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[Online] I saw the CATART exhibition (Shu Yamamoto) with my children and was approached by Taiwanese people!

ローチケのメルマガに好きなジャンル(こども、アートとか)を登録していますが、ある日、「CAT ART展」のお知らせが届きました。カワイイ猫だなあ、と思いましたが、ヤマモトシューさんも存じ上げず、(観に行こうかな~、どうしようかな~)と迷いました。

I have registered my favorite genres (children, art, etc.) in the Rochike e-mail magazine, but one day I received a notice of “CAT ART Exhibition”. I thought it was a cute cat, but Yamamoto Shu didn’t even know it, and I was at a loss (let’s go see it, what should I do?).

しかし、このCATART展がアプリを使ったVR展ということが分かると、「いま見よう!」と思いました。それがアプリの気軽なところですよね♡ しかし、engageというアプリの使い方もよくわからなかったですし、おまけに途中で他のアバターの人に声をかけられるというオモロイ体験もしたので、記事にしてみます♡本日の「東京の小学生とおでかけ!」のテーマは、いま開催中のCATART展です。

However, when I realized that this CATART exhibition was a VR exhibition using an app, I thought, “Let’s see it now!” That’s the casual part of the app ♡ However, I didn’t really understand how to use the app called engage, and I also had an Omoroi experience where I could talk to other avatars on the way, so I’ll write an article. Masu ♡ Today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the CATART exhibition currently being held.


What is the CATART Online Museum?

ローチケで見つけたCATARTオンライン展の広告です。(引用:ローチケ https://l-tike.com/event/mevent/?mid=599782#device


猫がすっごく好きなお方なんだろうな~♪ 引用:VIVEPORT(https://www.campaign.viveport.com/step-into-catart-jp

The CATART online exhibition is the online version of Shu Yamamoto’s CATART exhibition. I didn’t know Shu Yamamoto, but he is one of Japan’s leading artists born in 1948 and living in the United States. In particular, the CATART exhibition, which depicts the works of famous painters such as Vermeer with cat motifs, is a representative work.


How to buy tickets for CATART online exhibition

引用:ローチケ CATARTオンライン展(https://l-tike.com/event/mevent/?mid=599782#device

私は小学生のはっちゃんと家でCATART展を見ようと思い、ローチケからクレジットカード決済で799円のチケットを購入しました。799円てすごい中途半端w 購入画面にはたくさん注意書きが書いてあり、「ENGAGE」というアプリが必要なこと、通信環境が必要なことなどがいろいろ書かれてありました。もし環境が整わない場合は、799円がムダになってしまうのでWiFiとまあまあ最近のスマホかタブレットかPCは必要です。

I wanted to see the CATART exhibition at home with my elementary school student Hatchan, so I bought a ticket for 799 yen from Rochike by credit card payment. 799 yen is amazing halfway w There are a lot of notes written on the purchase screen, and various things such as the need for an application called “ENGAGE” and the need for a communication environment were written. If the environment is not set up, 799 yen will be wasted, so you need WiFi and a fairly recent smartphone, tablet or PC.

「選択する」をポチっとすると、登録済のメールアドレスへ視聴用のコードが送信されます。 引用:ローチケ( https://l-tike.com/event/mevent/?mid=599782#device )If you click “Select”, the viewing code will be sent to the registered e-mail address.



What! The viewing period is up to half a year



In a normal museum, once you enter and exit the museum, the ticket is invalid or you can re-enter only on the day. However, this CATART exhibition is open until March 31, 2022 (in the app), and once you purchase the serial code from Rochike, you can watch it as many times as you like. How fat!

So, I haven’t seen all the exhibits because I don’t understand how to operate the ENGAGE app yet, so I’ll try to see the CATART online exhibition again on the train ♪


Download the ENGAGE app to your smartphone or tablet

Avatar is not cute! When I said that, the child said “I’ll make you cute!”, But I didn’t understand the operation so much.


For the time being, I dropped the ENGAGE app on both my smartphone and tablet. Both are Android, but you can watch them. Of course, you can use the iPhone. When I searched for “ENGAGE” on Google Play normally, it came out. The ENGAGE app is written in English. First of all, user registration is required, and I just registered with my real name & true gender / female. This ENGAGE app will log you out if you try to watch it on multiple devices at the same time. Also, when I left the app for a while, looked at gmail, and returned to the app, I was immediately logged out. Only in that respect, I felt it was a little troublesome.


The image is beautiful and impressed! Cat-chan pictures can be talked in VR!

I’m a little excited because I love VR, programming, and gadgets.


In Corona Whirlpool, various things are going online at once. I have been working remotely since March 2020, and I am doing yoga online and having meetings at ZOOM. But I haven’t used all the online services yet, and I haven’t used this ENGAGE at all yet;


When I logged in, the picture of Shu Yamamoto’s cat was expanded 360 ° on the floor, walls, and ceiling, and I was impressed with (Oh!) Even though it was a tablet.


For some reason at the CATART online exhibition, Chinese people

Why is there no lower body of Avatar YO!


Hatchan and I explored the museum for a while. It’s a shame that children get used to it faster than I do. To go to the next room, you can move by tapping something like a rainbow-colored black hole, or tap something like a golden tag pasted near the painting and the cat will start talking. It is.

Like a real museum, there are avatars from all over the world watching cats’ paintings.


Meanwhile, there was an uncle avatar who spoke to us in Japanese saying “Hello”. This is march from Taiwan. I was a little cautious, but Hatchan followed me with “Hello ~ ♡”, opening up the feeling of being in the second grade of elementary school.

I got lost once, but when I logged in again, he guided me through the hall until the end, saying, “I finally met you!”.



猫さんがずらり!自分の目線に合わせるには、どうすればいいのだろう、、。A lot of cats! How can I adjust it to my own perspective?

There is a microphone mark on the upper right of the ENGAGE app, but it seems that you can talk to the avatar inside by pressing it. I heard crunchy Chinese, and it seems that there are no Japanese. However, it is written that the number of people inside is about 340, so is the CATART online exhibition open to the public all over the world? Compared to Chinese and Taiwanese, Japan may be slower in IT ~; I saw it on Twitter, but the VR Museum wasn’t talked about at all. But I had a lot of fun, so I’m going to visit the CATART online exhibition again during the session ♡

Apparently, this Taiwanese person was involved in the CATART exhibition, and he just kindly guided us Japanese to the museum. After that, my daughter Hatchan was already obsessed with the charm of Taiwan, saying, “Taiwan, I want to go ♡”. If this is an ordinary museum in Tokyo, you haven’t met. That’s why overseas is still interesting. I hope that Hatchan will be good at digital and English, and that we will have a future where we can enjoy walking around the world with the feeling of “going a little” ♪ Then!

By mama