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[Shinagawa Ward] Reviews, tickets, dates, prices, and congestion of Tokyo Mega Illumination at Oi Racecourse


During my break from work, I suddenly thought, “I want to see beautiful illuminations.” Because on the internet, I was tired of seeing Mako-sama’s marriage and the administration. (⇒ Then you should see it, but you’ll just see it ~)


What is Tokyo Mega Illumination? Does the horse run at night? Is it bad? How much is it? I started from a place where there was no information about Tokyo Mega Illumination, and I enjoyed it with elementary school children. I wish I had some useful information for the next time you go ♡


Reviews and impressions of Tokyo Mega Illumination ♡

東京モノレールの大井競馬場駅下車で徒歩3~5分くらいだと思います。駅おりて左側に進んでください。I think it’s about 3-5 minutes on foot from Oikeibajo Station on the Tokyo Monorail. Exit the station and proceed to the left.


Tokyo Mega Illuminations has been attracting attention in recent years among the many illuminations in Tokyo. In the past, I think that Takashimaya Shinjuku’s Illumination and Marunouchi Millenario at Tokyo Station were cool, but if you go now, Tokyo Mega Illumination at Oi Racecourse ♡ It’s the best outing spot for couples, friends, and children. ..


It’s close to the station, and the racetrack gate at night is flashy and exciting ♡

大井競馬場駅で下車するとホームに菜々緒さんポスターがあります。きれい♡When you get off at Oikeibajo Station, you will find a poster of Mr. Nanao on the platform. Beautiful ♡


I thought for a moment (what if I get lost in the lower grades of elementary school at night), but TOKYO Mega Illumination is very easy to go to. Change to the Tokyo Monorail at JR Hamamatsucho Station and take the Tokyo Monorail for 2 stations to reach Oi Racecourse Station.

親子二人でアソビューでチケット購入し1200円でした。Two parents and children bought a ticket at Aso View and it was 1200 yen.


ママ~!早く~!(⇒行きたくないと言ってたくせに、着くとテンションあがった7歳の娘)Mom ~! quickly! (⇒ A 7-year-old daughter who got excited when she arrived, even though she said she didn’t want to go)

The fare for the monorail is a little high, but the fare for TOKYO Mega Illumination was originally 1,800 yen for adults, but this year it will be 1,000 yen. (800 yen if you purchase in advance from the outing site called Aso View!) 500 yen for children. (400 yen for Aso View) It’s really cheap because it’s free for preschoolers, so it’s really the best cost performance ♡.


こんな夜に出歩くの、会社の飲み会以外で久々だよ~!子供産んでからさ。It’s been a while since I went out on such a night except for a company drinking party! After giving birth to a child.

When you exit the ticket gate of Oikeibajo Station and go to the left, the illuminations are already projected on the sidewalk ♡ You can see people walking around, so you can rest assured. It’s 19:30 at night. I think it’s too late to bring a small child, but recently I go to bed around 22:00, and sometimes I don’t.


The feeling of Las Vegas in Tokyo Mega Illumination is amazing

派手なネオンすぎて、遠くからでも東京メガイルミがどこにあるのかハッキリわかります。。It’s too flashy neon, so you can clearly see where the Tokyo Mega Illumination is even from a distance.


There are various concepts of illuminations, but I thought that Tokyo Mega Illuminations had a flashy feel similar to Las Vegas. (⇒ I’ve never been there) Because the entrance looks like this.

赤にみどり、、。クリスマス感もただよってます。Green in red … It also has a Christmas feeling.


There are various concepts of illuminations, but I thought that Tokyo Mega Illuminations had a flashy feel similar to Las Vegas. (⇒ I have never been there) Because the fountain show held at 00:00, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes every hour was like this (the last inning is from 20:30)

「すっごいね」という中年女のだみ声(=私)も入ってます。すいません。There is also a middle-aged woman’s voice (= me) saying “It’s amazing”. Excuse me.


There is a big tree (a big tree that plays with light) that makes children want to jump like Totoro


この木がみんな大好き♡でした。この木の周りは「こども天国」って感じ。Everyone loved this tree ♡. The area around this tree feels like “children’s paradise”.

And what I personally thought “I’m glad I came” was that there was a “big tree” where children could hug and walk around. There was that big tree like this ~ what kind of tree, I’m curious ~ ♪! (⇒ It’s a fake) It’s really peaceful, and when I see the kids flirting around a big tree at night like this, I’m tired of my mask and anxious about the future (there) (I’m afraid of the earthquake, though not until), and so on disappears.

なんかチームラボの世界みたいです。It’s like the world of TeamLab.


The content is rich and very profitable for the admission fee of 1,000 yen or less ♡


引用:東京メガイルミ 公式ページ(https://www.tokyomegaillumi.jp/guide.html

The price of Tokyo Mega Illumination is not so high as 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children on the day. However, once inside, you can walk for about 10 to 15 minutes to the place where there are many illuminations in the center, and there are many exhibits. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay for at least an hour and a half. It only takes about four and a half hours from sunset to 21:00, so it’s best to come early if possible. There are many restaurants inside. By the way, temperature measurement and finger disinfection were being carried out at the entrance.

ツインクルトンネル。ここでベトナム人らしいグループが盛り上がってました。嬉しいな~♡Twinkle tunnel. A Vietnamese-like group was excited here. I’m happy ~ ♡
入口から長い通路を通ると現れるツインクルコーナーの一角。馬の蹄の型が出てくるのが子供には楽しいです。A corner of the twinkle corner that appears when you go through a long passage from the entrance. It’s fun for kids to see the horse hoof shape.


I went to Tokyo Mega Illumination on Saturday but it was normal congestion

家族連れかカップルがダントツ多かったです。There were many families or couples.


一番混んでいたのは「藤棚」かな。The most crowded one was “Fujitana”.

I went to Oikeibajo Station after having dinner locally, so it was just around 19:00. By that time, there were some families coming back, and I thought they were the first team. I think the number of staff and the overall number of customers was fair, but the racetrack is large. People are ok, but I thought it was too big and crowded, I didn’t wait at all at the entrance.

光るキャンディーや光るキーホルダーなど、おみやげに群がる子供たち♡光りもの、欲しくなるよね~。Children who flock to souvenirs such as glowing candies and glowing key chains ♡ You will want something that glows.


By all means, it’s fun, so on the day of the event

By mama