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[Urayasu City] I did 753 at Studio Alice Newcoast Shin-Urayasu ♡ The parking lot was free ♡


This is Studio Alice’s third time. This time for the third time, I went to the “Studio Bay Coast Store” in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture instead of the usual “Oji Sakurada Dori Store” ↓ for the out-of-season Shichigos


How is it different from the Oji Sakurada-dori store? What does the store look like? What is the discount like? etc. I will send you all the things I felt when I visited Studio Alice Newcoast Shin-Urayasu ♪


DM received from Studio Alice is also valid at other stores

These photos are expensive (for me)!

私は基本的にセコイので、クーポンや割引などがだ~いすきです♡ スタジオアリスに1回目に行くときも撮影料が半額になるクーポンをヤフオク!で落札してから行ったし、2回目の時は(もしかして、アルバムとかいらなしデータも1年後でいいから、一番安いキーホルダーだけ買おうっと!)と、またまたセコイ戦術を身に着けてしまいました。(⇒いや~、良く言えば主婦の知恵♡ってやつです!)

I’m basically a sequel, so I like coupons and discounts ♡ When I go to Studio Alice for the first time, I get a coupon that cuts the shooting fee by half! I went after making a successful bid at, and at the second time (maybe I’ll buy the cheapest key chain because the album and the data without crap will be good in a year!), I wore the Secoy tactics again. It’s gone. (⇒ No, in a nutshell, the wisdom of a housewife ♡!)

This is the entrance of Studio Alice Shin-Urayasu store. Cute appearance based on white ♡ It is the 3rd floor of the Bay Coast.


This time as well, let’s send the DM of Shichigosan’s birthday from the Oji Sakurada-dori store and use the benefits! I decided to make a reservation. However, my father (Jiji) was ill and was over 80 years old, so I booked Studio Alice near my parents’ house to show my grandson’s kimono as soon as possible. Regarding DM, I made a confirmation call the day before.


I said, “Oh, I used to go to Studio Alice Ojisakurada-dori store. From there, I received a DM saying that I could get magnets etc. for free on my birthday 753. Is that postcard valid at Shin-Urayasu store?”


Studio Alice Shin-Urayasu “Oh, yes. Of course it’s okay. Please be careful.” (⇒ I was impressed by how comfortable the phone was!)


Once you go to Studio Alice, DMs will be sent from the stores you went to after that according to events such as admission. The benefits of this DM can be quite generous. When I went for the second time, I received a large photo with a frame (equivalent to 4,000 to 5,000 yen?) For free. Only a postcard. However, it is a postcard.

スタジオアリス ニューコースト新浦安店へのアクセス

Access to Studio Alice Newcoast Shin-Urayasu


The closest station to Studio Alice Shin-Urayasu is Shin-Urayasu Station on the JR Keiyo Line. But it takes about 20 minutes on foot.


It’s hard to walk, so if you’re not driving, take a bus from Shin-Urayasu Station.


Get off at “Hinode Public Hall” on Tokyo Bay City Bus No. 11/28 (1 minute walk)


Tokyo Bay City Bus 3/11/16/18/23/28/38 Get off at “Kaifu no Machi” (1 minute walk)


The parking lot at Studio Alice Newcoast Shin-Urayasu was free ♡

Isn’t the operating company name “STARTS” more noticeable than “NEW COAST” (⇒ store name) on the upper left?


On this day, I rented a car from my home in Tokyo, picked up the bars, and then headed to the Newcoast Shin-Urayasu store. Just before arriving, I checked the parking fee of the Newcoast Shin-Urayasu store on my smartphone and found that it was “free”.


I said, “Hey, isn’t it unusual for the parking lot to be free? Usually, if you buy something for the first two hours or something at the store, you’ll get a parking ticket?”


Husband “I don’t like it. There is often free in the countryside.”

いやいや。新浦安は決して田舎じゃないですから、、!!しかし、ニューコーストの駐車場にはゲートらしいゲートもなく、「これ、誰かこの辺に車停めたい人は自由に停められちゃうね!」とわたしたちは思ったのでした。でも、駐車場はめちゃくちゃ広かったので(1270台 ※立体含む)、別の大手企業のスターツはそんなにセコイこと言わないんでしょうね。

No no. Shin-Urayasu is by no means a countryside, so! !! However, there was no gate like a gate in the parking lot of New Coast, and we thought, “This, anyone who wants to park in this area can park freely!” However, the parking lot was extremely large (1270 cars * including 3D), so Starts of another major company wouldn’t say that much.


Get hungry at Saizeriya on the 3rd floor of the New Coast

Scenery on the 3rd floor of the Bay Coast on the weekend of March 2021.


There is a game corner in front of Saizeriya. Child-friendly and good Newcoast Shin-Urayasu store (^^ ♪

We had a reservation for Studio Alice at 1:00 pm, so we stopped by “Saizeriya” on the same 3rd floor for lunch. Actually, if you go to Shichigosan, it’s okay to make a reservation for a high-class restaurant or cooking, but children (Hatchan) really like Saizeriya. .. When I had Saizeriya in my neighborhood, I used to go there all the time when I was busy with housework or when I was tired.


Daddy mom kimono photo plan added: Try for 8,000 yen ♡

I wearing a Houmongi.


I was so happy that I also tweeted ♪

This time, only children wear costumes, and there are four other adults, but it’s not a good idea to wear plain clothes! So I decided to have him wear a kimono. Weekdays are plus 5,000 yen and Saturdays and Sundays are plus 8,000 yen. I didn’t wear a kimono for the coming-of-age ceremony, so it’s okay! I thought. I was asked by phone, “Would you like to choose a kimono for moms by the day before?”, But I decided to decide on the day because I didn’t have much time. I chose light pink, but there were only three colors, orange and green.


The person who dressed me was insanely comfortable, veteran and friendly.


Video recording is OK in the store except for the studio and other people. Photos are conditionally OK

You want to choose this and that, because kids don’t know the price …!


At the Oji Sakurada-dori store, when I downloaded the app “Pocket Alice” to my smartphone, I was able to take a still image of the store (makeup, dressing place, studio, and other people’s reflections are NG). This rule has changed after a long time, and if you show the screen with LINE friends added to the shop staff, they will lend you a pass, and by lowering the pass from your chest, you can take still images inside the shop. became.


The data of the photos purchased on the day (including cheap goods such as 1,000 yen key chains) is expensive to purchase on the day (it is impossible for ordinary people like me, …), but after a year, it costs 440 yen from an app called Pocket Alice. You can buy it. (⇒ Rather, I’m aiming for it …!)


The crowded store interior. Total travel time is about 3 hours

The costumes lined up in a row are a masterpiece! Studio Alice is fun just looking at it.


Hatchan in a Disney Rapunzel kimono.
I also wore Elsa from Frozen 2.

The last time I shot at the Oji Sakurada-dori store, it was a weekday during the summer vacation. Therefore, I didn’t have the impression that I had waited so long. However, this time it is March, so it is in the middle of the entrance and graduation season. There were many customers other than us, and after dressing, it was hard to be called. However, just looking at the customers (babies and toddlers) in the store made me feel at ease, and I wasn’t so frustrated. However, my impatient mother wasn’t able to make progress at the last checkout, so she was frustrated asking, “Hey, yet? What are you waiting for so much?”


I think the reason why the waiting time was long was because everyone wore many costumes. At Studio Alice, no matter how many costumes you wear, the shooting fee (3,000 yen) + goods purchase fee will be charged. There are many cute costumes, and children especially want to wear many costumes. After that, it seems that everyone was at a loss for accounting. It costs about 5,000 yen per photo (large size), so I’m worried about it. I thought that only this congestion was the difference from the Oji Sakurada-dori store.


Anyway, I’m grateful to Studio Alice for having fun shooting this time too ♡ Next time is 1/2 coming-of-age ceremony? At that time, I have to save money so that I don’t have to be stingy! See you again ♡

If you don’t mind, please also check it out ♡


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