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[Kawaguchi City] Aya and the witch are masterpieces for children! Word-of-mouth and impressions with spoilers-What’s terrible?


It was raining all day in Tokyo today. Some people say, “I can’t go out” when it’s raining, but I’m a kid who thinks (Isn’t it just an umbrella?), So I went there. Earwig and the Witch. At first I didn’t want to see it, but Aya and the Witch’s reputation on the net was so bad that I thought (I want to see it!);


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Studio Ghibli’s latest work, Aya and Ma.


Yes. I watched it at the usual Ario Kawaguchi MOVIX from 9:15 in the morning ~

Early in the morning, I was watching an aunt cleaning Ario.


The closest movie theater to my house is Kawaguchi’s MOVIX, so I often go to Ario Kawaguchi with my kids to watch movies.


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If you watch a movie 6 times on MOVIX, you can watch one movie for free with a coupon when you book a movie from the SMT members site.


Earwig and the Witch Ticket. Discounts on shops in Ario with ticket stubs. (part)

At MOVIX Kawaguchi, if you register as a free member called SMT Members, you will get a free movie ticket every time you watch a movie 6 times! !! (Hahhh) I didn’t know that at the beginning, and it was a waste! So, today’s “Aya and the Witch” was watched for free with SMT member benefits. Thank you ♡ SMT Members.


Kawaguchi MOVIX’s Aya and Witch’s schedule is too terrible!

eh! Why is this time zone when it’s Ghibli? !! Bullying? !!


I’m not a Ghibli enthusiast, and I saw Hosoda’s “Princess of the Dragon and Belle” in August, but this time I was amazed at the schedule of Aya and the witch at MOVIX Kawaguchi. The Belle Princess is screened four to five times a day, but Aya and the Witch are only once a day. Moreover, it is 9:15 in the morning or 7:20 in the evening. Earwig and the Witch’s base is a work of British fantasy writer Diana and is a children’s literature.


引用:MOVIX川口 公式サイト 9月2週目になり、上映回数は3回に減りました。

It’s an original story that children read and laugh at, but why is it such a difficult schedule? The smell of money is pungent. Isn’t it a film directed by Hayao Miyazaki? Because the dragon and the princess of buckwheat are more likely to make money? ?? It’s a little blatant.

The dragon and the princess of Belle were certainly good, though! I felt rude to Ghibli, who has been leading the Japanese anime world for a longer time.


Kawaguchi citizens are right! Even though it’s early in the morning, Earwig and the Witch’s Saturday is almost full

MOVIX川口の売店。MOVIX Kawaguchi store.


For some reason, the Prime Minister’s husband was being pushed.

MOVIX Kawaguchi movie reservations can be made from the official website (https://www.smt-cinema.com/site/kawaguchi/) or Mubichike from 2 days in advance. When I made a reservation two days ago, there were almost no seats available. I thought (Gan! Aya is not so popular! Seriously ??). However, it was fine in a slightly tight environment of 9 am due to the downpour of three consecutive holidays. customer.


The main customers are men and women in the third and fourth grades of elementary school and their parents. Or, if you are a member of society or an elderly person who seems to like Ghibli, such as seeing Ghibli works every time. On the contrary, there were almost no young people in their teens and 20s, couples.


“Earwig and the Witch” is definitely one of Ghibli’s masterpieces! !! !!

Good view of the world ♡ I thought that the artistic nature of director Goro Miyazaki stands out.



(Interesting ①) CG was good



Studio Ghibli is handwritten, isn’t it? However, this work is a full-length 3DCG. This point is very unpopular on the net, and there was an article that said “Gakugeikai level”. But are those ridiculous people really paying to go see it?


Earwig and the Witch is a movie that can never be realized without CG. Director Hayao Miyazaki also said in an interview that “it is released by being CG”.




原作のイメージぴったりのキャラクターたち。Characters that are perfect for the original image. 引用:公式サイト

Aya and the witch are a little strange, they aren’t as fast-moving and descriptive as Disney, and they’re not character-centric like Pixar. The beautiful scenery of England and the life of the orphanage itself can be handwritten, but in order to make the witch’s room dirty, make the magic used occasionally more three-dimensional, and make the story sober. I think this was the optimal solution.


The trailer alone gives a strong impression that Aya’s face is different from previous Ghibli works, but when you look at the work properly, Aya’s expression is cute and three-dimensional, so it feels like you are there, which is the basis of most of the story. The “Witch’s House” can be seen deeply.

(面白かったとこ②) アーヤ役:平澤さん、魔女役:寺島さん、トーマス役:浜田さん、イメージぴったり!

The role of Aya: Mr. Hirasawa, the role of the witch: Mr. Terashima, the role of Thomas: Mr. Hamada, the image is perfect!

The music was really good too.


Shinobu Terajima, a big voice actor, was really good. Like Shinobu Otake, big actresses don’t hurt. That is cool. Mr. Terashima performed wonderfully, such as the powerful and powerful command tone to Aya, and how to make a sweet and sloppy voice when answering the phone call from the client for his work.


In addition, Gaku Hamada, who plays the role of a black cat, is also a perfect image! It’s a little naive and looks good. Mr. Hamada’s casting was nice. The rest is Mr. Hirasawa, who was selected at the audition. Just looking at the trailer made me think “Hmm?” For a moment, but the more I saw the main story, the more I was convinced that “only this child can play Aya’s unshakable heart!”

(面白かったとこ③) ハリーポッターみたいな、イギリス&魔女好きにはたまらないストーリー

An irresistible story for British and witch lovers like Harry Potter

Message from director Hayao Miyazaki


The original work of Earwig and the Witch is British children’s literature, so it is full of Britishness. There are a lot of tea slur scenes, but of course tea, not coffee. An uncle who will live with Aya called Mandrake is a gourmet and orders “bring fish and chips”. In addition, the school uniforms and the scenery of the town where Ayah and his friends attend are full of British style, and every detail on the screen is carefully selected.

(面白かったとこ④) めっちゃパワハラされてもめげない、アーヤは現代の「おしん」♡

Aya is a modern “Oshin” ♡

Aya, who wanted to do whatever she wanted at the orphanage, encounters the first trial of her life for the first time at the Witch’s House.


osshattetanode, dorokusai kanji ga o sukina ndesu yo. Dorokusai kanji (doryoku maemuki) ga nigatena hito wa, kitto kono eiga wa tsumaranai ndarou nā.


Aya is an abandoned child who was placed in front of the orphanage immediately after birth, but due to her natural smartness and wisdom, she is a leader in the orphanage. I live a comfortable life.


However, such Aya is just listening to what she says for a while in front of the witch. But she doesn’t think “I’m sorry”, but she devises and gradually draws the situation to her convenience. The storyline was very jarring and interesting, and sometimes I laughed.


What is the psychology of a person who hits “boring”?

My hair is messy because of the rain! But I don’t care!


Since my profession is a web writer, I have a habit of reading things in depth on a daily basis. So, I saw a lot of negative impressions about Aya and the witch on the net, so I thought about it.


1. 1. The screen is dark overall → That’s the story. Because there are many scenes where witch’s medicine is prepared. Those who criticize this are probably caught up in the image of a heroine flying around Ghibli = the sky. In addition to Ghibli, there are various works such as “Panda Ko Panda”.


2. After all, with Goro, my father: I can’t surpass Director Shun → I think this is also my favorite. After all, the characteristics of his father, Shun, are “attractive heroine statues,” “dynamic aerial swashbucklers,” “natural hymns,” and “adventure swashbucklers.” Director Goro has fewer directorial works, but I think that the part where his architectural ability and sense live is wonderful. For example, most of this story about Earwig and the Witch is inside the Witch’s House. It’s like Doraemon’s extended room.


The magic and reality alternated, but the story was in perfect harmony without confusion. And, it is almost faithful to the British original, and also contains connections such as opening and ending that are typical of Ghibli. I thought he was a director with a good sense of balance, so the type is different from that of Shun, and I don’t think it’s necessary to compare them.


3. There is no impressive scene → Yeah? !! Did you see the main story? I thought. I like the scene of the ghost tournament in the graveyard right after the opening and the scene where Aya sees the custard and the sea after that. Also, there are scenes where the past of Mandrake and the witches is revealed, and scenes where Aya makes a witch doll and curses her in an attempt to revenge the witch. There are many, though.


I wondered if it would be less sensitive than a child to have such an impression with a script that has such a solid start-up and transfer. My small 2 was Aya and a witch, and they reacted multiple times by laughing and frowning. Rather, it may be a work for children rather than adults.


By mama