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[Yokohama] I saw the Hibino Kodue Exhibition @ Sogo! (Nihongo de Asobo costume) I bought a towel too!

このブログのテーマは「東京で小学生とおでかけ」をすることなのですが、今回はママの私一人で横浜そごうに行ってまいりました♡いや~、良かった!行ってよかった!ひびのこづえさん、20年前からずっと大好きなんです♡ とらばーゆの表紙の衣装とか、フェリシモの動物シリーズとか、ずっと追ってますよ♪

The theme of this blog is to go out with elementary school students in Tokyo, but this time I went to Yokohama Sogo by myself as a mom ♡ No, it was good! I’m glad I went! Kodue Hibino, I’ve always loved it for 20 years ♡ I’ve been following the costumes on the cover of Torabayu and the Felissimo animal series.


What is the Kodue Hibino Exhibition “Clothes Living in the Forest”?

Advance tickets bought at Rochike (https://l-tike.com/). It is a man who is willing to go.


Kodue Hibino is the spouse of Katsuhiko Hibino, a contemporary artist who represents Japan, and is also a costumer who represents Japan. If there is a slightly unusual costume on E-Tele, it may be Kodue Hibino’s costume. !! I often see Kozue-san’s costumes on E-Tele.

A poster for the Hibino Kodue Exhibition at Yokohama Station.

私は昔、法政大学を出たあとに東京モード学園ファッションデザイン学科二部に入り、ひびのこづえさんを知りました。その大胆な発想かつクール&モード&ポップな世界観は唯一無二。「森に棲む服」展 forest closetでは、こづえさんのこれまでの集大成である服がテーマの違う森の中に展示されているというコンセプトで登場します。見ごたえバツグンで、本当に充実の内容でした。(真剣に全部みると2時間は必要です)少しでも「見たいかも」と思った方は、ぜひもうすぐで終わりなので観に行かれた方が良いと思います!(横浜そごうでは2021年10月10日まで)

A long time ago, after graduating from Hosei University, I entered the second department of the fashion design department of Tokyo Mode Gakuen and got to know Mr. Kozue Hibino. The bold idea and cool & mode & pop world view is unique. At the “Clothes that live in the forest” exhibition forest closet, Kozue’s clothing, which is the culmination of the past, will be exhibited in a forest with a different theme. It was impressive and really fulfilling. If you think you might want to see it, it’s almost over, so I think you should go see it! (Until October 10, 2021 at Yokohama Sogo)


It is located at the back of the 6th floor of Sogo after getting off from Yokohama Station.

It is inside Yokohama Station around noon on Sunday, September 26, 2021.


When you reach Yokohama Station on each line, head to the east exit. After passing LUMINE, you will see the entrance to Yokohama Sogo. When I come to Yokohama station, I buy Kiyoken Shumai as a souvenir and go home for some reason. Separately, Kiyoken’s Shumai will return in Tokyo, but for some reason I want to buy it.

When you reach Yokohama Station on each line, head to the east exit. After passing LUMINE, you will see the entrance to Yokohama Sogo. When I come to Yokohama station, I buy Kiyoken Shumai as a souvenir and go home for some reason. Separately, Kiyoken’s Shumai will return in Tokyo, but for some reason I want to buy it.


引用:横浜そごう 公式ホームページ(https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/yokohama/floor_guide/

The entrance and exit of Yokohama Sogo were clearly separated. Pass the delicious grocery store in the basement of the department store and take the elevator to the 6th floor. However, I can’t find the Kodue Hibino exhibition right away. Ask a nearby person, get off the elevator, and with the art gallery on your right on your right, go straight to the back.


Sunday noon. It ’s not so crowded

If you just want to buy Kodue Hibino’s goods, you can go to the left and buy without buying a ticket.

森に棲む服 forest closet展の会期は約1カ月と、とても短いです。普通に働いている人はスケジュールをやりくりしないと、気づいたら終わっていることでしょう。で、会期が短いので結構混雑してるかな?と覚悟しましたが、そこまで人はいませんでした。男性がカップル含め3組くらい、あとは女性が5組くらいでしょうか。熱心にグッズも買ったりしているファンは年齢層の高い女性二人組でした。こんなにアバンギャルドなデザインなのに、若い人が観ないのは意外でした。(たまたまかな)

入口にあるド迫力のカエルさん。A powerful frog at the entrance.

The period of the forest closet exhibition is very short, about one month. If you work normally, you have to manage your schedule, and you’ll be done when you realize it. And since the session is short, is it quite crowded? I was prepared, but there weren’t many people there. Is there about 3 pairs of men including couples and about 5 pairs of women? The fans who enthusiastically bought merchandise were two older women. It was surprising that young people wouldn’t watch it even though it had such an avant-garde design. (It happens)


Forest of giant creatures

You can see the creature costumes that you always watched on TV ♡


When I entered the venue, which was a little dim, the theme of the first forest was “giant creatures”. I was amazed by the performer who played the giant swan in Nihongo de Asobo, but that swan is also hung from the ceiling. I went to see it alone, so it’s just in my heart (Oh!)

この白鳥のパターン、どうやって製図するんだろう、、。How do you draw this swan pattern?


アートに限りなく近い衣服。衣服に限りなく近いアート?Clothes that are as close to art as possible. Art as close as possible to clothes?

In this forest of creatures, there were many works in which creatures were embroidered with tape on glossy shirts like red and black satin. All of them are incredibly fashionable! I want to buy it! I want to wear it! I was screaming only in my heart again. The sewing was also very beautiful and it was at a level that could be put up for sale at the shop.


I can understand the voice of Real Hibino ♡

At the Hibino Kodue Exhibition, many such documents explaining the works were lined up.


I think that the clothing exhibition that lives in the forest is actually the culmination of Kodue Hibino’s costume life. I’m happy just to see the wonderful works, but what’s even better is that many comments by Kodue Hibino were exhibited in the exhibition hall.

A work in which photographs and embroidery overlap. The colors and designs are unique and attractive.


I had the image of “no worries” because I’m an artist who has succeeded in herself, but it’s completely different. As a costumer, I’m not good at communicating with people, maybe I’m not interested in people in the first place? I found out that I am human because of various worries and hardships, such as confronting my weak points and the belief that I will not stop the stage where the cancellation continues due to the corona whirlpool.

。I liked this model. I’ve been in a lot of magazines. What are you doing now?


Those who attach great importance to the relationship between body movements and costumes

展示は見やすく、1点1点じっくり見られました。The exhibition was easy to see, and I was able to take a closer look at each item.


very. I have a bird cage in my clothes and I’m crazy ♡ I’m dying.
すごいぜ!服が生き物みたいになってるぜ!It’s amazing! The clothes look like creatures!

Actually, it seems that the clothing exhibition that lives in the forest was also planned for workshops and wearing costumes. But it was canceled because it was a corona. disappointing. Mr. Kozue commented, “I think that wearing and moving costumes will make them more beautiful, so I made a video in a hurry.” I read the QR code on my smartphone and wanted to watch a video of the model wearing the costume and moving, but the QR code had a smiley mark on it and I couldn’t read it! Why smiley marks? I thought I’d ask the receptionist, but there were many other things I saw, so I thought “Maikka”.

Speaking of Hibino-san, embroidery. Many embroidery works and designs were lined up in the venue.


The stage is canceled at Corona. No costume budget

舞台「星の王子様」などの動画も会場内で流されていました。Videos such as the stage “Prince of the Stars” were also played in the venue.


I think that a costumer is a profession that can only be done if it is super-flexible. It’s a daily occurrence that the script changes suddenly or the actors change. This time, I was 44 years old, who was reading Kozue’s comments carefully (⇒ I think the people around me felt uncomfortable …!), But there were many comments that I couldn’t afford the budget for one outfit. My heart hurts. It’s strange that the corona whirlpool is getting more and more art and music to the edge and is called “unnecessary and urgent.”

エレファントの衣装。素敵♡。でも、動きづらいかも;Elephant costume. Nice ♡. But it may be hard to move;


この衣装大好き!とらばーゆって転職情報誌(廃刊)の表紙の衣装だよね。I love this costume! It’s the costume on the cover of the job change information magazine (discontinued).

Humans can live because there is art and music. The difference from animals is just art. If you disregard the power of art, you will find it hurt someday. That’s why I also go out to the exhibitions that interest me and pay for them. Only then can I support the art world now.


One-of-a-kind bag sales and super cute goods sales are also available at the venue ♡

This is ① a point bag. I didn’t buy it because the price wasn’t written.


I wonder if there are plenty of different fabrics in Hibino-sanchi.

At the very end of the venue, there were many one-of-a-kind bags made from pieces of costume. You can buy them all. If I were single now, I would have bought about three without hesitation. But now it’s got a suppressive feature right away (I’d rather buy it for my kids than I like). I’m really surprised that I’ll be like this.

Every handkerchief is cute. One is only 1,000 yen. I want to buy it in bulk.
ハンカチのデザインもたくさん展示されていました。Many handkerchief designs were also exhibited.



The period of the forest closet exhibition is very short, about one month. If you work normally, you have to manage your schedule, and you’ll be done when you realize it. I was actually trying to watch this exhibition with my child, but recently elementary school students are also busy. Unlike me, just getting on the train and walking in the crowd is stressful, so I gave up. But later, when I showed Hatchan a photo of Hibino’s costume on her smartphone, she said, “Eh! Hatchan also wanted to go.” The timing of going out with children is quite difficult. If it suits children too much, I’ll be overwhelmed, and I don’t like it if it suits adults’ hobbies too much.

By mama