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[Toshima-ku] Picking up trash in front of Otsuka station ♡ I got 3 rice balls at Green Bird ♡


昔、赤羽の荒川沿いでも子供とゴミ拾いしました。ゴミ拾いがもはや、趣味に、、?!A long time ago, I picked up trash with my child along the Arakawa River in Akabane. Picking up trash is no longer a hobby …? !!


After I participated, I was really excited to pick up trash and have fun! I don’t like doing household chores all at once, so why does everyone feel like picking up trash as a sport? So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is picking up trash in front of Otsuka Station with Green Bird &


Can I get coins by picking up trash? !! What is “town coin”?

まちのコイン・大塚版ではゴミ拾いがイベントとして登場しました。In the town coin Otsuka version, garbage picking has appeared as an event.


I will briefly explain the “town coin” that triggered the garbage picking. As I learned from the evening TV news and chats with people at work, the female founder said, “If you issue a currency that is not money, the area will be revitalized, and people will have fun. WIN-WIN I started it with the idea that “it will be.”


Insert an app called Machi no Coin and select the municipality to participate in. In Tokyo, I could only go to Akihabara or Otsuka. I got about 500 yen (coins) just by registering. You can get coins just by going to the shops in the town, and you can use the coins for discounts and events in the city. very!


Meet at 10 o’clock on the third Sunday in front of Mizuho Bank, the north exit of JR Otsuka Station

例により、またまた遅刻している母。子よ、すまん、、。As usual, my mother is late again. Child, I’m sorry …


Garbage picking in front of Otsuka Station is gathered in front of Mizuho Bank at the north exit at 10 am on the third Sunday of every month. (Sometimes it may be different. Please see here for details. To understand the number of people, it is not possible to participate suddenly on the day. Apply from the web form as a prior application.


I’m lazy, I’m 5 minutes late; (sorry) I made a reservation from the town coin. When I applied, I received a reply by e-mail, and on the day I participated with my child as it was.


The organization that holds the Otsuka garbage picking event with the coins of the town was Mr. Green Bird, an NPO organization.


Sunday, February 20, 2022. About 30 volunteers pick up trash in Otsuka

ビブスを上着の上に着て、はっちゃん、大塚でゴミ拾いスタートです。Put on your jacket and start picking up trash at Hatchan and Otsuka.


When parents and children appeared while saying “I’m sorry to be late”, a very nice man and woman lent me a garbage bag, bibs, tongs, and gloves for burning garbage. rice field. Participants can be empty-handed. How easy it is ★

This garbage bag is designed by model / actress Kiko Mizuhara.

貸していただいた緑の手袋にはLaforeHARAJUKUの文字が。The green gloves you lent me have the letters Lafore HARAJUKU.

このゴミ袋、水原希子さんのデザインなんですよ~」と言われ、一瞬、水原希子を水原あどちゃんと勘違いしてしまった昭和生まれの45歳の私www 約8度の冬の大塚駅まで、ゴミ拾いをリーダーのあとについて、スタートです。知らない人とでもすぐ仲良くなれるから、ボランティアって楽しいっすよね。

“This garbage bag is designed by Kiko Mizuhara ~”, and for a moment I misunderstood Kiko Mizuhara as Ado Mizuhara. I was born in Showa and was 45 years old. After the leader, picking up trash is the start. Volunteering is fun because you can get along with strangers right away.


Is it a famous story that there are many cigarette butts in front of Otsuka station? !!

排水溝にも吸い殻がつまっているので、トングで取ります。The drainage ditch is also clogged with butts, so remove it with tongs.


At Green Bird Otsuka Station Ream, we were divided into two groups of about 15 people each to pick up trash. Our parents and children went around the route of Mizuho Bank station square → Toden Otsuka station square → Atrevie Otsuka area → Shotengai → Yamanote line line → Ironowa Hiroba (Otsuka station north exit station square).

これ一周で、集合から約40分かけて行いました。It took about 40 minutes from the meeting in this round.


I was told, “Be careful because there are many butts,” but there were certainly many butts. Moreover, near the drain. I think it’s better to stop on the ground than to flow around with water. Also, personally, “toothpicks” were messed up. It was sandwiched between tiles, so I guess I throw it away with a toothpick on my way home from the izakaya.


Joined another team ♡ There were various people such as young people, seniors, children, etc.


The people who participated in the garbage picking were young people (20-30s?) Who like volunteers, and women and men who participated alone. There are about 4 pairs of fathers / sons or mothers / daughters with children like me. There were also 4-5 seniors. Everyone is lively ♡ “Do you live in Akabane? If you are in Akabane, the Akabane team’s Parko is famous ~”, I will be told new information.

線路沿いに「ペンギン横丁」が、、!”Penguins Yokocho” along the railroad track!


When I was walking with the children of the participants, I found various things on the roadside. When I looked at it because I said “Penguins!”, “Penguins Yokocho” was installed on the sidewalk without permission. Is it? I think waste is important, detours are important, and waste also creates personality and new value.



Thank you, Onigiri Bongo! Finally meet Bongo ~ ♡


この建物の上はOMO大塚(星野リゾート)、1階はカフェ?、地下はピンポンバーです。Is OMO Otsuka (Hoshino Resort) on the top of this building and a cafe on the first floor? , The basement is a ping pong bar.


あ!わたしがホテルに泊まったのに食べれなかった、おにぎりぼんごさんだ♡Ah! It’s a rice ball bongo that I couldn’t eat even though I stayed at the hotel ♡

When I heard a voice saying, “Everyone, eat rice balls”, a clerk with rice balls came out from the entrance of the building containing the sizzler and put the rice balls on the table. Apparently, Onigiri Bongo made rice balls for volunteers and used them as a cafe on the first floor of this building? It seems that it is set up to hand over the rice balls to the leader just after picking up the trash. very!


Borrow a ping-pong bar, get a stamp and finish


On this day, at the ping-pong bar in the basement of the building containing Sizzler, we received one rice ball from Rinbongo-san and it was disbanded. Mr. Green Bird distributed a stamp card that stamps me when I participate in picking garbage, and another child stamped me ♡


I laugh and talk with people who seem to be senior regulars who laugh and talk, such as “You can go abroad with 20 stamps.” You can see that everyone is having fun picking up trash with a peaceful feeling. Our Hatchan also enjoyed playing ping-pong with the boy he met there. The place of this ping-pong bar is also open as a rice ball delivery place for volunteers. Otsuka feels like the businesses are supporting each other, isn’t it?


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