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[Tachikawa City] Fairy tale (sandwich) menu, place and time. Eat in and get a bonus ♡


If you like, please read the article about playing in Tachikawa’s PLAY! !!

While I was going to Tachikawa PLAY, I decided to have lunch at Tachikawa station. (⇒Because the PLAY cafe is expensive …!) I think I’ve seen the sandwich chain store “Fairy Tale” at Omiya station, but I’ve never bought it.


Today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Tachikawa’s fairy tale.


Tachikawa Fairytale Location

Tachikawa station. I may have come for the first time in 10 years! !!


There is a Tama monorail at the east ticket gate! !!

Tachikawa’s fairy tale is on the second floor of the station building “Ecute Tachikawa”. When I got out of the east ticket gate toward the north exit of Tachikawa station, the closest person was Mr. Fairytale.

It’s hard to understand, but the red part is the sandwich fairy tale! !!


By the way, according to online information, Tachikawa is a sandwich town. The shop at “Hara Clock” seems to be famous for sandwiches!


There aren’t many objects like Tachikawa station …!

At first, my child (Hatchan) wanted to go to Starbucks for some reason. (Starbucks is on the 3rd floor of Ecute) But Starbucks is full (around 12:00 noon), and we went down the escalator and noticed that there was an eat-in at the lower right fairy tale. “Hey! Hatchan. Fairy tales are fine. I’m hungry.” (⇒ Excuse me …!)


What does the fairy tale menu look like?

Hatchan ate Sanken pork loin (648 yen) even though he was 6 years old.


Fairy tale is said to have been founded in 1983. Fairy tale menus aren’t just royal sandwiches, they’re also aggressive. On this day in February, the loquat cream (432 yen) is recommended at the store. I bought it as a souvenir from my husband and went home, but I got a comment that it was “funnyly delicious” ww (⇒ funny enough www)

Kuma-san’s coffee with the fairy tale mark was also on sale.

<メルヘンのサンドイッチのメニュー> ※税込みです

Fairy tale sandwich menu  ※Tax included

・ショコラバナナ生クリーム 410円

Chocolat banana cream

・カスタードマニアのいちごバナナサンド 583円

Custard Mania Strawberry Banana Sand

・ブランのアーモンド生クリーム 432円

Bran almond cream


Recommended pack (4 points)

・チーズエッグ 410円

Cheese egg

・モッツアレラトマト 475円

Mozzarella tomato

・温州みかん苺生クリーム 496円

Citrus unshiu strawberry cream

・エビカツサンド 518円

Shrimp cutlet sandwich


Perilla chicken. I love perilla …! I want to join the Ooba club! !! (if there is)

Fairy tale sandwiches are more confusing than choosing a cake at the Ginza Cozy Corner. Because if it’s a cake, it’s all sweet, but if it’s a sandwich, rice is also included. So, I am at a loss as to whether to make one or two. (I usually have one cake at a time ♡) For the time being, I made perilla chicken and coffee. (I really wanted to have two, but I’ve been sick recently, so!)


Sandwich fairy tale business hours

美味しいメルヘンの立川のお店は朝7時~夜10時まで営業しています。(月~土)日・祝 は朝7:00~夜9:00までと1時間早くクローズします。あ、でも今は緊急事態宣言中なので夜は8時までなのかな。ネットでは一部店舗は時間短縮している、と書いてあったので、緊急事態宣言中の夜に行く場合は問い合わせた方がいいかもしれません。

The delicious fairy tale Tachikawa shop is open from 7 am to 10 pm. (Monday-Saturday) Sundays and public holidays close one hour early from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Ah, but now that an emergency is being declared, I wonder if it will be until 8 o’clock at night. It was written on the internet that some stores are shortening the time, so if you go to the night during the state of emergency, you may want to contact us.


At eat-in, it is decided to order one drink. With chocolate and flower bonus

It’s a small eat-in space, but I pay attention to the interior ♡


We were hungry from Kita Ward, so we ordered coffee and ice milk and ate sandwiches at eat-in. I was surprised that the shop staff was insanely comfortable. (I’m not a cashier, but an older sister who makes sandwiches that come out from the back) Sandwiches are handmade in the store, aren’t they? Somehow, that’s good.

The Starbucks paper bag is Sakura, and the picture inside the fairy tale store is Sakura ♡ It’s already spring!

Please see! When I ate in, chocolate and flowers came. It looks like Nagoya and is wonderful!


I want to eat more sandwiches at fairy tales. Oh, that’s right. When the cherry blossoms bloom, take a fairy tale sandwich and see the cherry blossoms ♡


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