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[Kita-ku] Flea market in Akabane! !! Children and Akabane Park in March ♡


It’s spring ♡ We have a lot of clothes that children (Hatchan, 7 years old) can’t wear, so we decided to open a flea market at Akabane Park following September 2020.

On this day, my husband also exhibited mountaineering equipment.


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is a flea market with children at Akabane Park in Kita-ku, Tokyo.


How to open a flea market in Akabane Park

Around 9 am in Akabane Park. It was September, but it was still hot! !!

前回(2020年9月)は、Google先生に「赤羽 フリマ」というキーワードで質問をして、「スマイルっちゅー業者がいるよ~!」と教えてもらったので、スマイルさんにお電話(090-7177-8877)をして出店しました。フリマのサイトは昔ながらのものが多く、(どこを見たらいいんだ?!)とすごい頭を悩ませながら探したのが新鮮でした★(いまのWebサイトって考え抜かれてるのが多いから、、)

Last time (September 2020), I asked Google Sensei a question with the keyword “Akabane Flea Market” and told me “There is a Smile chu!”, So I called Smile. Opened a store. Many of the flea market sites are old-fashioned, and it was refreshing to look for them while worrying about (where should I look ?!) ★ (Because many of the current websites are well thought out. ,,)


I “Hi, I’d like to open a store on September 0”


Mr. Smile “Yes, I understand. Then, please bring the exhibition fee of 1,500 yen on the day.”


If you are sponsoring in Kita Ward, it is also posted on the ward’s homepage. The next time will be in April 2021 ~.


I didn’t have any plans, so I replied, “It’s okay in 14 days.”

With such a simple conversation, the procedure for opening a flea market in Akabane Park was completed. Easier than expected! And this time (March 2021), I applied for a round-trip postcard because there was a call for “Kita-ku News” distributed in February. About 3 days after putting out the postcard. When my smartphone rang, I answered the phone and said, “Thank you for applying to the flea market at Akabane Park. Well, I postponed it to the 14th instead of the 7th in Corona. Is that okay?” They said.


I was told “OK” and the call ended. After that, he sent me a postcard with the “Source Permit” printed on it. You’re right. (⇒ But I forgot the postcard on the day …!) Smile-san’s procedure is easy, so I love it! !!


Flea market section of Akabane Park


When I paid the store opening fee (1,500 yen) at the reception, I received a store opening permit and receipt.

When we released it last September, our arrival was past 9:30. The place where the store was opened was where the sunlight around the clock tower in Akabane Park was harsh. This time I arrived after 9 o’clock! (Ehhen) Then, I finished the reception at the reception desk near the toilet on the post office side of Akabane Park, and received a 2M x 3M section in the shade. The person in charge of Smile marked it with yellow gum tape, and he was very kind, saying, “If you like, you can also use a dolly!” The good thing about flea markets is that you can feel this kind of contact.


People who shouldn’t sell at the flea market in Akabane Park

All I sell is Hatchan’s children’s clothes, so it’s kind of colorful.


It looks good on a child and a leisure sheet.

Last time, I sold overbought “Nestlé Dolce Gusto” capsules at home. Then, a security guard came and warned me that I couldn’t sell groceries. Taking advantage of that lesson, this time I brought about 6 paper bags with only H & M’s 120-130 size clothes and books that don’t need to be used! !! On the day of the flea market, I suddenly had to do something like “Oh, I have to make change” or “I have to apply sunscreen” and I was fluttering. (⇒ Normally, it will be done by the day before, but …!)


Also, it seems that professional vendors shouldn’t open a store in this flea market. However, there were many people who were accustomed to flea markets. That’s not a professional, but an amazing amateur, isn’t it!


9:30 start! There weren’t many people in the first hour

It’s early in the morning, pollen is flying, and I’m feeling sleepy …!


Flea market enthusiasts come early in the morning and buy up the remarkable things quickly. (It was the case last time) But this time, there weren’t many people with such flea market pain in our shop. I thought (strategy, I made a mistake). Most of the visitors are elderly people, but the items for sale are apparel when they are about 5 to 6 years old. I failed! I should have had more range for sale, and I’m an idiot who gets serious even though it’s just a play.


Small peaks came twice at 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock ♡

I’m really happy when customers come! !! (Glitter ★)


“Hatchan, I’m going to see other shops!”, Said my child (7 years old), who rarely keeps track of the shops. Damn! I’m planning so many things because I want to increase Kizo’s experience. .. (⇒ I used to play flea markets about 20 times when I was a student, and I don’t know.) Suddenly, “Hey, isn’t it really cheap? The group stopped. I was asked, “Is it okay to make it so cheap?” Flea market is fun to interact with people like this, isn’t it ?! !!

たくさん売れたぞ♡ 計30点、合計900円くらいで売れました。
It sold a lot ♡ A total of 30 items sold for a total of about 900 yen.


At the small peak, I succeeded in a splendid cooperative play of handing over with customer service, husband = bagging, Hatchan = receiving money ♡ After that, I opened the shop until about 11:30, but the traffic was lunch I withdrew it because it was getting less. Today’s sales are 900 yen! !! But the inside of my house is clean! You can buy new clothes again, so it’s all OK! !!


Thank you for visiting. I’m participating in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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