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[Arakawa Ward] Access to Ogunohara Park ・ About the nearest station and Jabjabu Pond


Since my husband’s parents’ house is near, I sometimes go to Ogunohara Park. It is a large park near the bus stop. You can play with crayfish fishing and jabujabu pond. Flying a kite is also great ♡ 3 It will never be dense ♪

という訳で、本日の「東京の小学生とおでかけ!」は荒川区の尾久の原公園へGo To したいと思います♡(⇒コロナ用語を気に入ってます

That’s why today’s “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Would like to go to Belly Park in the back of Arakawa Ward ♡


Access to the nearest station of Ogunohara Park

Ogunohara Park looks great with kite flying ♡


Street address
〒116-0012 東京都荒川区東尾久7丁目1
7-1 Higashiogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0012
phone number
There are no business hours (the key will not close)

If you go to Ogunohara Park by train, the nearest station is Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Machiya Station or Toden-Arakawa Line (Tokyo Sakura Tram) / Kumanomae Station.

【町屋駅からの場合】[From Machiya Station]

三井住友銀行 町屋支店の道路挟んで向かい側を都電荒川線沿いにまっすぐ歩き、セブンイレブン荒川町屋店で右折し、町屋稲荷通りをまっすぐ歩くと尾久公園が見えてきます。

Walk straight across the road from Sumitomo Machiya Bank Machiya Branch along the Toden-Arakawa Line, turn right at Seven-Eleven Arakawa Machiya, and walk straight on Machiya Inari Dori to see Oku Park.

【熊野前駅からの場合】 [From Kumanomae Station]


From the central exit, go through the left hand side of Mizuho Bank Ogu Branch Kumanomae Station branch office and turn right at the intersection in front of Kumanomae. (Saizeriya is diagonally behind.) If you walk straight ahead, you will see Ogunohara Park on your left.


However, the closest public transportation to Ogunohara Park is the Toei Bus. If you get off at “Daimon Elementary School” on the bus “Rui 44”, you can get off in front of Don Pisha Ogunohara Park.

This is the bus stop at Daimon Elementary School! !!


The “Rui 44” line runs between Kitasenju and Komagome Hospital. (Tabata is also in between) By the way, it doesn’t matter at all, but about two months ago at Komagome Hospital, I pulled out my wisdom tooth. It didn’t hurt at all when I pulled it out, and it hurt for about two weeks after I pulled it out. (⇒ It has nothing to do with Ogunohara Park !!)


Play in the water at Ogunohara Park! About Jabjabu Pond

This is Hatchan when I went in August 2018


Ogunohara Park’s Jabujabu Pond is not a place with a lot of lawns in Ogunohara Park, but is right next to the bus stop.
The event is usually held from mid-July (July 15th, 2019) to the end of August (August 31st, 2019), and the time is from 10:00 to 16:00. It is free of charge. Please note that Monday is a regular holiday (not Wednesday)! !!

It’s about here.


The water is not so deep, and it only comes to the child’s sneakers-knees, so even small toddlers can play if their parents are watching ♡ Toddlers love the jabujabu pond ~ ♪ (⇒ I try to protect myself with a sun umbrella But I got a tan, …)

Barefoot is hot in summer, so you have flip-flops or crocs.


There are a few athletics. We just fly kites;

Many new condominiums have been built around Ogunohara Park ~


In the back of Ogunohara Park, there was a slide and playground equipment to climb on the net. There are only about two of them, so except for those who play with playground equipment, I spend peaceful time by taking crayfish, setting up tents, and playing badminton.

Hatchan playing with her dad. It’s hard to see, but there is a bridge behind it.


The crayfish has a muddy bottom under the bridge, so you can get it by putting a net there. (I’ve taken it in other parks, but I haven’t taken it in Ogunohara Park yet.) It seems that frogs can also be taken. Boys will be Hamar ~ ♪

Why are you so desperate to fly a kite! w
Somehow, it’s a family that is just flying kites in various places.


My mother-in-law was walking her dog here every morning


As an aside, when my mother, who had a gentle and gentle personality, tried to go for a dog walk in Ogunohara Park early in the morning, she collapsed at the front door and passed away.


We were trying to come to this park until the very end, so it became a park of our dreams.

If you’re in Jabjabu Pond, be sure to check out this article!


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