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[Chuo-ku] I went to Yaesu Book Center with my child (first grader) ♡


I worked part-time on the first floor of the Yaesu Book Center in Tokyo from 2002 to 2003. I was in charge of business books, and at that time, the book “Where did the cheese disappear?” Was a best seller.


Recently, my elementary school student “Hatchan” talks about constellations with boys in class. I was impressed and arrived here with a breath of breath, “OK! I bought a book of constellations at a big bookstore!”


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is “Children’s Corner” of “Yaesu Book Center”.



He would have been crazy in this era …! He is one of the Japanese people who really respect him.

I went again. I couldn’t sit in the chair in the children’s corner, probably because of Corona’s illness; so I asked for a drink at the Doutor on the 1st floor and read the book I bought (Shibusawa Eiichi’s manga ⇒ Shibui ,,) with my parents ♡


How to get to Yaesu Book Center


Yaesu Book Center is located in the city of Yaesu in Tokyo, so it is called “Yaesu Book Center”. Very simple and good name ♡


Autograph sessions of celebrities were also often held. (I wonder if I’m taking a break in Corona now …) I once saw model Ayako Kawahara from the cash register, and I remember being tall and beautiful.

There is a highway bus ticket office on your right


Restraint bus stop at Yaesu South Exit

It is convenient to walk to the Yaesu Book Center from the Yaesu South Exit of “Tokyo Station” on each line. The Yaesu South Exit is the direction where Maruzen is located. There is a big bus roundabout and McDonald’s, and walk to the right with the ticket gate behind.

If you come this far, it’s almost over!


Cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right to see the white building. It is Yaesu Book Center.


Children’s books etc. are on the 6th floor at Yaesu Book Center

これが今の八重洲ブックセンターのHPか! 引用:https://www.yaesu-book.co.jp/


Even though I worked part-time, it’s been 18 years since I quit. I have no idea about the arrangement of books in the museum. First of all, I saw the statue of Kinjiro Ninomiya in front of me for the first time in a while, and I was deeply moved.

The reference corner of the Yaesu Book Center will disappear, and Doutor will be available in December.


Isn’t there a statue in an ordinary bookstore? !! Besides, I’m selling gold paper that can be attached to that statue inside (⇒ I don’t know about it now;) I like unusual people, unusual stores, and more! ♡

Ninomiya-san, is it a walking smartphone now?


The children’s book was on the 6th floor. I have no choice but to take the escalator to the 4th floor and the elevator from the 4th floor. There is only one elevator, so I’ll wait a long time; I like this inconvenience as it seems to be Yaesu Book Center.


More types than a bookstore in the neighborhood! Butt Detective, Mofumofu’s book, that. What is the book of constellations?

Hmm … After all, is the picture book the strongest of Shogakukan neo now? !!


I arrived at the 6th floor. There is a red book for the exam on the right side near the entrance. Oh, there are books on education in general. There was a cookbook corner on the left side of the entrance.

Hey! Isn’t this okay?
It was written about Greek mythology in a cartoon


I immediately asked the clerk, “Ah … are there any constellations or space books for children?” The clerk immediately told me, “I’m gathered around here.”

Yes, there are many books that Hatchan seems to like ♡


I said, “Hey. How about this? There are many pictures and hiragana is used in kanji.”


Hatchan “No! No!”


I said “Eh ~! Is it different? Which one is better ~?”


After about 3 round trips of this conversation, I think my child may already want a different book! I felt w While saying “Wait! Wait!”, I sat down and read the new book of Butt Detective, and flipped through the picture book of Mofumofu animals that I already had at home.


What! It’s a book of constellations, so I thought I’d support it a lot; well, no.

If you don’t mind, please do this too ♡


The big bookstore is fun ♪ There are chairs for reading, and you can flip through

Let’s go again ♡
Oh! There was also Inazo Nitobe!


I want this book too!

I went to a Japanese drum lesson today, and I’m glad I came here on my way home. When I get home, I get tired because it’s just a “household” that moves TV and furniture.

There seems to be a book similar to a 100-year-old bus …


I also like TV, but I haven’t watched it for a long time, and recently I haven’t watched it for an hour in a week; it’s more natural for me to surf the internet and read books.

I want to read books around here


Why is a bookstore so much fun? After all it is a sales floor. It’s fun to watch because the arrangement and display are different depending on the store. It’s also fun to see the obi, appearance and size of the book.

Oh, you’re focused

結局、この日迷いに迷って買った本は「すみっコぐらし ひみつずかん」と「move mini 星と星座」の2冊でした;

After all, the two books I bought on this day were “Sumikko Gurashi Secret Zukan” and “move mini Stars and Constellation”;


にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 東京お出かけスポットへ