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そろそろ暖かくなりました♡(千葉のマザー牧場でモフモフの羊さんと戯れたいな~)と思いながら、いろいろ検索しましたが、うちからだと往復4時間; 東京駅や新宿発の朝7時半集合とかでバス・ツアーもありますが、私、めっぽう朝に弱いタチでしてw

I thought at the moment when I came, “Oh, here!”

It’s getting warmer soon ♡ (I want to play with Mofumofu’s sheep at Mother Farm in Chiba), but I searched variously, but it took 4 hours for a round trip; There is also a tour, but I’m a weak guy in the morning, so w


Isn’t there a ranch where you can take your mother alone from Tokyo? I searched like a demon and found it! Enomoto Ranch in Saitama Prefecture ♪ It feels like a good word of mouth on the internet. (And admission is free) That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Enomoto Ranch in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture.


Enomoto Ranch gelato is really delicious ♡

The ranch gelato on the lawn is the best feast.


I’m sorry, I couldn’t stand it and ate it before taking the picture.

Speaking of ranch, ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, it’s a ranch. So, when you come to the ranch, it is a must to eat the ice cream of cow’s milk! I was wondering if there were only milk flavors, strawberries and melons, but I was surprised that there are so many types of gelato at Enomoto Ranch.


① There are 12 types of gelato


To be honest, I don’t think there are many types of ranches. I feel that one type of milk is fine. However, I was surprised that there are many types of gelato at Enomoto Ranch.


[Type and price of gelato from Enomoto Ranch]

・ジェラート シングル(コーン、カップ)各350円

・ Gelato single (corn, cup) 350 yen each

・ジェラート ダブル(コーン、カップ)各470円

・ Gelato double (corn, cup) 470 yen each

There are quite a few types and I’m at a loss! Various cashless payments were also OK ♡


Milk, raw chocolate, green tea, chocolate chips, Ogura, praline, black sesame, strawberry milk, cream cheese, mocha, lamb raisins (11 types in total. 1 type good night on this day)


② Do you use a microphone to order gelato? !!

When lined up, there were goods on the left, a gelato section in front, and a take-out corner on the left.


“Enoboku” towels were also on sale inside! !! Yeah! !! ♪


Lots of fresh gelato.

When you enter Enomoto Ranch, you will see the shop on your left. People are always lined up at the shop. The rows from the door on the right are for those who eat gelato on the spot. People who eat take-out gelato line up through the left door. Once inside, you will find an alcohol disinfectant to prevent infectious diseases. What surprised me was that there was a “microphone” in front of the gelato showcase. There was a memo like “Please order from here”, so I said with a microphone “Please use milk in a single cup and milk and matcha in a double cup” ♡


③ Be careful of children as gelato melts easily!

For small children, we recommend cups rather than cones and singles rather than doubles!


My child is the type who acts without thinking too much, so he said, “Hatchan, double milk and matcha!”, And I just ordered it as it was. But gelato, like any other, melts faster than ice cream. Especially in the double, the gelato sticks out a little more than the cup, so if the child eats it quickly, the hands will become sticky.

When I arrived, there were a couple of rows lined up in the gelato. It’s delicious!


How to get to Enomoto Ranch by bus?


① First, go to Bus Stop No. 1 from the West Exit of Ageo Station


Take this bus for about 20 minutes (about 15 bus stops?) And you will reach the Nishi Ageo garage. Please confirm the destination.

Enomoto Ranch is a ranch, so of course it is not a station Chika. At the station Chika, cows and sheep are uncomfortable, aren’t they? The nearest station to Enomoto Ranch is Ageo Station on the JR Takasaki Line. When you get off at Ageo Station, head to the bus stop from the west exit. I didn’t know where to go, so when I asked the bus driver at platform 3, he said, “Get on at platform 1 (the bus stop right after the station) and get off at the Nishi Ageo garage.” I was taught.


② Before arriving at Nishi Ageo garage, I made a taxi reservation on the bus.



When I arrived at Enomoto Ranch by taxi, I saw many bicycles.

From Nishi Ageo garage to Enomoto ranch, it was written as 1.8km on Google Map. It took about 50 minutes to get here, and I thought it would be a pity if I let my child walk, so I made a reservation by playing with the taxi app “Go” on the bus. I thought it would take a while, so I made a reservation before arriving at the Nishi Ageo garage, but in reality, the taxi arrived surprisingly quickly, and the taxi arrived about 3 minutes earlier than us. (⇒ I was impatient ~)

If you are in the neighborhood, you can also come by bicycle ♡


What is the bicycle route to Enomoto Ranch? ~ Cyclist Sanctuary? !!

When I arrived at Enomoto Ranch, there were many cyclists riding cool bicycles.


引用:東京都内~埼玉県の定番コース ”荒サイ”を走って榎本牧場へ


Not only gelato but yogurt looks delicious!
In addition to the usual bicycle parking lot, there is a bicycle parking lot exclusively for cyclists ★


In my case, I feel that it’s about 5km (I’ve been riding a bicycle!), But from the perspective of cyclists, it’s probably sweet! If you go to Enomoto Ranch from Tokyo through the Arakawa Cycling Road (abbreviated as Arasai) that runs along the first-class river “Arakawa”, you can ride comfortably without any traffic or traffic lights. (⇒ Excuse me, this heading is not completely primary information!) Especially, the gelato from Enomoto Ranch, which you eat after sweating while cycling, seems to be excellent. It’s a good idea to go by bicycle from Ageo Station, as long as you’re connecting by bus and taxi (I may be the only non-exercise person, but …!). (⇒ If you lose weight and your child grows up, consider it …!)


Enomoto Ranch’s mini pigs, cows and chickens are cute!


① Alcohol disinfectants are installed everywhere in the corona


There is even a barbecue area and a playground for children!
It seems that Holstein calves were born on 4/14. It’s cute!

Enomoto Ranch is free to enter, so many people may think that it is a little mini ranch, but it is a place where you can enjoy the ranch-ness. Just the right size, not too wide and not too narrow. I went there around 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 24, 2021, but there were quite a few people. However, it wasn’t too crowded and dense at all, and I was relieved that there were hand-washing areas and alcohol disinfectants everywhere.


The mini pig is in the same hut as the big cow and in front of the chicken hut. The mini pig in front of the chicken coop touches ♡


There was a sign of Golden Bomber at the mini pig.


③ The cow smells, but it’s not a big deal.


The cow was big. I rubbed my back ♡

When you enter the ranch, it is natural that the animals smell a little like the zoo. But now I’m wearing a corona mask, so it doesn’t really bother me. At first, my child said that he was “mama-smelling” and disrespectful, but he said, “It’s natural! You’ll get used to it soon.” I want you to have a lot of nature experiences, so I will take you to this ranch many more times.

The calf’s round eyes are irresistible! After all, seeing animals makes me feel better.

Enomoto Ranch is good for gelato, but the attraction is that there are multiple animals right in front of you. There is no cage like a zoo, only the fence (other than the bantam), so I feel that the animals are growing.


④ You can give leaves to guinea pigs

The guinea pig came to the house of the drum.


Mr. Chabo was able to hug him. It’s warm ♡ I’m sorry to eat chicken;

A regular member of contact animals ★ There was also a guinea pig. Touch is OK. Many children were touching each other. There was a sticker like “It’s okay to give the leaves nearby”, so I tried it, but I got too much and Mr. Mol seemed to be full.


There are handmade tire playsets for children ♡

I didn’t know that there were playsets, so I felt more and more profitable when I came to Enomoto Ranch!


I want to see animals even in the corona wreck! I came to Enomoto Ranch quickly because of my desire. This is a heart-full warming world that makes you feel as if you were at a relative’s house. For children, there are original swings and Tarzan ropes made from waste materials such as tires. I talked to the ranch staff, but he said, “Now, you can only see real animals in pictorial books. You can see the birth scene here. You can see the importance of life.” I was told.

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