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[Kawaguchi City] Impressions of the princess of dragons and buckwheat (spoilers) -Mr. Nakamura, who is a song, is amazing! Pakuri …


Director Mamoru Hosoda’s latest work released from Friday, July 16, 2021 ♡ Under the scorching sun, a 44-year-old aunt took a 7-year-old child and watched it at Ario in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture! Use up 2,000 yen for taxi coupons! I watched it without much previous information, but it was a really good movie to watch at the movie theater, so I’d like to write my impressions on my blog right away! !! And the tension is rising. (⇒ It’s hot and hot)


I’m not a fan of seeing all of Hosoda’s works, I just like movies that are wide and shallow ♡ That’s why today’s “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo”


A modern version of the previous work “Summer Wars”! Theme of “Princess of Dragon and Belle”

引用:サマーウォーズ 公式サイト(https://s-wars.jp/


MOVIX Kawaguchi. It was 13:25 on August 6th (Friday), but it was crowded!

I knew the name of director Mamoru Hosoda, but I actually started seeing the work after seeing “Mirai of the Future” in 2019. (⇒ ,, late!) I was disgusted to watch only movies such as Pretty Cure for children, and one day I saw Mirai in the future with a 5-year-old Hatchan (my child) at Ario Kawaguchi. .. Then, even though my child was 5 years old, I was so happy!


My child is so stiff that I watched the TV recording of “Mirai of the Future” about 10 times when I got home, and when I recorded the recent TV broadcast of “Summer Wars” in 2021, it was about 7 times. I’m watching it repeatedly. (Oh, this one


The theme of Summer Wars is countryside and internet society

The movie “Summer Wars” was released on August 1, 2009.



This work, Princess of Ryu and Belle is said to be a sequel to Summer Wars. In Summer Wars, the hero and friends in the countryside will follow the “spoofing” criminal in the virtual world “OZ”. Even in this work, the main character “Suzu” who lost his mother when he was young will gradually regain himself in the virtual world “U”. I thought the drawing was wonderful in OZ, but in U, the descriptive power was improved, and it was a magnificent and detailed image that I wanted to see as a still image.


In this work, the meanness of the net world and the real world is up ↑


The environment on the Internet has changed a lot after 12 years. At the time of Summer Wars, I didn’t see any of the characters, and it was fun to see a grandmother, but in this work, there are many depictions that reflect the current society in Moro.


Total attack on other person on the net, net lynching


At first glance, it looks like a normal family, but in reality, parents abuse their children internally.


At first glance, it looks like a normal class, but there is a disparity (school caste) among the girls in the class.


At first glance, good to protect justice


In summary, the elements like the humanity theater have decreased a little from the time of Summer Wars, and the singing scene of “Suzu” & “Bell” by the genius Nakamura is by far the most beautiful, and the drawing power and sense of scale have improved, and the social situation. It feels like the sadness has increased in depth.


A humanly impressive scene

There aren’t many goods at MOVIX Kawaguchi ,. Is it sold out? Well, you can buy it online.


Hey! Is there a feeling of being crowded?
There were a lot of people behind me ~.

I am in the middle of the fourth state of emergency, but I went there because I wanted to see it. (I have been thinking about it since May 2020, and I have not refrained from doing anything other than masking, washing my hands, and shifting the time to go.) Ario Kawaguchi’s movie theater “MOVIX” is during the summer vacation, so the lobby is quite large even though it is a weekday. It was crowded!


Suzu’s mom died in an accident to help someone else’s child in the river


Coke and popcorn at the cinema! That’s why my daughter says “a lot of fat” …


Five wise men “Voices”

ベル(すず)は仮想世界「U」でみんなから嫌われている「竜」に出会う。引用:スタジオ地図 公式(https://studiochizu.jp/

竜とそばかすの姫を観ながら、まるで現実世界の問題を目の前にぶら下げられているような気分に何度もなりました。特に良い意味でイラっ!としたのは、竜というネット内の悪人を追う「Voices」という正義の味方チームです。最初は頼もしい印象を持つ Voices ですが、悪人を叩きのめすというお題目のためなら自らパワハラめいたことも平気でするのです。人には厳しく、自分には甘い。

Watching the dragon and the princess of buckwheat, I felt as if I was hanging a real-world problem in front of me many times. I’m irritated in a particularly good way! It was a team of justice called “Voices” who chased the bad guys on the net called Ryu. At first, Voices has a reliable impression, but if it’s the subject of beating the bad guys, it’s okay to harass yourself. Strict for people and sweet for myself.


That is the true identity of Justice. As I wrote in Nobuko Nakano’s book, there are too many things I have to do right now, and from the perspective of those who keep it, people who are free or have a bit of a bit are a good target. Let’s do it.


Kaho Nakamura’s “Song

すずは竜を守るため、ベルから本来の「すず」へとアンヴェール(さらす)する。引用:スタジオ地図 公式(https://studiochizu.jp/
In order to protect the dragon, tin unveils from the bell to the original “tin”. Quote: Studio Chizu Official (https://studiochizu.jp/)


When I was watching the notice of the dragon and the princess of buckwheat, I heard a catchphrase female chorus and thought, “The song looks good ♡”. It wasn’t that level! If Hayao Miyazaki found a diva named Aoi Teshima, then Director Hosono would have found Kaho Nakamura! When I listened to the trailer, I thought it was the voice of a younger sister (avex) who is in fashion recently, but when I saw the main story, what was it? !! It’s amazing! I got goose bumps in the singing scene. Especially the last is a masterpiece, and it’s tears.


Listen to Kaho Nakamura’s “whisper” and make a statement! Was struck ♡

I’m an ordinary person, so I’m excited to see a genius ♡ Most of the musicians and artists I like are “geniuses!” And I’m fascinated by their talents. I searched the internet about her (I’m sorry I feel uncomfortable …!), But I thought she was a genius because of her behavior and music. Director Hosoda says, “She cherishes songs.” I think so.

I definitely want to go live.


The excitement of searching for a real-world “dragon” on the net

The last answer is why the dragon is aggressive against its surroundings


At the end of Summer Wars, the main character cooperates with everyone around him to chase after the spoofing criminal in the virtual world “OZ”. Even in this work, the main character, Tin, searches for the true identity of the dragon and tries to release its sadness.


There are many other attractions such as the voice of Shinobi, the nature of Kochi, and the hug with the dragon ♡


Other than that, the feeling of being entertained by high school girls in the countryside is well described, and the nature of Kochi is lively (Ah, I want to go to Shimanto River), so you can enjoy the feeling of traveling while watching a movie, like shojo manga. Elements (such as shinobi’s voice and existence ♡), a scene where a dragon of a rough thing opens his heart to Bell. It’s a good scene!

If you don’t mind, please check it out ~ ♡



Although it is under a state of emergency, I want to watch it at the movie theater while adjusting the circumstances of my house and the surrounding area! It was a movie that I would definitely like people to watch. What will happen to the net as it is? Lawless zone → Cyberbullying with Justice (⇒ Now here) ⇒I wonder if it will be fun to operate by observing the rules.


There are many people on the internet who say “Beauty and the Beast”, but it’s a secondary creation. It’s a homage to historical works, and I was surprised at the word “pakuri”. The point that I’m afraid to find some weaknesses is exactly the same as the world of Justice and “U”.


Not only is it preaching, but it also combines wonderful drawings, screenplays, and music to give you the ultimate in entertainment. It’s like a live venue, it’s like a movie, it makes me think about something after watching it, and I want to see it again and again. It was such a movie for me. (7-year-old Hatchan likes the bell costume

By mama