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[Urayasu City] Disney single-mother only in-park with children! Elementary school lower grade blog ♡


Corona has been going on for a long time. I love Disneyland as much as I used to work at Disneyland when I was in high school ♡ It’s been a while since I was in park at Disney! With that in mind, I went to the second grade of elementary school with a child in September 2021. The atmosphere of Disneyland at Corona Whirlpool, which I said after a long time, was completely different.


I’m not a Disney enthusiast in particular, but I’ll write about my thoughts and failures about Disney with children in the Corona Whirlpool as a record! So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Tokyo Disneyland.


If you are an elementary school student, it is easier for you to have only one mom parent ♡

Ah, it’s been two and a half years since I went to Disney!


Yahoo! Often in the wisdom bag, consultations such as “I’m thinking of taking two children to Disney, are you okay?” Are often posted. And most of the time, there are many answers like “It’s okay! We took 0 months and 2 years old!”, Which makes me feel warm. I think it’s okay at all!


I went only with my mother and daughter, 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old

The signboard of Maihama station when I went there at the age of four.


My husband doesn’t like Disneyland, and even if he goes there, he is at the level of once every 5 or 10 years. I hate spending money on going out, so basically I and Hatchan’s two women go to Disney. So, when I first went there when I was 2 years old, I was thrilled! Are you tired? Or can you enjoy it anyway? So I was really concerned.

Hatchan at the age of two. Disneyland wasn’t a fun place, it just seemed nervous.


If you don’t mind, please check it out!

What I want to say to myself on the time machine at this time is, “2 to 3 years old is delicate!” Of course, this is not the case for families who are often in the park and have older sisters and older brothers on top. However, like ours, the basic child-rearing was done only by moms (on weekdays), and if I was suddenly brought to a different place in the park or children’s house, it would be overstimulating rather than having fun


If the child is an elementary school student, such a place has grown

My child was delighted with only tree houses and unpopular attractions


The admission fee for Disney is 0 yen for those under 4 years old, so I feel like I took them with all my might. However, in my case, I didn’t get the reaction I expected from my child (about 30% at all), and every time (Oh, maybe I should have come), I felt the stigma of a bad mother, and the aftertaste was so good. It wasn’t. But this time, I thought from the bottom of my heart that it was my first time (I’m glad I took you!). If a child goes to Disney in the lower grades


Girls can enjoy buildings and interiors with a wonderful sense of color


Enjoy friendly customer service


With the app in one hand, you can feel adventurous asking “Where should I go next?”


They feel a little confident after riding the attraction


You can buy rare foods and goods that are usually hard to buy in the city

などなど♡ 単に「母親がディズニー好きだから連れまわしている感」は減り、結構、子供もディズニーをめいっぱい楽しめる年齢に近づいてきていると思います。うちのはっちゃんは、「おさるのジョージ」というEテレアニメが好きなんですが、ジョージって何気にセレブなのに、ジョージのマネをしたがります。

引用:おさるのジョージ 公式ページ (https://osarunogeorge.jp/

And so on ♡ Simply, “I feel like I’m taking my mother around because she likes Disney” has decreased, and I think that children are approaching the age at which they can fully enjoy Disney. My Hatchan likes the E-tele animation called “Curious George”, but even though George is a celebrity, he wants to imitate George.


He said, “I want to climb Curious George’s tree house!” And said, “Well, I can’t drive my mom, I can’t.” (No? Disney has a tree house!) I reconsidered and said, “Mom will take you to the tree house right away!”


Wait 5 minutes for attractions in Corona! But it became difficult to make a reservation

空いてるのはいいけど、予約しないと行けなくなったのは嫌だな~!It’s nice to be free, but I hate that I can’t go without making a reservation!


I think Disney today is an environment where parents can easily go alone. After all, the waiting time has been reduced considerably! This time, the attractions we got on and saw


1, Stitch Encounter (Tomorrowland) Wait 10 minutes


2. Wait 5 minutes for Alice’s Tea Party (Fantasy Land) Wait 5 minutes

3、ピーターパン空の旅(ファンタジーランド ) 5分待ち

3, Peter Pan’s Flight (Fantasy Land) Wait 5 minutes

4、空飛ぶダンボ (ファンタジーランド ) 5分待ち

4, Flying Dumbo (Fantasy Land) Wait 5 minutes

5 、シンデレラのフェアリー・テイルホール(ファンタジーランド ) 5分待ち

5, Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall (Fantasy Land) Wait 5 minutes


6. Swiss Family Treehouse (Adventureland) No waiting time


7. Beaver Brothers Canoe Exploration (Critter Country) Wait 5 minutes


was. A lot of fantasy lands … I’m a little sad that I can’t ride what I want to ride, but it’s still the main character of Land is a child. I’m looking forward to seeing the attractions that I can ride again as my child grows older!

Lunch at Sweetheart Cafe near Tomorrowland.


The price increase of Disney’s passport is amazing, but I thought that if it was so vacant, it would come again ♡. I mean, there are quite a few people. They line up normally at restaurants. What is vacant is an attraction with a normal level of popularity.

You can enjoy Halloween-like items and decorations from September!


Near the entrance before noon on Wednesday. There are few people. I was surprised that there was a baggage inspection like an airport.

I think kids don’t like waiting time, so this really helps! As a parent, I wasn’t frustrated either, so I enjoyed Disney with my kids with a feeling like (Lalala! ♪) in my heart. Moreover, when I become an elementary school student, he walks quite a bit. This is also a high point. If you’re just facing your smartphone on Wednesday afternoon, you’ll definitely get a ticket if you don’t care about the day of the week. (I can’t take weekends …)


What surprised me at Disney’s Corona Whirlpool after a long absence

はい、チーズ!Yes, cheese!


Then, from here, I will announce that I, who is a regular Disney lover, thought “What?” At the in-park after a long time ~! (⇒ No one has asked!)


Link coordination is full of young groups and couples! !!


I think there was something like wearing the same Katyusha between groups from before, but at Disney this time, the link coordination of really young people stood out! There were a lot of girls who looked exactly the same, not just a little overlaid, and I thought (Wow, I feel the spirit for the in-park!). I think I and Hatchan will be a little more enthusiastic about their clothes next time ♪


Advance reservations are required for some shops such as Disney & Company


Perhaps because we went there in September, a woman wearing a Minnie Mouse x Halloween (Nightmare?) Light blue tulle band was messed up in the land! Then, “I want Hatchan too,” my daughter, who rarely wants things, asked me, “I’m sorry, where did you buy it?” I asked a woman walking nearby. Then, although you can buy it at the store somehow, you need to make a reservation in advance.

もうひとつ、 ディズニー&カンパニーでも買えますよ、との情報を得て「ありがとうございます~!」と即座にワールドバザールへ向かいました。しかし、アプリでの事前予約に外れ、店内に入れず、、。当日なら、 ディズニーアプリからパスポート情報を読み込ませたらおみやげが買えるため、家に帰ってアプリでそのカチューシャ(2000円でした)を購入しました。いや~、ディズニーのグッズなんかずっと買ってなかったから、こんな手順が発生するなんて知らなかったですわ。

She don’t usually ask for it, so I’d like to buy it when She want it once in a while.

I got the information that I could buy it at Disney & Company, and immediately went to the World Bazaar saying “Thank you!”. However, I missed the advance reservation on the app and couldn’t enter the store. On that day, I could buy souvenirs by reading the passport information from the Disney app, so I went home and bought the Katyusha (2000 yen) with the app. No, I didn’t know that such a procedure would occur because I hadn’t bought Disney goods for a long time.


Disney staff are generally kind!

A beautiful girl and a beast & Big Hero 6 who didn’t hit at all. I want to ride next time ~ ♡


As a parent, my child is staring at places that I’m used to seeing and just passing by.

This time, I went to Disneyland with Hatchan, an elementary school student, and although I didn’t go with a baby or toddler, the staff were kind to me. “Young lady, it’s OO ~” or waving lightly. That’s why I like Disney from the beginning, but I think I didn’t feel that good customer service at the crowded Disney.


よろしければ、こちらもどうぞ~!If you don’t mind, please check it out!

That made me very happy. I’m much more happy to have my child be kind than I am. Don’t forget that, and I want to go with my grown-up child someday. See you soon!

By mama