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[Kawaguchi City] Congestion of Green Center, Naughty Square, East Gate, Bus,Corona


(It’s going to rain today, but I don’t want to go anywhere on the weekends, and I want to go to a place where my kids can enjoy themselves and go for the first time!) There is a Kawaguchi Green Center nearby. There are also athletics that children may like. “

Map in the park. Oh, it’s gorgeous!

川口駅からバスで25分とGoogleマップには書かれてあったので、全部で一時間もかからないでしょう。こないだ蒲田のタイヤ公園に行ってぶりだわ♡ 初めて行く大型公園!というわけで、本日の「東京の小学生とおでかけ!」のテーマは、川口グリーンセンターです。

「グリーンセンター」バス停下車です。This is the main gate window. The nearest bus is the 7th stop “for Higashi Kawaguchi Station South Exit” and “for Totsuka Yasuko Station” in front of the building where the former Sogo of JR Kawaguchi Station was. Get off at the “Green Center” bus stop.

It will take less than an hour in total because it was written on Google Maps that it was 25 minutes by bus from Kawaguchi Station. It’s been the first time I’ve been to Kamata’s Tire Park ♡ The first large park to go! So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Kawaguchi Green Center.


What is the congestion level of Kawaguchi Green Center?

う~ん。広い!Hmmm. wide!


I searched the Kawaguchi City Green Center lightly on the Internet, but the evaluation was excellent even with the standard “Iko-yo!” On the outing side with children. In addition to enjoying the flowers of the four seasons, there is also a pool in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. After all, the price is 310 yen for adults and 100 yen for children (4 years old to junior high school students). So, in the net information




There was also a voice saying, “I wonder if it’s crowded … But it’s raining or dying … It’s not really crowded, isn’t it?) I arrived at the site. Then


There is no one near the main gate, and the restaurant (old) is closed.

Pink flowers in the large greenhouse. Many kinds of flowers and tropical plants can be seen, and you will feel well both physically and mentally.


As the name suggests, Kawaguchi City Green Center boasts a vast site area as a place for citizens to relax, with tropical plants that are rare as a space full of greenery, lovely flower beds and waterfalls. There is a toilet near the main gate, and I bought the ticket at the ticket vending machine only with cash.

花壇広場にはひとっこ一人いなくて There is no one in the flowerbed square
大温室の前も誰もいなかったです。There was no one in front of the large greenhouse.


When I went to the bird center, I saw a figure! Finally, there were people! !! (happy)


As you gradually approach the east gate from the main gate of the Kawaguchi Green Center, the population density will increase. The main customer base was fathers and elderly couples with infants on the large lawns and rock gardens, but after passing the mini railroad, the child rate increases at once.

For some reason, there was only one Indian peafowl who was spreading his wings all the time ♡


Because it’s raining? Enjoy the mini railroad without waiting ♡

When you see this sign, you will find the mini railroad platform on your right.


This is a mini railroad ticket vending machine. It’s 220 yen each time ♡

It’s raining and the mini railroad may be canceled! I was telling my daughter that I knew it, but on that day, the mini railroad was open normally! After the rain stops, it will run. “I did it! You can ride it!”, I was really pleased even though I was a 44-year-old middle-aged woman. I will buy a ticket at the ticket machine immediately.

Hmmm, even though it’s a mini railroad for children, the station is really serious.


おじさん、ありがとう~!(BY、44歳)Thank you uncle! (BY, 44 years old)

It’s hot and humid, it’s cloudy, and the weather isn’t good in June, but this mini railroad is worth 220 yen. If you are visiting the Kawaguchi Green Center for the first time, you will be able to go around the outer circumference of “Wanpaku Land” if you ride it first.


Naughty Square is full of athletics!

I can’t say anything about this old map, and it’s very tasty.


When searching for Kawaguchi Green Center online, where is Naughty Square? I didn’t understand. When you come to the site, the Naughty Square is the entire inner part of the mini railroad train that ran around. What I liked was that I could play lightly for half a day. Since there is a lawn, you can have lunch if you bring lunch, and I think that children of a wide range of ages can enjoy the playset for infants, the playset for the lower grades of elementary school, and the playset that can be enjoyed even in the upper grades.


The daughter of the second grade of elementary school, a big hit on the observation slide!

わんぱく広場の展望すべり台。目立つ外見、、!Observatory slide in Naughty Square. Conspicuous appearance …!


Let’s introduce some interesting playsets at Kawaguchi Green Center’s Naughty Square. The first is this “view slide”. This is a three-story tube slide, but when you slide it with a cushion, it has a star decoration inside like Disney’s Space Mountain.

There is an entrance at the foot of the mountain. Take off your shoes, rent a zabuton, and go up the stairs. Free.


At first, my Hatchan was a little scared, saying, “Sliding with my mom!”, But due to the fun and the warmth of the staff, I slid lightly more than 30 times in a row. In terms of time, I think I enjoyed 40 minutes with this observation slide alone. (⇒ During that time, the elderly mother takes a break on the bench …) The time is until 15:30, so be quick! Socks are a must.


Yumefusen (athletic) is very exciting for both infants and elementary school students!

Hatchan has no choice but to play early while eating Seventeen Ice.



There is also a Tarzan rope.

Just here, the kids seem to want to run. As usual, I was invited to “play tag, mom!”, But since a child about 3 years old is usually around there, “Well, it’s dangerous, do it in a place with few people. “said. (It’s quite big, so it’s going to be a big deal if you hit it;) Here, my daughter was also invited by a boy in the second grade of elementary school to say “Hey, play” w Play with us It would be nice, but it’s a little troublesome because I play with me in between.


When you come to the crystal balloon, it is recommended to return from the east gate

A roller slider named Crystal Balloon.


Scheduled to open in the spring of Reiwa 4, there are insect forests, adventure forests, and more. looks fun!

Kawaguchi Green Center is very large. It’s 15.8ha, and 1 hectare = 10,000㎡. It’s a tremendous size. By the way, it seems that something can be done on the left side of the main gate, and it was under construction.

No! Play more!”, My daughter said. When I’m really playing, it’s hard to interrupt and it’s hard.


The East Gate and Kawaguchi Medical Center are very close, so don’t hesitate.
川口医療センター発川口駅または蕨駅行の時刻表です。これだと1時間に2本ですが、他の便もあるのでそんなに待たないと思います。It is a timetable from Kawaguchi Medical Center to Kawaguchi Station or Warabi Station. This is two per hour, but I don’t think I’ll have to wait that long because there are other flights.

Therefore, it is pitiful to return to the main gate with children. I mean, if you enter from the east gate from the beginning, it’s Yokatta, but I noticed it after getting on the bus! Since we don’t have a car and I am a paper driver, I returned to Kawaguchi Station from the bus stop of Kawaguchi Medical Center.


あったかいオヤツっていいですよね!It’s nice to have a warm snack!

Maybe because she played a lot, she muttered, “Mom, I’m hungry.” Children are free! Play, eat, and sleep. It’s simple ♡ So, we went home after eating the specialty: Taro-yaki, which is right in front of Kawaguchi Station. Taro-yaki is delicious! see you!

こちらも是非どうぞ!Please come here as well!

By mama