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[Bunkyo Ward] I went to a hot spring in LaQua with my child ♡ There are precautions for those over 6 years old


If you don’t mind, check out this article too! !!

I often use Asobono in Korakuen when my kids are 2-3 years old! I took him to. I thought I should take LaQua’s spa on my way home, but I gave up because it said “Admission is for elementary school students and above”;


However, since my child is finally in elementary school since last year, the ban on LaQua’s spa has been lifted! !! ♡ More and more, puff puff ♪ That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is LaQua Spa in Korakuen.


Spa LaQua enters from the 6th floor of LaQua (building)

The building itself was “LaQua”!


I didn’t know until this age (44), but it’s not LaQua-Spa. There is a building called “LaQua”, and the 5th to 9th floors are Sparacua. In any case, the nearest station to LaQua is “Korakuen Station”.


Korakuen Station

・東京メトロ・丸ノ内線後楽園駅( 徒歩約1分)

・ Tokyo Metro. Marunouchi Line Korakuen Station (1 minute walk)

・ 南北線・後楽園駅( 徒歩約1分)

・ Korakuen Station on the Namboku Line (about 1 minute on foot)

Yes! I came up from the deep underground Namboku line. Aim for the ticket gate in the direction of Korakuen.
ここまで来たら、右手にエスカレーターであがります。(すいません南北線の話ばっかして)When you reach this point, take the escalator on your right. (Sorry, I’m just talking about the Namboku Line)
After exiting this ticket gate, turn right.


And the nearest station. (This time, I used the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line.) When you get out of Korakuen Station, take Exit 2 and turn left, you will see it on your left.


aside from that,

・都営地下鉄大江戸線・春日駅( 徒歩約2分)

・ Toei Subway. Kasuga Station on the Oedo Line (about 2 minutes on foot)

・都営三田線・水道橋駅( 徒歩約3分)

・ Mita Line Suidobashi Station (about 3 minutes on foot)

・ JR中央線・総武線. 水道橋駅( 徒歩約6分)

・ JR Chuo Line / Sobu Line. Suidobashi Station (about 6 minutes on foot)


And, LaQua (or Korakuen) has very good access. It is a hot spring in a good location that is easy to get out of from any direction.


Korakuen has a lot to see! Before arriving at the spa



Merry-go-round at night is cute ♡


引用:LAQUA 公式ページ(https://www.laqua.jp/spa/information/
LAQUA(ショッピングゾーン)の入り口を突っ切ると、左手にスパ行きエレベーターがあります。After passing through the entrance of LAQUA (shopping zone), there is an elevator to the spa on your left.
You cannot go to the spa on this escalator on your right.

It is helpful for families with children to enjoy Spa LaQua in addition to the spa (hot spring). The Tokyo Dome is on your right, so you can say, “Look! That’s the Tokyo Dome ♡”, and after a while, you can see the merry-go-round and the roller coaster. Of course, there are “LOFT” (stationery) and UNIQLO in LaQua, so you can shop with elementary school students (but it’s a pity that the shop is crushed, isn’t it?)

It ’s a gentle crayon. Cute ♡


There are many clothes stores for young women.

Go straight through LAQUA and you will reach LAQUA 2F Information (2F Central Elevator Hall). There are 3 elevators, but the one to the spa is the one on the far right.

Finally, go straight to the spa ♡


Adult and elementary school fees for Spa LaQua


Spa LaQua went with her girlfriend about twice before giving birth. I didn’t particularly think it was “expensive!” At that time, but this time I thought it was “expensive!” When I went out with my child (7 years old); because my child may soon get bored. Then, I thought for a moment that the total amount was 5,000 yen even though I didn’t know how long it was.

Adult (18 years old and over)
Children (6 to 17 years old)


Expensive! Is there a discount



[Main discounts on Spa LaQua]


通常:大人 2,900円のところを<プランA>利用で予約すると230円割引⇒ 2,670円(税込)になります。


Wednesday Ladies Day admission


Every Wednesday, women get a 300 yen discount of 2,600 yen. Stays from Tuesdays are excluded, and Wednesdays are also excluded.



詳しくはコチラ ⇒ https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/td-point/


Accounting mistake? I wasn’t charged for my child

At the reception, fill out a consent form such as “I have no fever”.


After the checkout, I noticed that this time we had one adult and one elementary school student, but we only paid for one adult. (I noticed later by looking at the card statement) Why? Before the reception, I sent an e-mail saying “I made a reservation for Jalan play experience”, but at that time, one child may not have been counted. (Jalan doesn’t have a plan for children, so I thought I would pay at the reception)


The LaQua women’s bath is full of customers even on corona storms, Fridays, and evenings.

When the reception is over, we will go through this passage to the women’s changing room in the back ★


As with other hot springs, in Spa LaQua, you will be given a wristband after payment. I went straight through the aisle to the women’s changing room. In front of the women’s changing room, a sample of the clothes in the hall was displayed. It looks like a resort and is good! !! I don’t think this is Korakuen …!

Wow! !! It’s a bath, a bath! !!




My kid, like me, insanely appeals to the principle; but unfortunately. You can’t choose the clothes in LaQua yet! Wait until you’re 150 cm tall. (⇒ There were two sizes, 130 and 140, for children. The 140 pants were so big that I had them replaced.)


When I changed my clothes and went inside, it was past 16:30 on Friday, but the women’s washroom was almost full. (Oh! It’s Hanakin, is there an office lady who works around here?) There were quite a few middle-aged and older people (⇒ me too!). I love public baths and hot springs ♡ I don’t often talk to other people, but I feel relieved (only for hot water).

First grade elementary school students relaxing in Spa LaQua ♪


【caution! !! ] Children under 6-11 years old can only be accompanied by a guardian until 18:00

It is also nice to see the outside paradise from the window.


When elementary school students, mothers, and fathers come to Spa LaQua, admission is until 15:00 and exits are until 18:00. I didn’t check this rule and it was already around 16:00 when I entered. The receptionist said, “It’s from now until 18:00, is that okay?”, But I thought (it’s better to go home by 18:00 and do my homework at all) and said, “I understand.” Told. Next time I will leave home sooner! !!

After Spa LaQua, my child w who rushed to the merry-go-round


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