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[Chiyoda-ku] How to get to Pretty Store Tokyo, business hours and goods


If your child is about 3 to 5 years old, and if you are a girl, there is a high probability that you will be addicted to the anime “Pretty Cure”. So did my child. From the time of nursery school (2 to 3 years old) to the middle of kindergarten (3 to 4 years old), I was addicted to Pretty Cure.

Hatchan who wore a Pretty Cure T-shirt during the strawberry marathon


That’s why I went to see Precure live and events, and I was really into Precure. One day, I got information that there is a “Pretty Store” that sells only Pretty Cure goods in the basement “Character Street” of Tokyo Station!


This can’t be helped! Therefore, the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Pretty Store.

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This is an event article at World Import Mart in Ikebukuro Sunshine.


How to get to the pretty store-In the case of Tokyo

3-year-old Hatchan is concentrating on coming to her favorite Pretty Cure shop


2020年12月13日(土)~27日(日)、アリオ川口に期間限定プリティストアがオープンです♡A limited-time pretty store will open at Ario Kawaguchi from Saturday, December 13th to Sunday, December 27th, 2020 ♡

There are 3 pretty stores nationwide. Osaka is the main store (Abeno-ku Q’s Mall B1F), and the other Marui City Yokohama store and this store in First Avenue Tokyo Station are permanent stores. For a limited time, there were stores in Nagoya and Hamamatsu.

Street address
1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
phone number

business hours
11:00~20:30(Photo studio12:30~17:00) 
At the photo studio, children can take a commemorative photo in Precure costumes!


To get to the Precure Pretty Store Tokyo, take the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station. There is a street with many character shops called “Character Street” in “First Avenue Tokyo Station” in the basement.


The Pretty Store is at the far end, just across the street from the Pokemon Center. It stands out because it looks pink.


Check the official Twitter for business hours and campains!

プリティストアの営業時間などの最新情報はホームページだけでなくTwitterもチェックすると良いです。プリティストアのTwitterのアカウントは@pps_as です。



On Twitter, you can also get useful information for moms and children who are checking the pretty store, such as announcements of new product releases and campaigns to get stickers ♡


Inside the store is 90% with children & family, and the others are young women & young men ,! ??

Clicking with cure macaroons ♡ 3 years old


Speaking of course, it is natural, but Precure is a popular anime for girls, so the store was mostly parents and children. The store isn’t very large, so some parents who brought their children were waiting in the aisles out of the way.


A lot of cute goods ♡ A shop where girls who like Pretty Cure are excited

Children flock there because of the toys that make sounds and lights like candy lots (in the case of precure a la mode, old ,,;). “Junbanban!” Is a Japanese-specific magical word that tries to line up children.


I’m not excited about Pretty Cure goods, so I was observing people in the aisle in front of the store. (⇒ Oy!) Then, the behavior is a little suspicious? I found a nice man. Is it someone’s father? I thought, but I was a young male Pretty Cure fan. He picked up the first Pretty Cure goods and said to himself, “Because this is XX.”


(Note)Advance reservations are required for new product purchases and photo studios!



I went to the Pretty Store three years ago and two years ago. However, even at that time, the photo studio (⇒ You can take pictures wearing Pretty Cure costumes: L version 1,500 yen * tax not included) was a fierce battle with numbered tickets distributed.


And from August of Corona, a ticket reservation system called “Live Pocket” was introduced. If you want to purchase a new product or make a photo studio, you must specify the time in advance on the Pretty Store reservation special page. (Web reservation itself is free. Payment is local)


As expected, the popular Pretty Cure! Web reservations will be filled up soon.At the Pretty Store, you will need the QR code screen and ID card at the time of booking, so please bring it with you ♡


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