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[Chiyoda-ku] About impressions and tickets to Disney Fantasia concert with children

ディズニーの音楽って本当に素晴らしいですよね。最初に感動したのは、なんといってもアラジンのWhole New The Worldです。子供が冬休みのため、素晴らしいディズニーの音楽を素晴らしい演奏で聴く経験は、有意義だなと思いました。

Disney music is really great, isn’t it? The first thing that impressed me was Aladdin’s Whole New World. I found it meaningful for my child to have a great performance listening to great Disney music for the winter vacation.


So, I searched for some Disney concerts on Lawson tickets, but the ticket prices are all high; oh, but if you think that the Fantasia concert is B seat, you can enter for 5,000 yen. I can do it. Well, this is an acceptable range. So, today’s theme of “Going out for elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Disney’s Fantasia Concert held at the Tokyo International Forum.

母ちゃんはピアノを10年習っていたため、クラシックを子供と聴きに行くのが大好きです♡(でも、子供はあんまなので回数制限してます)My mom has been learning the piano for 10 years, so I love going to listen to classical music with my kids ♡ (But my kids are so many, so I limit the number of times)


引用:ファンタジアコンサートのポスター(東京国際フォーラム ホールA 入口にて撮影)Quote: Poster of Fantasia Concert (taken at the entrance of Tokyo International Forum Hall A)


Disney’s Fantasia Concert is a concert planned to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the release of the movie “Fantasia”. Originally scheduled to be held in April and July 2021, it was postponed to January 2022 due to the Corona disaster.


I knew from reading Disney biographies a long time ago that Fantasia was an important piece of Disney history. But I have never seen Fantasia properly.

ファンタジア』(原題: Fantasia)は、1940年アメリカ映画アニメーション映画ディズニー製作、監督はベン・シャープスティーン1940年11月13日封切。ディズニー長編アニメーション第3作であり、史上初のステレオ音声方式による映画作品である。日本での公式公開は第二次世界大戦後の1955年9月23日であった。



Fantasia is Disney’s third feature-length anime, isn’t it? (In an era when feature-length anime is not yet common, this quality …!?) It is an anime work with overwhelming quality and creativity that makes you wonder. Inspired by classic masterpieces such as Beethoven, Fantasia was the first in the world to run a modern music video, “creating animations to match music.”


Tickets for Fantasia concerts are cheaper than other Disney concerts

今は紙チケットがなくなって、便利になったわね~!Now that the paper tickets are gone, it’s convenient!


Disney hosts many Disney-related music concerts. When Hatchan was two years old, I felt like I went to see a Disney brass band concert at the Civic Hall in Bunkyo Ward. (Remember) In addition, the following Disney concerts are regularly held all over the country.

Disney on Classic
S席¥8,900 / A席¥7,600 / 学生席¥2,000 /車椅子席¥8,900 / SS席¥12,000 
Bravan Disney!
【全席指定】一般:6,800円 高校生以下:3,500円
Tokyo DisneySea (R) 20th Anniversary: ​​Time to Shine! In concert
Disney on Ice
Fantasia concert


For concerts outside Disney’s parks, Disney on Ice is cheaper than tickets. (⇒ That? I think it was more expensive, but …) However, Disney on Ice was put off due to the corona in 2021. Other concerts cost about 8,000 yen, but at the Fantasia concert, there are B seats, and parents and children cut 10,000 yen ♡ It was a fairly easy-to-go price setting. (⇒ I went there and my child was boring


There were quite a lot of people coming and it was crowded

2021年紅白の舞台だった東京国際フォーラム!The Tokyo International Forum, which was the stage for red and white in 2021!


Wednesday, January 5, 2021. I started working on the 4th, but I used to use paid leave, and I went with a child in the second grade of elementary school at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho. Even though the other children are relaxing during the winter vacation, the ones who go to school children are not good at school children every day! I think that, for children’s long vacations, we often put in special reward events like this. (⇒ No, I said it was for children, but I just wanted to go …!)


There are more couples and female customers than those with children ,? !!


I was a little lonely just because the ticket price was cheap and I like Disney music ♡, but the audience for this concert was unexpected. Perhaps because Shinya Kiyozuka, a pianist, will appear, there are many female customers …! And even though it’s such a large Tokyo International Forum, it’s full thanks! I thought. Everyone thought that it was a recession or self-restraint in Corona, but people who can also call events can call it! I was keenly aware.


Is it because it’s a B seat? A child who can’t stop coughing and a couple who doesn’t know classical music


The ticket I bought was the cheapest, so it was about 10th from the back of the second floor seats. I bought it because I thought I could listen to music even in the back of the seat, but I thought it was quite behind. (Every time, I get tired of my shallow behavior.) However, although the image is small, I could see it without seeing it, and I enjoyed the concert. Great video! Great performance! !! Great talk! !!


チケット座席については、こちらの記事もどうぞ!!For ticket seats, check out this article! !!

In particular, I was surprised at the video of Fantasia (this idea 80 years ago? This technology! America is amazing!) And the video that matches the music. However, I’m not sure if the child next to my child was sick, but he was coughing all the time. But it can’t be helped. Do not worry. I thought, but this time the couple next to me whispered, “What song is this?” “I don’t know, I don’t know classical music.”


Apart from that, I don’t say a word during the performance! I don’t care because it’s not a type, but since it was on both sides, I felt for a moment that there are many people who aren’t so enthusiastic because it’s the B seat.


By chance! Daisuke Asakura talked about Disney music in a world unknown to Matsuko


As an aside, the theme of the world unknown to Matsuko, which was recorded at the beginning of the year, was Disney music. Daisuke Asakura’s commentary was extremely interesting. For example, Star Wars and Superman songs often use “♪ Dorso ♪”. He also mentioned Fantasia, saying, “Usually, movies are filmed and music is applied later, but the way Disney is made is the opposite.”


That’s why Disney movie music may feel different from other animations. You can see music in the video.


Impressions of the Fantasia Concert


I’ve been learning the piano for a long time and I’ve always loved classical music. That’s why I also love Disney (I used to work part-time at Land), so this concert is already 100 points! There were many songs and I was very satisfied. I think the performance time was more than 2 hours in total. (Including talk)


1.ベートーベン 交響曲第5番 ハ短調 Op.67「運命」

1,Beethoven Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op.67 “Fate”

2. ベートーベン 交響曲第6番 ヘ長調 Op.68「田園」 より 第3~5楽章

2. Beethoven Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op.68 “Countryside”, 3rd to 5th movements

3. チャイコフスキー:バレエ音楽「くるみ割り人形」Op.71

3. Tchaikovsky: Ballet Music “The Nutcracker” Op.71

4. P.デュカス:交響詩 「魔法使いの弟子」

P. Ducas: Symphonic poem “The Sorcerer’s Disciple”


.. Stravinsky: Ballet music “The Firebird”


  1. G.ガーシュイン:ラプソディー・イン・ブルー

G. Garsh Inn: Rhapsody in Blue


O. Respighi: Symphonic poem “Pines of Rome”

3.E.エルガー:威風堂々 Op.39

E. Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance Op.39

こういうクラシックコンサートのパンフを見ると、出演者さんの経歴がすごくて目が離せません、、!When I see the pamphlets of such classical concerts, I can’t take my eyes off the performers’ careers!



However, my child’s elementary school student’s impression was frank, “I thought the video was amazing, but I was sleepy.” That’s true. If I were an elementary school student, that might have been the impression. My child wants to work in an aquarium in the future, so he said that the “whales fly in the sky” scene at the Fantasia concert was good. okay. If there’s even one memorable scene, I’m grateful to be with you. Next time I’ll go to your favorite place.


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