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[Sumida Ward] What is the size of the Sumida Aquarium and how long does it take to go around? Goldfish and cafe are recommended ♡


Sumida Aquarium is located on the 4th floor of a commercial facility called “Tokyo Solamachi” located at the foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree. I tried to go there about four years ago, but I didn’t say “admission is expensive!” And just looked at the Sky Tree and went home.


But this spring my child has entered spring break. She likes to see books on sea creatures in the library, and repeatedly requested her mom to “go to the aquarium.”


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the time required for the Sumida Museum.

If you don’t mind, check out this article too! !!


Is it true that Sumida Aquarium is not very large?


Before I entered Sumida Aquarium, I had the image of “the coolest and most expensive aquarium in Tokyo.” But that was wrong …!


Differences in prices and areas of major aquariums in Tokyo


Sumida Aquarium
【Tickets for today】
Adults: 2,300 yen
High school student: 1,700 yen
Junior and elementary school students: 1,100 yen
Infants (3 years old and over): 700 yen
【area】 Approximately 7,860 square meters
Shinagawa Aquarium
[General charge] Adults: 1,350 yen (800 yen) Silver: 1,200 yen (700 yen) Elementary and junior high school students: 600 yen (400 yen) Infants (4 years old and over): 300 yen (200 yen) * Discount rates for residents, employees, and students in the ward are in parentheses.
【area】 4,341㎡
Sunshine aquarium
【Normal】 Adults: 2,400 yen Elementary and junior high school students: 1,200 yen Infants (4 years old and over): 700 yen
* Web ticket is the same price
Approximately 8,000㎡
Kasai Rinkai Aquarium
[General] 700 yen 【Middle school students】 250 yen 【65 years of age or older】 350 yen
Approximately 13,600㎡


Regarding the area, I referred to the official one, but in Tokyo, the Kasai Sea Life Park is by far the largest. (⇒ It makes my legs hurt …!) So, the Shinagawa Aquarium is small, isn’t it? Really? It feels like that. Sumida Aquarium is not too big and not too narrow, it’s just the right size ♡


An aquarium that is easy to turn around and takes less time

は~♡チンアナゴ見てると癒されますね~!!Ha ~ ♡
You will be healed when you see the spotted garden eel ~! !!


There are not many types of creatures on display at Sumida Aquarium. One ball soul! It is a type of aquarium that is completely aimed at. Therefore, except for couples and people who say “I’ll take a closer look at the hall!”, I think you can see it lightly in about an hour.


[Main creatures featured in the Sumida Museum]

I can’t leave you ~ ♡ (Two mouths and arms are entwined !!)


Jellyfish (⇒ It is a must-see that the mouth and arms of the red jellyfish are entangled and cannot be separated !!)

Penguins are on the main stage in the center!


Penguins (⇒ As is the case with Kasai Rinkai Aquarium, aquarium idols ★ Penguins are given a large space)

I haven’t seen goldfish lately, but it was so cute!


Goldfish (⇒Because it’s Sky Tree, be aware of inbound? Is it because it’s Sumida Ward? The goldfish corner is elaborate. LOVE ♡)

My daughter begged for a stuffed garden eel, saying, “Mom! I’ll buy it at my own expense, so I want a little one.” ..


Spotted garden eel (⇒ In the summer of 2020, the corona eel became a hot topic after tweeting on Twitter that “Chin Anago has stopped appearing! Please help me!”)


About these four, it is the so-called leading actress level ♪ There is a dedicated corner, so it is enough to see. In addition, there are sharks, turtles (those in the Ogasawara Islands), clownfish, fur seals, etc., but they are treated as supporting characters rather than the leading drama. (⇒ I am sending it with my own judgment and prejudice ,,!)


Are you too enthusiastic about goldfish? !! Is the area around Nihonbashi a goldfish fetish?


If you come to Sumida Aquarium, you should definitely check out the goldfish corner. About 10 kinds of goldfish such as Japanese cranes and Ryukin are exhibited in an easy-to-see composition. By the way, I’m in love at first sight with a round goldfish called “Ping Pong Pearl” ♡ Please see how it swims adorably ~ (^^ ♪


Kids really like cotton candy, don’t they!

Ah ~~! !! How cute Ping Pong Pearl is! !! (Moe Moe ♡) However, my daughter (7 years old) treated me coldly and begged me, “Mom, I want to eat shiny cotton candy.” Shining cotton candy? I was wondering why, but it was sold at a cafe (Penguins Cafe) for 670 yen.


There is Chuo Ward next to Sumida Ward. So, there is “Nihonbashi” in the traditional town of Chuo Ward, but in Nihonbashi there is a goldfish specialty museum called “Art Aquarium” where goldfish are produced with decorative decoration and lighting. I want to go to this museum once! I thought, but Yahoo! has an article criticizing that “goldfish are getting weaker” and “hygiene management is not done”. After reading the news, I decided (never go).



However, while looking at the goldfish at Sumida Aquarium in Sumida Ward (what is different from Art Aquarium?), I was a little skeptical. If you say it is strong, it may not be as poisonous (lighting) as Art Aquarium. However, I thought it would be nice to put something that goldfish like, such as aquatic plants and jars, in the exhibition where the goldfish looks like a big petri dish. (It would be difficult for humans to observe, but I think that protecting the environment of goldfish is a priority.)

Recently, there was a goldfish that was one letter different from “Kiyoshi Ryujin” that I heard during work ♡


Sumida Aquarium cafes have cute menus ♡


If you don’t mind, please do this too!

Sumida Aquarium is kind to families with children. There is a space where you can change diapers, and you can see the exhibition in person, so it’s powerful (it feels a little different from Shinagawa Aqua Park). Above all, you can eat and drink in the hall, even outside the designated place. All you have to do is walk and eat. There is a large staircase near the penguin encounter so you can rest there, and there is also a place to sit on the floor (6th floor) where the jellyfish petri dish is located.

There was a manga called “Shirokuma Cafe” instead of the Penguins Cafe ♪


However, if you have enough money in your wallet, we recommend taking a break at the Penguins Cafe on the 5th floor (Sumida Aquarium is on the 2nd floor on the 5th and 6th floors). The menu is just interesting.


For example, aquarium parfait is 520 yen each (coffee jelly and fur seal with inoguchi sauce, etc.), Japanese pickled dog is 420 yen, and fish kamaboko (5 pieces) is 460 yen. There was also a drink with an insoluble ice cube made of shiny material. The aquarium is dark, so it’s great for dates ♡ Many couples have come.

Of course, various credit cards can also be used for payment.
I didn’t ask for anything this time (I wasn’t hungry), so I’d like to order something next time ~!




The size of Sumida Aquarium can be reached in about an hour, and there are 2 floors (5th and 6th floors). Inside, there are bridge-like passages and large stairs where you can see the exhibits, and the structure is dynamic and well-crafted. Therefore, the flow line is not monotonous and the exhibition is easy to see! I received the impression that.


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