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What is STELABO’s reputation and monthly fee? I’m actually learning now.


Yesterday I went to Peace Forest Park Athletic. It was about 33 degrees, but there was a lot of shade and I would die that much! I didn’t think.

Hello ♡ I’m going out with my kids as usual this month, but I’ve already been there once, so I can’t write a new article! (I went to Heiwajima Athletics again yesterday), so today I’m going to post an article about a rare lesson instead of going out.


This “Outing for elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is not an outing, but a review of STELABO by Softbank (BY me).


Reasons for applying to STELABO



So I casually borrowed (?) Scratch books at the library. Participating in a free online programming course for elementary school students in Kita Ward.

This is due to my mistake or stinginess. One day, before my child started summer vacation, I was looking for a programming workshop for elementary school students. I analyzed that my child is a very curious child and seems to like to make something. I also thought that being able to program in the future would be one of the specifications that human beings need as much as English. Or rather, it’s inconvenient if you can’t. It’s a lot of fun if you can.


But all of them were expensive. Ritalico Wonder, which is close to my house, will continue to experience it, but it is too expensive after enrollment and I give up; one lesson starts from 4,400 yen. That means less than 20,000, assuming that it is four times a month. In addition, the entrance fee is 16,500 yen, so you can’t feel free to enter. I mean, if it’s my annual income, I’ll have to stop playing the piano. (I also do Korasho …) 

My dauhgter learned a little scratch in the free programming in Kita-ku. However, there are so many people that she can’t keep up with them.



Postscript: The admission fee OFF was completely my misunderstanding, and 5,500 yen was withdrawn the month after the admission month; oh, misunderstanding ,!

Since the programming course limited to summer was 50,000 or 10,000 units, (Isn’t it possible to do it for a few thousand yen? Maybe we can only let children take free courses in Kita Ward for the rest of their lives. ,,) I was depressed. However! STELABO, which I will introduce from now on, is an online course, but I was sent a teaching material kit, and I was doing a campaign for free for the first month and OFF for the admission fee ♡



What is STELABO’s first month free campaign?


I’ve always loved surfing the internet, so when I’m looking for something useful, I search as much as Egui with various keywords. So I searched for “STELABO”, which is a combination of STEM education (is it non-cognitive education?) And LABO (research institute), which is a hot topic these days. Originally, it was a real classroom with a store, but since it was newly opened from this July, we had a free campaign for the first month on the net. (⇒ Unfortunately I haven’t done it now, but I may do it again to commemorate something.) The following is a copy of the email I received at the time of application.

It is truly Softbank that a total of 14,600 yen will be free. generous! !!


Part of the teaching material. My small 2 started in the basic class (small 1 to small 2).

I first applied online in June, but after that, I haven’t heard about it for about a month. In the middle of July, I received an e-mail saying “The class will start in July as scheduled!”, And the kit used for the lesson was sent by Takkyubin, “Because this day and this day are lessons. I received an e-mail saying “Hey!” I don’t receive any calls. (⇒ I prefer that)


STELABO’s monthly fee is a fixed amount of 8,800 yen twice a month for beginners

The more advanced you are, the cheaper your monthly fee will be!


Hatchan takes lessons while listening to the teacher at ZOOM. Today’s children are really digital natives, and they swallow quickly!

Although it is a STELABO lesson system, it is basically a lesson twice a month every other week. The lesson uses ZOOM and the blocks and texts (or worksheets) sent to you. Over time, it seems that you will also use an app called Scratch Junior, so a smartphone or tablet is also essential. I wonder if a tablet is good, the screen is too narrow for scratching on a smartphone.


The monthly fee is 8,800 yen for the child of the small two. The fee for one lesson is similar to that of Ritalico, but in the case of Ritalico Wonder, it starts from 4 times a month, so it costs twice as much. Also, in STELABO, the teaching material fee is included in the monthly fee, but in the case of Lira Rico Wonder, the teaching material fee is 2,200 yen per month and the classroom operating fee is 2,200 yen. So, in terms of price, STELABO is quite cheap. (⇒ However, I’m not an affiliate of STELABO, and I don’t have a grudge against Ritalico Wonder …! I’m just 44 years old who wants to write.)


What is STELABO’s reputation (BY me)?

STELABOの教材は、ソフトバンクグループのSB C&Sが世界のSTEAM教材やロボットの中から厳選した先進の教材らしいです!
STELABO’s teaching materials seem to be advanced teaching materials carefully selected by SB C & S of SoftBank Group from STEAM teaching materials and robots in the world at STELABO!


I have only taken one lesson yet (⇒ Don’t write an article for that!), But the teacher is very good. I felt that I was good at dealing with children, answering children’s questions politely, and organizing lessons. The lesson time was 70 minutes each, but it wasn’t too long and not too short, and I felt it was just the right time.


Hatchan who mischiefs with DTM. Even in elementary school, there are weekly computer lessons. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to the children of the future! !!

The first lesson will also teach you how to operate ZOOM (how to raise your hand, etc.), so even children who do not understand can ask questions to the teacher on the spot. So I didn’t feel the inconvenience of being online. Rather, I also use ZOOM on a daily basis, and I won’t pick you up, so this is easier and more helpful! !!


Our Hatchan was also absorbed in assembling the blocks from the first time. Hmmm, it feels good to see a lively child. Mom, work harder ♪


ステラボでは最後に必ず「発表」の時間があり、みんなの良かったところを伝えあいます。それもいーんだよねー。At Stellabo, there is always a time for “announcement” at the end, and we will share the good points of everyone. That’s fine too.

Postscript ♡ After all, I took 8 lessons, and a total of 4 months have passed. After the lesson of making frames with blocks, my child made a simple animation-like picture book at Scratch Junior today. A little touching … I’m glad I kept paying 8,800 yen under the water! I thought for a moment. For now, I’d like you to continue ♡ (until he wants to quit)

If you don’t mind, please also check it out ♡

By mama