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[Kita-ku] King Seimen has a light taste, so children can use it! Did you get on Michelin?


It’s been 10 years since I lived in Tokyo. (My parents’ house is Chiba) The other day, a program called “Ad Street heaven” featured the prince in Kita Ward. And the other day, a ramen shop called “King Seimen” that I saw on my way to ophthalmology was featured.


I’m not a “ramen enthusiast” aunt who is so familiar with ramen, but I usually like delicious food. I thought (Oh, it looks delicious!), So I kneaded Dada to the hated Hatchan (7-year-old girl) and the happy husband (40-year-old), saying “Let’s go !! Let’s go !!” I had them go out with me. Go out with elementary school students in Tokyo this time! The theme is “King Seimen” in Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo.


What is King Seimen?

It is a “goodwill” of King Seimen with a cute hashtag design.


King Seimen is a ramen shop located just over 10 minutes with children from Oji Station on the Kita-ku / JR Keihin Tohoku Line or Tokyo Metro Namboku Line. (Opened in March 2019) It’s not a train station, but it’s not far enough to take a taxi. It’s located to the right of the Kita Ward Office, so the Kita Ward Office will definitely go to King Seimen at noon! !!


In addition to this, we also sell wontons individually and takeout!In addition to this, there are also wonton single items, mini bowls (I snooped on the customer next door …!), And take-out sales!


I found out the secret of the chewy noodles. King Seimen sells wonton noodles and delicate soup-based soup. The price is 850 yen for ramen and 1,100 yen for wonton noodles (meat wonton x 1, meat wonton x 1), which is a standard price in Tokyo.


On Sunday, May, the congestion was waiting for an hour



For the first 10 minutes, I accidentally lined up in a soba shop line.

By the way, it was around 12:30 noon when we lined up in the King Seimen line. First of all, there was a soba shop in front of the king noodles, and there was a line of king noodles across the aisle, so I misunderstood that the line at the soba shop was the line of king noodles. I did. There were relatively elderly couples lined up, but I misunderstood that (King Seimen has a light taste of white soup stock, so even elderly people can line up). I mother managed to put us in the store so that the second graders wouldn’t get tired of reading picture books and blocking the sunlight with a parasol.

Hatchan who likes stomach and buys and eats bread at the bakery on the left of the soba shop. sorry,,!


Oh ~! It looks like we can finally reach the ticket vending machine! (It doesn’t matter, but a 10,000-yen note was also included.)

However, it’s crazy. I noticed that I was in the wrong line and rearranged in the correct line, but it was a long time from there. Due to the small number of seats, it is difficult for the line to move forward. After all, I lined up for a whole hour. This is a big mistake for me with my children. However, I’m always proud that I’m overdoing child-first, so I’d like to ask my kids to go out with me once in a while.


Up to 2 people can line up in the store, so I chose a different seat from my dad.

There was a paper outside the store saying “Request for congestion”.


If the person in front of you buys a meal ticket at the ticket machine, it’s your turn to buy the meal ticket. Only cash can be used at the ticket machine. Up to 2 people can wait in the store. If the number of people waiting in the store is less than two, the next person will enter the store in a good manner. We went with three people, but my husband said, “Let’s divide into two and one,” so I decided to eat ramen in a 2: 1 division of Hatchan, me, and dad. (⇒Although I usually fight, a couple who makes quick decisions in such cases …!)


I ordered wonton noodles little by little, and elementary school students ordered ramen


We usually eat out at Saizeriya or a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. How does the scenery of us adults, who line up for an hour to eat ramen, look like to our elementary school students ?! Moreover, the BGM in the store is quite punk. (Old Melodic Hardcore?) I understand that only one song was RADWINPS, but the music of the young people these days is completely unknown to my 44-year-old mother. However, I understand that the customer base of King Seimen is generally young and there are many women. (There are few children, but there are a few.)

♡At first, I received the ramen (850 yen) that I ordered ♡


Wonton noodles (1,100 yen) little by little.

The impression of ramen is that it has a delicate taste that is carefully made. It’s not greasy, but I think it’s a fairly rich soup. It seems that it was carefully made by blending dried sardines, kelp, and bonito stock. I thought that the first cup might have been a simple ramen with few ingredients.


Next is me. Wonton noodles little by little. Normally, wontons have a small amount of ingredients to enjoy the smoothness of the skin, but the ingredients of King Seimen wontons are fluffy and satisfying to eat. If you ask, it seems that it is possible to serve separately. The soup is delicious, so I ate it all. (⇒ I’m a middle-aged person just before the menopause because my weight is heavy, but w hahaha)


You can get a small plate, and it is also recommended for families with children ♡

Aprons, water and napkins are self-service.


I usually don’t go to ramen shops with my kids. So, I go out a lot, but for me it was an adventure. I don’t want to line up for an hour like this, but if I’m on weekdays or at different times, I’d like to come back to eat when I come nearby. The inside of the store is clean, the soup is delicious, and the noodles are delicious. As a child, I think it’s better to eat a lot of delicious food.


Did you get on Michelin?

Hmm? this is,,?


Speaking of a prince, it’s a prince’s fox!

King Seimen is said to have decorated the cover of a magazine called Ramen Walker. (Click here for details ⇒ https://ramen.walkerplus.com/tv/242/) In addition, the award-winning vertical of Tabelog’s 100 famous ramen shops and the Michelin Guidebook were placed on the ticket vending machine in the store. According to Google teacher, King Seimen was published in Michelin (Bib Gourmand) in 2021. Bib Gourmand is a version of a collection of shops that sell high-quality ingredients with careful cooking that can be eaten for less than 6,000 yen. (Reference: https://akabane-shinbun.com/archives/23549) Certainly, it was a ramen that conveys a sense of politeness.

It is a park just a short walk from King Seimen.

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