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[Toshima-ku] OMO5 Otsuka yagura room is fun ♡ Introducing reservation, access and breakfast


Originally I wasn’t very interested in Hoshino Resorts. However, when planning a three-generation trip in the summer of 2021, Hoshino’s RISONARE Atami seemed to be so much fun that I switched to the mode “Hoshino! Hoshino!”. (But it’s expensive and abandoned …) And there was a hotel at Hoshino Resorts in Otsuka, Tokyo, which was about the same price as a business hotel, so I have to go! I thought.


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is OMO5 Otsuka.


Access to OMO5 Otsuka

東京 山手線 路線図(引用:https://jp.piliapp.com/japan-railway/yamanote/)
Tokyo Yamanote Line route map


Hoshino Resort “OMO5 Otsuka” is a 1-minute walk from “Otsuka Station” on the JR Yamanote Line and Toden-Arakawa Line. It’s super Chika! (⇒ If you are traveling with children, 1 minute is impossible and it takes about 3 minutes!) Otsuka station is one station from Ikebukuro. Since it is on the Yamate line, it has excellent access in Tokyo.


When you get off Otsuka Station, you will come to the north exit. Then walk straight as it is. I won’t go to the right or the left.

When you exit JR Otsuka Station, let’s exit from the north exit. From there, you can see the OMO5 building.


By the way, I didn’t know until now that there are many business hotels at Otsuka Station. In addition to OMO5, there are hotels that look like business hotels around the station.

can you see it? The building in the middle. That is the OMO5 building. It’s just straight.


When you see the Sizzler logo, cross the road. Then proceed to the left, which is the entrance to OMO5.

Sizzler … I’m already 44 aunts, so I’m leaning against my stomach.

OMO5のyagura roomって、ぶっちゃけどう??

How about the yagura room of OMO5? ??

If you go to the left in front of the Sizzler building, you will see this sign. Go a little further to the left.
A beautiful 7-year-old who absolutely wants to walk in front of her mom.


Hmmm. This logo is already fashionable ♡

People who like OMO5 will be “I love you so much ♡”, and some people will say “It’s hard to use”. I was the former, and I liked it so much that I thought, “I want to stay alone for about a week and make it a permanent lodging!” Then what kind of person am I?


I like traveling abroad (I go abroad alone)


Anyway, I like traveling (it’s fun to make travel bookmarks)


I like culture such as MUJI, Kyoto, cafes and movies (I lived in Kyoto for about a year because I liked it too much)


I feel like. On the contrary, those who may not like omo5 Otsuka very much


Foreign-affiliated luxury hotel life person (those who love Ritz and Marriott)


Those who have difficulty going up and down stairs (because it feels like a bunk bed)


Those who don’t like unusual experiences (because the rooms are quite different from other hotels …)


Is it like that? I thought.


[Charm ①] You can relax with just the right size

The corridor was like a normal business hotel ~.

omo5大塚の最大の魅力はやぐらルーム(yagura room)です。広さは19㎡と普通のビジネスホテル並みなのですが、天井高があるのと立体的で考え抜かれた部屋の構成なので、すっごく過ごしやすいんですよね。

Bath towels and face towels are stored in this! !!


The first hotel is fun ♡


Of course, families and parents and children like us are also OK. I thought that the most recommended one would be a couple of good friends between women and men. You can drink nearby and talk relaxedly at omo5 Otsuka ★


[Charm ②] The interior of the room and hotel is nice, and the tension rises ★

Second grader who loves stairs. Tension Max! !!


The color of the walls and the color of the wood, which looks like mentha green, are very calming.
It’s also nice to have a tray so that you can put drinks on it! !!

I think that even people who are accustomed to traveling in the room of omo5 Otsuka will be impressed with howling (Hmmmm !!!! (⇒Eh? Only me?) For example, there is a wooden frame on the wall at the position where you want to put the remote control of the TV. There is luggage storage space everywhere, etc. It was a high-class interior at the Hoshino level that made me want to apply it to my home.

From the window, you can see the Toden-Arakawa Line and an izakaya with plenty of atmosphere.


[Charm ③] Because it is small, you can get along well! Plenty of secret base ♡

My 7-year-old continues to make a ridiculous request, saying, “Mama. This time, OO-chan is acting in the setting that came to play in this room.”


For example, this hotel in Shin-Urayasu.

So far, I have traveled to hotels in Tokyo (or in the suburbs of Tokyo) with my daughter (7 years old) once or twice a year. Among them, omo5 Otsuka was the hotel that my daughter was most pleased with. The hotel stay is intended to be a “good job party” for housework and work for me, but I was somewhat honest (Isn’t my child happy?) And felt guilty.

My daughter who is 7 years old and is pleased to flutter her legs on the futon.


When I saw the bathroom design, I thought, “Oh, I’m conscious of foreign tourists here.”

However, in the case of this OMO5 Otsuka, there were many ways to play with delight even in the second grade of elementary school, such as (1) dropping a stuffed animal from the bed on the second floor, (2) playing pineapple on the stairs, and (3) playing hide-and-seek in the room.

Small children can also be stored! !!


I made a reservation for omo5 Otsuka from the official, not Jalan.

This time, I made a reservation using a discount limited to Tokyo residents.


Reservations for omo5 Otsuka can be made on Rakuten Travel, in addition to the official website (https://omo-hotels.com/otsuka/). The article is tomorrow in Jalan, but it seems that reservations are not currently accepted (May 2021). Where can I book cheaply? I searched like a demon, but now I think the official is the most profitable. This is because there are plans for 35% discount only in areas such as Chiba, Tokyo, and Saitama.

It was extended until the end of April. This is a chance! !!



星野リゾート (2021年2月5日〜6月25日)


As a result, I was able to save nearly 7,000 yen for accommodation expenses of 20,000 yen or more for two people. Thank you! !! By the way, please note that the fee is prepaid by credit card and the cancellation policy is stricter than other hotels. The day before your stay, you will receive an email with a QR code to stay at the hotel.

Although there are few amenities that I can get, I was very satisfied with the special item.
Is the wall of the toilet silk? The dough that seems to be used is used, and there is no cheapness as a whole.
I don’t have pajamas in my room, so I paid 200 yen in front of the elevator on the 4th floor to rent a loungewear. Good night!


The breakfast menu of omo5 Otsuka has changed!

that? Where is Valovan, a pie with side dishes?


)The drink bar corner is a bit simpler than other hotels. (But it doesn’t bother me at all)
There was an omo wind god for ventilation. This kind of thing is good! !!
Drink bar corner, continued.

I went to omo5 Otsuka! Many blogs of ordinary people are published on the net. I also like to see such things, so I was looking forward to “Hoshino Otsuka’s breakfast is Valovan!” As a preparation. But to be honest (stew from the morning? I’m leaning on my stomach), I thought for a moment. But it was good. It seems that the menu has changed. Super healthy risotto or American breakfast. (Both are all-you-can-drink for 1,200 yen)

I ordered prosciutto and basil risotto.
Mom ~! This bread looks like a wiener ♡


At home, I can’t eat breakfast comfortably. By the time I eat, my daughter has eaten more than half. Even though I’m not good at it, I have a small number of meals. Even if you don’t eat it, I will serve you a lot. But at a hotel, I’m happy because I can be a customer!


Thank you for visiting. The third state of emergency. I would like to spend my days with my children happily while preventing the spread of the infection across prefectures. I participate in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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