 years ago.

After that, there is something like a TV monitor on the right, which is a touch panel commentary on the land of the ancient Orient. If you touch the name of your favorite place, you will feel nostalgic that the image and detailed explanation will appear (Oh, I learned it ~) ♡ After that, a total of 4,000 items such as earthenware, accessories and Rosetta Stone will be exhibited. It is very impressive because it is there. Even if you look at it normally, you can watch it for more than an hour.


Even if you look at it normally, you can watch it for more than an hour.

My mom friend is working in Nitori ~! !!

古代オリエント博物館へのアクセス方法ですが、池袋駅東口から徒歩15分です。サンシャインシティの中に入り、B1をひたすらまっすぐ歩き、「ニトリEXPRESS 池袋サンシャインシティ」の目の前にあるエレベーターで7階まで上がれば到着できます。

The access to the Ancient Orient Museum is a 15-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station. You can reach it by entering Sunshine City, walking straight on B1, and going up to the 7th floor by the elevator in front of “NITORI EXPRESS Ikebukuro Sunshine City”.

If you take a ikebus, the Ancient Orient Museum is near!


Buy that mask!

However, my Hatchan (currently 6 years old) is very interested in various things in Ikebukuro. How many times have you been told, “Mom! Wait. I want to see this!” I’m afraid that the time for movies is fixed, but I’ve been waiting for a while because it’s not so, this time; but Ikebukuro has various shops, so it’s still a fun city.


Thank you for visiting. It was a little warm in Tokyo. It’s almost spring! I participate in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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