【横浜市】日産自動車 横浜工場を子供と見学しましたよ

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[Yokohama City] We visited the Yokohama factory of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. with children.


I’m a paper driver, but I like to see mechas and vehicles. I also love Mega Web in Odaiba. Therefore, during the summer vacation of Hatchan, 5 years old, I came up with the idea, “Let’s go to a car factory this time instead of going out as usual.”



Nissan’s history began at the Nissan Yokohama Plant!

There are many pictures of cars this time!


You can also get inside the car in the showroom on the first floor.


The history of Nissan Motor is said to have started from the Yokohama factory in Yokohama in 1933. At that time, it was the first factory in Japan to be able to assemble not only automobile parts but also final completion. Nissan is hungry that I and Hatchan, an adult who doesn’t think about anything, can bother me at such a historic and serious factory! (Hatchan, I wish I could grow up and change my Nissan car!)


The factory tour of Nissan Motor is quite fun! ♡ If you have elementary school children, you should definitely go!

Study at the Nissan Museum!


To be honest, I think the factory tour is a hit. I went all the way to a long distance, but there are no souvenirs, and the contents are different. However, this factory tour was “Oh!”, “Hey!”, “Ho!” (⇒ Exclamation words!) Even for me as an adult.

Hatchan gets excited by sitting in the driver’s seat of a real car


It’s far from the station (Keikyu Line, Shinkoyasu Station). However, I had never seen the assembly of an automobile engine, and it was fun because the engineer showed me how to assemble it in an assembly line. There is a corner where you can watch movies, get Nissan Tomica souvenirs, and even see tube experiments for throwing automobile parts in the distance, which is perfect for elementary school students who like cars and children who are learning about society. (Of course, there were also adult participants)


Access to Nissan Motor Yokohama Plant


By my own misunderstanding, I thought that if I came to Shin-Koyasu station, there would be a free shuttle bus for Nissan in front of the station (⇒ illusory;) Instead, it was a normal bus or car. You have to go on foot.

Wow! Since I came to Kanagawa, I’ll get Pokemon!


I found “Choimobi” before the factory tour was finally accepted! I want to ride!


I searched for 19 Yokohama municipal buses and walked a little from the station, but this is not available and I am already late. So I managed to get a taxi safe with the taxi app without hesitation; (I’m 43 years old and I’ll take a taxi soon if I’m happy at that time with some expense)

Please be careful, everyone! There is no problem if you have a car. Nissan Motor’s Yokohama factory seems to have several, so it is convenient to remember that it is the “second”


I failed to get a job at a major company, and at a Nissan factory tour, I said, “I like the big companies!”



When I and Hatchan went to the summer vacation in August 2019, about 30 to 40 people gathered in a place like an audiovisual room at the meeting time, and I heard an explanation from a beautiful older sister. Dirty older sister does not come out in such a place W

It’s August, so a water bottle is a must!


Then, since there are many people, we will divide into two groups and see the engine assembly process at the factory just a short walk away. This is pretty interesting. There is a place in the factory where there are museum-like tricks and machines, which seemed to be the most enjoyable for elementary school children.

I think it’s irresistible for enthusiasts!
The current Hatchan may be more studying!


When I was in college, I had a hard time getting a job because I played too much and didn’t have enough credits to get a job hunting, but now I’m getting the job that suits me best. But 20 years ago, I wanted to join a company with a name that everyone knows, such as “JTB” or “Itochu”. But now I don’t think so.


How to make a reservation for a tour of the Nissan Motor Yokohama Plant


I came up with the idea of ​​a factory tour of Nissan Motor when I was looking at a summary article on a factory tour with my children. All of the articles (before Corona) were all about attractive factories, but there was no place to go far and crisp, and the only Nissan factory could be reached by train! let’s go! I thought.

As expected it is a major company. It’s a great homepage!

<予約方法> Reservation method


Access the official website of the Nissan Yokohama Factory 

こちらです⇒ Here ⇒  日産横浜工場


Click “Apply” in the middle of the top of the page

Here ~~! !!


Carefully read the tour contents and precautions from the top, and click the blue button “Click here for reservation calendar screen” slightly below the center.

Here ~~! !!


The light blue part of the calendar is the date when reservation is possible. Reservations are accepted from the same day one month in advance. So, for example, if it’s October 1st, you can make a reservation until November 1st. I think it’s much easier to make a reservation than before Corona, but it’s still full on Saturdays and Sundays. ..


Click on the date and select the time zone at the reception status. The screen will switch to the farm where you enter the input items, so enter the parent’s name, email address, child’s name, etc. and send it to complete the reservation.

If you come this far, it’s almost over!


Even now, the Yokohama factory of Nissan is accepting tours ♡


While many companies refrain from factory tours, Nissan is conducting factory tours for children. There was Ghosn, but Nissan, Ganbare! !! (But I have no plans to buy a car;)


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