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[Kita-ku] Waiting time for Akabane Kura Sushi and bringing children ♡ 60-80 minutes or more at night if you do not make a reservation!


Even though I go out quite often, I’m 44 years old when the first Sushiro was in January 2021 and I haven’t experienced Kura Sushi ♡ Kura Sushi has finally landed in my town, Akabane! ♡ So I’m really happy. (⇒ Heiroku sushi is also delicious!)


My child is now 2nd grade, but on Saturday class days, I don’t go out basically, but spend time nearby. Since there was a Saturday class on this day as well, my dad invited me to go to Kura Sushi at night, and the three of us went out to Akabane’s Kura Sushi with a NO reservation.


I took a hidden shot of the south exit of Akabane station ~ ♡


Akabane is easy to raise children and easy to live in. It’s easy to go to both Saitama and Kanagawa, and only Chiba is a little far away. It’s also a sacred place for the masterpiece “Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo” ♪ But there has never been a sushi chain store. So, this New Year, I took the train to Sushiro in Ueno.

So I wrote an article “Is Ueno Sushiro expensive?”;


Conveyor belt sushi is only Heiroku sushi in Lara Garden. For sushi that doesn’t turn around, there are “Ginzo” at the south exit and “Uogashi sushi” under the station guard at the west exit (directly connected to Beans?). (⇒Ah, I’ve been to all of them! Maybe I like sushi? W) But one day in 2021. In front of the ticket gate of the station building at the north exit of Akabane Station, there was a big “Kura Sushi Akabane store open” nobori on it. That stands out. I wonder if there will be a lot of customers going there.


Akabane Kura Sushi is a 3-minute walk from the east exit

Happy to finish my homework! Nah, a picture of my child.


Even though it was Saturday, there was an elementary school, so I was sloppy in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, I finished housework and errands, my child did homework and piano, and walked with my dad for the first time in a while to “Kura Sushi Akabane East Exit”. Let’s make a reservation! I never dreamed of that. Well, I was optimistic that it would take about 10 minutes to wait. At this time.


* Kura Sushi Akabane East Exit is a 3-minute walk from Akabane Station East Exit (for those who have a taxi stand, a flower shop, Denny’s, and Kentucky). After exiting the station, go straight on the road with a police box on your right and a post on your left, and you will find the 5th floor of the Akabane Daiichi Hayama Building on the corner (the first floor is the bookstore) past the mobile phone shop, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, and FamilyMart. *


I was waiting for 60 minutes when I arrived before 18:00 on Saturday

Oh, they are lined up.


People were lined up, so I wondered if I would write the name and number of people with a pencil like Saizeriya, but I found that a machine called a “reception machine” turned the right hand of the above image. When you enter the number of people in the machine, a numbered ticket will come out.


① When you arrive, we will issue a numbered ticket at the reception machine

This is the reception machine.


The guideline for waiting time was written on this reception machine, but it was 57 minutes! Hey! !! Last time, when I made King Seimen, I had my husband and kid wait for an hour, but I didn’t learn; I had to wait for an hour this time as well.


Me: I’m sorry ~. Wait 60 minutes.


Husband: Do you want to stop?


Me: No! It’s only about an hour. It’s okay if you look at the book below or use your smartphone! !!

The 12th numbered ticket I got from the Kura Sushi Akabane East Exit store.


For the time being, I got a numbered ticket numbered 12. However, the numbers called in the back are in the 400s and 500s. I’m extremely anxious. By the way, while I was waiting, I once saw the time at the reception machine in the store, but at that time it was written that the waiting time was 80 minutes. It’s too popular! !!

“Mom, rock-paper-scissors ♡”, my daughter who got tired of waiting time smartphone and started playing on the stairs. sorry.
Check out Kura Sushi SNS on your smartphone while you wait. The dessert looks delicious ~, Jurujuru. Not yet!


② When the number is displayed like McDonald’s

When the number is called, enter from the entrance and turn right ⇒ turn and issue a reserved seat ticket on the monitor at the end.


Take the number tag to the table. I also use this number tag when making payments.

Numbered ticket numbers are, of course, not called in order. It was called “No. 9”, and my heart was excited with “It’s almost 12th!”, So I was skipped by “No. 20” and my heart was restless. .. After all, I should have made a reservation with the smartphone app. Collya. When you are finally called, press the numbered ticket number on the monitor in the back and a paper with the seat table number will be issued. Look at that number and go to the table.


There are many children at the Kura Sushi Akabane East Exit store


店内に入れた♡I could enter in the store at last ♡

We were so excited that we finally got into Kura Sushi, but when we looked at the customer base, it felt like men and women of all ages. Families with small children with strollers by the side of the table, girls-only gatherings, young couples, groups of men only, uncles, etc. It was like looking at the microcosm of Akabane and the microcosm of Japan.


Kura sushi, a conveyor belt sushi that has been systematized.

What impressed me with Kura Sushi for the first time in my life was that the cutlery box (the box containing chopsticks) on the table could be stored inside the table. This is very good because the table becomes wider ♪ After that, the sushi arrives very quickly after ordering. I don’t get irritated at all. A system in which the customer puts the dishes in the holes under the rotating rail for every 5 dishes is also very good for saving labor costs. You can play games every 5 dishes, so children can enjoy it.


The child was having a hard time picking up the plate




By mama