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[Gora] Pottery with children at Hakone Craft House! Access / No reservation / Coupon / Congestion


During the summer vacation, I went to the Hakone Open Air Museum with my child. On the first day, I had a Suzuhiro Kamaboko experience in Odawara, stayed at Emblem Flow in the evening, and went to the Hakone Open Air Museum on the second day. However, it seems that the child had indigestion only at the Kamaboko Museum, and he said, “No! I want to go to the athletics in Hakone Forest today!”, So I changed my schedule;

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In a hurry, I went to “Hakone Craft House” in Gora Park, which is within walking distance from the hotel “Emblem Flow”. That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Hakone Craft House.


Access to Hakone Craft House


公園下駅から行く方が近い★It’s closer to go from Koen-Shimo station ★


この坂を上がって左に行くと強羅公園があります!If you go up this slope and go to the left, you will find Gora Park!
着きました。立派な公園て感じです。We arrived. It feels like a great park.

The nearest station to Hakone Craft House is Hakone Tozan Railway “Gora” station (10 minutes walk) or Hakone Tozan Railway cable car “Koen-Shimo” station (1 minute walk). By bus, get off at the tourist facility tour bus “Gora Park”. I didn’t know that there was a cable car (⇒ It’s been a long time since I went to Hakone), and it was midsummer to climb the slope, so I thought “I can’t do it!” And went by taxi. (⇒ The driver laughed at me saying that it was too close to take a taxi from Gora station … That’s okay.)

強羅って坂が多いよね、、。箱根自体が山だもんね~。Gora has many slopes, isn’t it? Hakone itself is a mountain.


Admission to Gora Park is 550 yen for adults and free for elementary school students and younger. Those who have a Hakone Freepass are free. Payment for this admission is also required to enter the Hakone Craft House. Business hours are from 9:00 to 17:00 (irregular holidays). There are flowers and fountains inside, so it seems to be fun to walk around the park ♡

園内マップも丸くてメルヘンチック♡ 中年の乙女心がくすぐられます!
The map in the park is also round and fairy tale ♡ The middle-aged maiden’s heart is tickled!
強羅公園にはお花がたくさん♡There are many flowers in Gora Park ♡


Hakone Craft House can be entered without reservation

きゃっ♡森の中の小屋みたいな感じでかわいい♡とハシャぐ44歳(当時)。Kya ♡ It’s cute like a hut in the forest ♡ 44 years old (at that time).



As of October 2021, Hakone Craft House was not listed in Jalan Play Reservation.

Gora Park has the image of “flowers”, but you can experience various things such as tea experience, blown glass experience, and dragonfly ball experience. I saw the Hakone Craft House page the day before with a “Jalan” play reservation to make it cheaper, but it was a little cheaper when I made a reservation with Jalan. But the reservation was full. So I went to try it on the day.




箱根クラフトハウスのお姉さん:「 じゃらんはお安くしているので、一日に受け入れる組を限定しているんですよ」


POTERIE in Hakone Clout HouseWorking time: 60 minutes Price: From 2,900 yen (depending on the goods to be painted) Shipping: From 1,200 yen in Japan and 5,000 yen overseas


Children have a pottery painting experience! Popular with children and foreigners ♡


Even though it was a hot day, a child in the second grade of elementary school who immediately came to life ♪


スポンジに筆で絵の具をつけ、ぽんぽんと載せるやり方を教わりました。勉強にもなるね!I was taught how to apply paint to a sponge with a brush and put it on the sponge. It’s also good for studying!
天井からつるされた絵の具だらけのハケがとってもアート。The brush full of paint hanging from the ceiling is very art.

Pottery painting is an experience where you can freely color and draw pictures and letters on the finished white pottery plates and mugs with special paints. Various samples and paints are neatly arranged in the store, and just by looking at them, the child is excited to say “What should I do ?!”

真っ白で美しい陶器。マグカップは3,300円です。Pure white and beautiful pottery. The mug is 3,300 yen.

私たちは割と早い時間に行ったので一番乗りでしたが、あとから正午までの間に子連れ×2組、外国人の女性1組、夫婦1組とどんどんお客様が来て、店内は割と混雑していました。筆に絵の具をつけて塗るのって、小学生や中学生じゃないとなかなかしないと思うので、新鮮ですよね♡ うちのはっちゃんはマグカップを選びましたが、外国人の女性はお皿を選び、それを表札にする、と言ってました。

外国人の方:「I will use this plate as name plate. What do you say in Japanese?」

わたし:「We say it’s Hyousatsu.」

絵の具は一度塗りから三度塗りまでの見本が飾られていました。The paint was decorated with samples from one coat to three coats.

We were the first to go because we went relatively early, but from then until noon, 2 pairs of children, 1 pair of foreign women, 1 pair of couples and more and more customers came, and the store was relatively crowded. was doing. It’s refreshing to paint with paint on a brush unless you’re an elementary school student or a junior high school student, isn’t it? I told you to do it.


Pottery’s older sister is troublesome and nice ♡ I imitated my hairstyle

また箱根に行ったら絶対に行きたい!If I go to Hakone again, I definitely want to go!

うちの子どもはとても甘えっ子で、(この大人は優しい!)と判断すると途端に全身全霊で甘えにいきます; ポタリエのお姉さんはツーブロックのショートカットがとても似合うサバサバしたお姉さんでしたが、非常に面倒見よく。はっちゃんが「ねえねえ、ここはどうするの?」といちいち尋ねるたびに「うん。こうしてみたら~」など優しく対応するので、私も母として日頃の言葉遣いとかひどいな、、と聞きながら反省しました;

My kid is very spoiled, and as soon as I decide (this adult is kind!), I’ll go spoiled with all my heart; Potarier’s older sister was a savage older sister who looks great on two-block shortcuts. , Very caring. Every time Hatchan asks, “Hey, what are you going to do here?”, He responds kindly, such as “Yeah. ;


お姉さ~ん!髪型真似したよ~。(でも髪質違うからますますおばさんっぽくなった。)Sister! I imitated my hairstyle ~. (But the hair quality is different, so it looks more like an aunt.)

It’s not good for children to use bad words because they are moms. I will be careful. And I felt good about this older sister, so after changing to a house, I searched for a hairstyle and tried to cut it. (Although the face is completely different) I refer to the hair and fashion of ordinary people rather than entertainers ♪


Payment is OK with a credit card. At first, fill in only the slip

ポタリー体験が楽しくてニコニコの7歳。The pottery experience is fun and Nico Nico is 7 years old.


他の体験も楽しそうでした。吹きガラスは60分待ちでした。Other experiences also seemed to be fun. The blown glass was waiting for 60 minutes.

It seems that my child enjoyed the pottery experience very much. A long time ago, I had an experience of an Oekaki class in Kita-ku because this girl seems to like painting, but before the teacher there became friends with the child, I wanted to talk about the fee with my parents. Hatchan sensed the atmosphere and said, “No, I don’t want to go over there.” So, in the pottery experience of Hakone Clout House, I was smiling from beginning to end.


めっちゃ溶けました。8月だからか、、。It really melted. Maybe it’s August …

If you apply the wrong color, dry it with a hair dryer and scrape the surface a little, or apply white paint from above. I learned the technique of flipping paint to make it look like a splash, and it was a fulfilling hour and a half. On the way back, I used Gora Park’s famous rose soft serve ice cream and said, “I want to do blown glass next time.”


By mama