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Thank you for your child-rearing songs (KOSODATE SONGS) ♡

kosodate-song.tokyo ⇒ こちらをクリック♡


I have recorded about going out while raising children, but I want to sing what I felt while raising children! I thought, I made another site. Its name is “Parenting Songs” ♡


But I can’t understand the composition or the video just by playing the piano! As for the outing blog, I’m a writer, so I can understand how to make WordPress, but I don’t have any knowledge about singing, so it’s likely to be updated little by little (about 5 years until completion ?!).


A strange aunt sings a strange song with a small quality bad sound ♪ If you are interested, please take a look! (Is it still 3 songs? Or, there is no song yet.)


March 2021

By mama