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[Kawaguchi City] Movie review & word-of-mouth of Meiko-chan at the fishing port ♡ Recommended for elementary school students ♪


I watched Meiko-chan from the fishing port on the day after the release date (Friday, May 11, 2021) with my daughter in the second grade of elementary school at Ario Kawaguchi. I thought it was a movie that I would like everyone to watch with this corona disaster!


Today, I would like to write about my impressions of “Nikuko-chan at the fishing port” in the heat. The theme of today’s “Outing for elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the movie: Nikuko-chan at the fishing port.


The original story of “Gyoko no Nikuko-chan” is Kanako Nishi’s novel of the same name.



“Yellow Elephant” from Shogakukan Bunko. A talented woman who also works on binding paintings.

Kanako Nishi is a Japanese novelist, 44 years old, one below me! (I’m 45 years old this year … Oh …) I’m a pretty person, born in Tehran, raised in Cairo, or a rare person from Osaka. He has won many awards such as the Naoki Prize and the 12th Bookstore Award (Saraba 2015 !!), and “Yellow Elephant” has been made into a drama by Aoi Miyazaki, and he is a great person! !! I had the impression that. But I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read a single book. (⇒ Recently, I’m reading a new PHP book about Eiichi Shibusawa and Heizo Takenaka …)


Why is it produced by pacific saury-san?

Ah, I want to watch it again.


I forgot what triggered me to see it, but I saw the news of Nikuko-chan at the fishing port online. It says that it was produced by pacific saury Akashiya, and when I saw the animation design, I thought it was just like Ponyo on the cliff. After reading the synopsis, I thought (this is a movie that I can watch with my child, Hatchan!), So I immediately bought the movie ticket.

grown up
(当日券)1900円 (Same-day ticket) 1900 yen
(前売り券)1500円 (Advance ticket) 1500 yen
(当日券)1000円 (Same-day ticket) 1000 yen
(前売り券)販売なし (Advance ticket) Not for sale
前売りのムビチケ買ったのに、間違って違う映画館で登録してしまい、また当日券を買った私。さんまさん、私、売上に貢献したよ~!I bought the advance ticket, but I accidentally registered at a different movie theater and bought the same-day ticket again. pacific saury-san, I contributed to sales!



Mr. pacific saury does not say much about why he produced this work, but he contacted Mr. Nishi and copyrighted the movie, saying, “I fell in love with the original work of Nikuko who happened to be picked up at a bookstore.” I hear you bought. Also, in the catch phrase of the movie trailer, it was written that “I’m happy with the story of my family.” In a good way, the image of pacific saury-san in me explored. The original is said to be a big hit with 350,000 copies in this era. It seems that he likes the original, but Yoshimoto Kogyo also produced an animation in 2019, and I guess that the timing was perfect in terms of hardware and software.


What is the charm of the movie “Nikuko-chan at the fishing port”?


Beautiful images and music like a movie

I saw it at the movie theater in Ario Kawaguchi.


I saw it without the previous information, but the production of Nikuko-chan at the fishing port is a popular studio that produced “Children of the Sea” and “Tekkonkinkreet” at Studio 4 ℃. As expected, pacific saury-san is rich ~ ♡ There are people who can pull money and people who have connections as movie producers, right? !! If so, pacific saury-san is a person who is quite suitable for a producer in the entertainment world.


I also saw the Children of the Sea, but I thought that the depiction and the color of the sea when entering the imaginary world were perfect. Therefore, the scenery of the fishing port is as beautiful as a painting and is spectacular. The music is also great. In the theme song, Mr. Takuro Yoshida’s “Image Poem”, which is a textbook of Mr. pacific saury’s life, is sung by Mr. Kurumi Inagaki, who is a popular child actor. It was tears and tears.


The message of the movie is deeply pierced

All the characters other than Nikuko-chan are human-like and lovable!


Nikuko-chan’s character was so amazing that she was overwhelmed from beginning to end. In the scene where “151 cm 67 kg” is written on the telop, you can feel relieved (good, I’m still thinner than Meiko-chan! ” I was worried about it. I lived on a ship and did my best in the athletic meet scene. ..


Kikuko-chan’s shortcut and slender long legs were cute! !!

However, in the second half (it’s a spoiler from here!), From the scene where the secret of the birth of her beloved daughter, Kikurin, is revealed, Meiko-chan’s saint is demonstrated. The genius and the idiot are a single piece of paper, so isn’t the tampered character Meiko-chan actually a god? !! I’ve been thinking. Someone who definitely wants to be friends if they are by their side. A person who gives the greatest love to any person. That is Meiko-chan, which adds depth to this movie. Of course, other characters are also unique and fun.


The destructive power of Sassan’s quote is amazing

Hatchan who dashes before Haha at MOVIX Kawaguchi. She was looking forward to the movie.


The movie “Nikuko-chan at the fishing port” makes me feel a lot. In particular, a quote that will never be forgotten is the word by Sassan, the owner of the yakiniku restaurant “Ugashi” (a strange store name …!).

Meat child goods were also sold a little.


“Hey, you don’t have to be so reluctant. Even adults aren’t perfect. I make a lot of mistakes and make many mistakes. But I’m still alive with all sorts of things. You’re still a kid, so I’m ashamed to ask my family if I’m a kid. “


Is this a reminder to us Japanese now? It is a line that hits the world with Don Pisha so much that it seems. I’m a web writer, so I write articles every day, but sometimes ask my friends if they think about what to do with their 40s graduation clothes! !! I have written a lot of articles that I think. (Because of my work …) That’s why Japanese people are always conscious of being strange from the perspective of people, and they aren’t living as expected. Kikuko is one of them. Sassan’s strong word saves Kikuko-chan, a lost lamb.

At Ario Kawaguchi, it was screened at Theater No. 2.


The depiction of the school clique is super real

A 7-year-old who hasn’t experienced school caste yet, was in a movie theater but was nailed to a mess!


I tweeted on Twitter, but what I thought (Oh!) In this movie is that it portrays the school clique (I hate the word!). An event occurs during a break at Kikurin’s elementary school (⇒ I was conscious of spoilers now), but the ridiculousness peculiar to girls there is very real. (Oh, I wonder if something like this happened)


ドラエモン「STAND BY MEドラエモン2」の感想はこちらです!
Doraemon “STAND BY ME Doraemon 2” is here!

When I asked Hatchan, who is in the second grade of elementary school, “What did you think?” On the way home from the movie, she said, “Hatchan wants to play basketball and play with everyone.” He told me that. Parents and children talk with the movie as a trigger ♡ This is also a great taste of the movie with elementary school students ~ ♡

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