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[Kita-ku] I saw the Nippon TV Tokyo Verdy Bella Kita-ku WE League with elementary school students by invitation! There were also cute players!


Previously, in November 2020, I watched soccer with my elementary school students for free under the plan of “Home Town Day” in Tokyo Verdy. (The article at that time is here ↓)

At this time, I was watching men’s soccer.


It was fun at that time, so let’s register Verdy’s e-mail newsletter and go to watch the game when we do it at home again! I was thinking. After that, I received a free invitation from elementary school students in Kita-ku and Itabashi-ku for women’s soccer (NTV / Tokyo Verdy Verusa) by e-mail newsletter. That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is watching elementary school students and Veresa.


* Click here for a detailed article on ticket sales information for WE Verdy Bellaza on May 30, 2021.


What is NTV Veresa?

引用:日テレ・東京ヴェルディベレーザ2020シーズン始動日の延期のお知らせ 女子サッカー、髪が長い選手もいるんだに!
There are women’s soccer players with long hair!


Far from women’s soccer, I’m completely ignorant of men’s soccer and the World Cup. I’m haunted everywhere just because I’m more like Miha than people and I like going out more than people; I went to a match for a team named Nippon TV Tokyo Verdy Belleza. I have a super-amateur question, “Is it attached?”


When I look at WIKI there

日テレ・東京ヴェルディベレーザ(にっテレ・とうきょうヴェルディベレーザ、NIPPON TV TOKYO VERDY BELEZA)は、日本東京都稲城市ホームタウンとする、WEリーグに所属する女子サッカーチームである。


NIPPON TV TOKYO VERDY BELEZA (NIPPON TV TOKYO VERDY BELEZA) is a women’s soccer team belonging to the WE League, whose hometown is Inagi, Tokyo, Japan.


Hmmm, Inagi City is my home. Then why is Verdy attached? (⇒ I’m sorry, I’m a writer, so I have a habit of investigating;) When I asked Google Sensei, he responded as follows.



Established in 1981 as a women’s team of the Yomiuri Soccer Club. From 2020, the team name will be changed to Nippon TV Tokyo Verdy Bellaser. “Verdy” means “beautiful woman” in Portuguese.


Hmm! !! Verdy means “beautiful woman”. And you transferred from Yomiuri to Tokyo Verdy. So, I think it’s sponsored by NTV. (⇒ Excuse me. I don’t know if I’m wrong because I can’t move on, but the investigation is over here !!)


Kita-ku, Ajinomoto Field Stadium was full of people

This is a screenshot of the ticket reservation ↑


Last time I went on a weekday night, so there was plenty of room in the “B seat” for free elementary school students. So, I thought, “I’m sure there will be seats at the last minute!” Even when I got on the bus from JR Akabane station, I got on at around 13:50 even though it was kicked off at 14:00, which was just barely enough.

6th from the West Exit of JR Akabane Station on the international box office bus “Red 80”. Get off at “HPSC Rikujomon”.


There are people standing on the stand …!

However, it’s crazy. When I arrived at the local Ajinomoto Field Stadium, the person standing in the back seat …! (Gee! You’re standing by!), My 44-year-old mother was a little impatient; “Hatchan, I’m sorry! Mom, maybe I arrived late! (⇒ I’m an unreliable mother.” , I apologize almost every day;)

People in seat B enter from the main gate, show the smartphone screen on the blue roof, and enter through the yellow gate.
Kick-off Near the main gate of Magikano. Many people come by bicycle.


When I got to the red roof, I was told “Please proceed to the blue roof”, so I went to the blue roof. There, I showed the smartphone screen of Verdy’s reservation and the proof of residence in Kita Ward (insurance card, etc.). Hmmm, I managed to make it in time!

The invited children were 0 yen and adults were 1000 yen. Thank you, Home Town Day!


In women’s soccer, Harisen’s present is ♡

For the time being, get the back seat ♡


What made me a little more excited about the match against Verdy was that I got a Harisen at the reception.


The receptionist’s brother: “Bend it like this, hit it bang bang, and support it.”


Me: “Hey! Yes.”


Hatchan: “Yes!”

I tried to fold it.


You can get Harisen by watching soccer! I’m happy ♡ I’ll take it home and use it as a comedian’s tsukkomi manger, like “It’s different!” (→ It’s a lie)


Serious haha. Be careful of elementary school children on Twitter


The game has finally begun. This is Verdys VS Albirex Niigata. Hmm … I feel that the Niigata players are taller, isn’t it because of their mind? Thinking about it, I was trying to tweet “I’m coming to see soccer.”

Hatchan stares at her mom.


Hatchan: “Mom! Don’t look at your smartphone during a player’s game!”


Me: “Well, it’s just started …”


Since my child was in elementary school, it has become more logical. I’m happy to grow, I’m sad …;


Midfielder Nanami Kitamura is cute and scores!

引用:なでしこ】パラグアイ戦で代表デビューのMF北村菜々美 目標の得点はならずも「2試合目で決めたい」

ネットでベルーザについて検索すると、「ベレーザ かわいい」などの美人系キーワードが出てきました。私たちは応援しているとき、ベレーザのゴール後ろに座っていました。すると、ショートヘアが可愛い14番の北村菜々美選手が2得点入れたんですね!はっちゃんと「おお!」と、かなり盛り上がりましたよね。で、ハリセンを見ると、かわいい♡元・なでしこの選手なんですね~♡次も、予定があったら北村選手を応援しよう♡

When I searched for Belusa on the net, I found beautiful keywords such as “Verdya cute”. We were sitting behind Verdy’s goal when we were cheering. Then, No. 14 Nanami Kitamura, who has cute short hair, scored two goals! Hatchan and “Oh!” Were really excited. So, when you look at Harisen, it’s cute ♡ Former Nadeshiko player ~ ♡ Next time, let’s support Kitamura if you have a plan ♡

Ah! Libern.


The weather for the match on May 30, 2021 was hit by rain in the middle of the first half, and I suddenly put out a folding umbrella. However, it cleared up from the middle and the sun was shining. The weather may have been difficult for the players. During the state of emergency, I think the kids in Itabashi & Kita Ward enjoyed the match of professional players a lot. Thank you ~! !!

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