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[Sumida Ward] Wanpaku Tengoku Woodworking Room ・ Review of playing athletics ♡ Make friends with children and grandfathers


Sumida Wanpaku Tengoku near Sky Tree Station in Sumida Ward! I’ve always wanted to go, and I finally got there ~. I went there for the first time, but as expected, I was at a loss because I had no sense of direction.


However, it’s been a long time since I loved children’s outing spots, and it was my favorite old fashion style Asobiba.


So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Wanpaku Tengoku in Sumida Ward.


Access to Sumida Wanpaku Tengoku



Sumida Wanpaku Tengoku is a public park in Sumida Ward, but it is relatively famous in the parent-child outing world (what ?!). Because it’s completely free, but the playset is gorgeous. And, as a mother, “woodworking play”, “can popping”, “earthen pipe play”, etc. that you want your child to experience. Old fashion play can be enjoyed here in Wanpaku Tengoku.


Disney also goes, but this kind of thing is absolutely good. I’m not good at girls who just mount (Auntie, I’m proud of it like I have OO. Children who just play with their smartphones even in the park), but I love kids who can enjoy playing in such places ♡


The nearest station to Wanpaku Tengoku is a 5-minute walk from “Oshiage Sky Tree Station” on the Toei Asakusa Line. But I took about 25 minutes, but! I walked in the opposite direction! Oshiage Sky Tree Station should be exited by A1. Then, walk a little to the left with Kura Sushi and turn left.

このA1出口を背にして、まっすぐ歩き左折します。With this A1 exit as your back, walk straight and turn left.
ここ!ここで、この前の横断歩道をわたって、まっすぐ歩きます。Here! Here, cross the pedestrian crossing in front of you and walk straight.
この道を真っすぐ行くと、右手にフェンスがあり、その中がわんぱく天国です!Go straight on this road and you will see a fence on your right, which is a naughty paradise!


I tried playing with a apt in a woodworking class in Naughty Heaven


I’ve arrived. It’s a naughty paradise. It’s an ordinary park, but it feels like a park + children’s house. This gate looks like a secret base!

わんぱく天国の自転車置き場 Naughty heaven bicycle storage


There is a bicycle storage area on the left side of the entrance gate. I wonder if there are few people who bother to get on such a train …;


First, fill in the name on the form at the reception desk in the woodworking room.


懐かしさ満点☆小学校の図工室が小さくなったみたいな感じ。Full of nostalgia ☆ It feels like the elementary school’s drawing room has become smaller.

The woodworking room is on your right after entering Wanpaku Tengoku. There is a classroom like a children’s house without a door, so at the reception desk in front of it, enter your name and where you came from (Sumida Ward or other than Sumida Ward).

かわいらしい、木工室にある見本やアイテムたち。Pretty samples and items in the woodworking room.


② Think about what to make and take the material


I went on the first Saturday of April and it wasn’t very crowded and I felt like there were some people. (It was around 12 o’clock when I went, so maybe everyone went home at noon.) Therefore, I was called immediately after writing my name at the reception.


“Think about what you want to make. You can also make something like this.”


A few kind female staff will take care of you. This kind of thing also helps! If I, my kids, and Manz all the time, it’s going to be difficult for each other. You can refresh. There are various tools such as nice works, bonds, saws, etc. in the woodworking room, but when I say, there are not many kinds of wood.


In the end, I realized that the work in the sample was unreasonable, and I decided to go to my child and make something appropriate, saying, “Hatchan, let’s make something from the materials here.”


Making wooden works by cutting with a saw or pasting with a bond


できました!ママ作、ハンガーラック(っていうのかな?)です。It’s done! It’s a hanger rack made by Mama.

My child decided to make a coaster with yarn, and I decided to make a hanger rack. The important thing in the woodworking room here may be the choice of suitable wood! I was pretty sloppy, and I thought I would definitely get hurt with a saw, so I chose wood shaped like a hanger rack from the beginning w (I’m an unmotivated mother, right?)


You can also dry the finished work in that area. The rule is to take the work home with you. ★ Up to this point, the payment in Wanpaku Tengoku is 0 yen. It is good, is not it?


Children love the playset of the Naughty Kingdom ♡


Now, let’s play with the athletics and playsets of Wanpaku Tengoku. You can’t eat or drink in Wanpaku Tengoku (Is it okay to drink?), So it is recommended that you come before noon or after noon. There are no restaurants nearby (although there are vending machines), so if you’re hungry, it may be quicker to go near Skytree.



これがなぜか、子供には大人気♡For some reason, it’s very popular with children ♡
平和な風景だ、、。It’s a peaceful landscape …

It is an athletic full of handmade feeling, like a monument of Naughty Heaven. The kids were happy to enjoy this. Especially when the rope is hanging, I’ve been playing like a ninja by shifting my hands and feet little by little for more than an hour. There, I was giving up with a child I didn’t know, so I thought it would be nice to have a child.


I wonder if children like bunk beds and buildings with complicated circuits due to height differences. I also really liked Hoshino’s OMO.


A kind of weathercock that spins around


In the depths of Wanpaku Tengoku, there was such a rocky hill and a weathercock-like model. I’m spinning this around with a child I don’t know and my child happily. It’s peace!


I had the man I don’t know pick up the ball at the basketball goal


The size of Wanpaku Teng is about the size of a kindergarten garden, so I think you can fully enjoy it from infants to the middle grades of elementary school. Besides, this basketball goal. You can also borrow the ball for free. There is no basketball goal in the school playground of my child’s elementary school, so this is my first shooting experience ☆ When you come to Wampaku Kingdom, you can enjoy a lot of simple play like this.


The ball got caught between the pillar and the back of the goal, but a kind old man stuck with a stick and took it.



There was also a Tarzan rope, which is familiar to Naughty Heaven. This is also like a “dozo” between children, and they play in order. I saw it and thought it was cute ♡




Thank you for visiting! It’s April and the PTA is so busy that I don’t have much time to sleep or spend time, April is over soon! I want to go out with my child as soon as possible! I think every day;

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