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[Higashimatsuyama City] Can I go to Saitama Children’s Zoo for free or at a discount? Explaining staying time, koala ♡ and athletics


Hello ~. I’m 45 years old and love koalas and daughters! I usually go to Ueno Zoo, but this time I went to Saitama Children’s Zoo in Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture. There were a lot of animals, there were athletics, there were Saipoppo, and it was a very good zoo ♡




Can I go to Saitama Children’s Zoo for free or at a discount?

正門から入った場合の受付です。It is a reception when entering from the main gate.

埼玉こども動物自然公園はとても広い公園です。広さ面積は約46ヘクタールもあります。東京ドーム約10個分です。めちゃ広いですよね!その広い敷地の中に、200種を超える動物達、本格アスレチック、遊具が揃っています♡ 子連れ家族にうってつけです!(いや、子連れ以外にもよいと思います)

Saitama Children’s Zoo is a very large park. The area is about 46 hectares. It is about 10 Tokyo Domes. It’s really wide! Over 200 species of animals, authentic athletics, and playsets are available in the large site ♡ Perfect for families with children! (No, I think it’s good for people other than those with children)

引用:埼玉こども動物自然公園 公式サイト なんか形が北海道に少し似てる気が、、。スナネコさんもいます!I feel that the shape is a little like Hokkaido. There is also a sand cat!
入場前には、ホームページからコロナ対策として事前登録しておくと便利ですよ♡現地で紙の用紙で記入もOKです。It is convenient to pre-register as a corona countermeasure from the homepage before entering the venue ♡ You can also fill out the form on paper locally.


So, it’s a charge that comes to mind. Adults are 700 yen, elementary and junior high school students are 200 yen, and infants and younger are free. Besides, it seems that people with disabilities will be free by presenting their notebook. If you go many times, you should use your annual passport. It’s 2,100 yen for adults, so you can get moto in 3 times, and it’s profitable if you go 4 times or more.

で、さほど料金的に高くない公的な動物園なのですが(公益財団法人 埼玉県公園緑地協会が運営)、無料で行きたい人もいるようです。う~ん、もう少し規模の小さい動物園ならいくらでも無料はありますけどね。この規模の動物園で無料ってのは、少々厳しいかなと思いましたね。なお、現在の料金は令和3年6月から値上げされたもののようで、以前は大人520円、こども210円でした。こどもは10円だけ値下がりましたね;


The minimum stay time at Saitama Children’s Zoo is 3 hours to a maximum of 7 and a half hours.

正門付近の階段です。空が青いぜ、、!It is a staircase near the main gate. The sky is blue …!


Saitama Children’s Zoo is a very large park, so I think it’s better to spend half a day to a day to enjoy it rather than seeing it in an hour. First of all, when I went from the main gate to the east gate, the heat of July in Tokyo made me feel frustrated and confused, so I decided to escape the difficulty of riding a Saipoppo electric car.

入園券は右側のQRコードつきレシートです。園内マップは10円で買えます。The admission ticket is a receipt with a QR code on the right side. You can buy a map of the park for 10 yen.


暑い夏の救世主♡彩ぽっぽです。運賃はひとり200円。乗る時に現金で切符を買います。Hot summer savior ♡ Saipoppo. The fare is 200 yen per person. I buy a ticket with cash when I get on.

The official website of Saitama Children’s Zoo says that it takes about 6 hours to look around. In my case, I left late and arrived around 14:00. After that, I was there until 17:00 when the park closed, so it’s about 3 hours. I could only see giraffes, goats, koalas, collared doves, sloths, and anteaters. (⇒ Less !!) Because it takes time to move. And it’s hot, so I need ice time. Therefore, it may be better to go here with plenty of time.


Although my staying time is short, thanks to Koala-chan, animal satisfaction is 100% ♡


近くにはコアラの水飲み場が。There is a koala drinking fountain nearby.

コアラさんは東門の近くにおりました。1匹程度かと思いきや、なんと6匹も!本当に愛らしくて、スマホでパシャパシャ。寄付ボックスには千円を奮発して入れました。コアラ好きなので、Koara Armyというオーストラリアのメルマガも購読しています♡(わかったよ、、)

コアラちゃんのおうちは、アスレチックのすぐ近くにあります。Koala’s house is very close to the athletics.

Koala was near the east gate. I thought it was about one, but there were six! It’s really adorable, and it’s a smartphone. I put 1,000 yen into the donation box. I like koalas, so I also subscribe to an Australian e-mail magazine called Koara Army ♡ (OK,)

コアラの家系図、初めて見た。。I saw the koala family tree for the first time. ..


When I saw koalas in Australia before, I honestly didn’t think they were so cute. So, I didn’t become a fan because the foreigner had a business spirit like “I want to be a koala? It’s $ 30!”.

絶滅しないように、これからも寄付するよ~!I will continue to donate so that it will not become extinct!


There are also athletics in Saitama Children’s Zoological Park ♡

彩ぽっぽで東園で降りて左の坂を下ると、アスレチックがあります。If you get off at Saipoppo and go down the slope on the left, you will find athletics.



The athletics of Saitama Children’s Zoo are quite authentic compared to ordinary parks. However, the number of athletics was smaller than that of specialized athletics. I think it’s about 10 in all. However, it has an athletic atmosphere on Heiwajima in Ota Ward, Tokyo. Athletic is hot in the summer, but it’s not as hot as it looks because of the shade.


Access to Saitama Children’s Zoological Park


The closest station to Saitama Children’s Zoo is Takasaka Station on the Tobu-Tojo Line. It’s reckless to walk from the station, so take the bus from the west exit. The bus is bound for Hatoyama New Town and is the second stop.

このバス停です!This is the bus stop!
バスは1時間に4本くるよ~。Four buses come every hour.


There is also Daito Bunka University at Takasaka Station, and even on Saturdays, Daito Bunka buses passed many times. But I’m no longer a student, so I can’t get on that bus, right? There are many places I haven’t seen in Saitama Children’s Zoo, so I’d like to start early in the morning and enjoy it next time.


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