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[Online] His online tour real reviews! Explaining how to participate, camera (face), payment method ♡


I’m 44 years old and love to go out with my kids, but my kids are in elementary school, my school is busy, and it’s hard to go out every weekend; but I’ve been teleworking on weekdays all the time. I’m staying at home, so if there’s no stimulus, I’ll be happy.


At that point, I found a somewhat interesting project on the net called an online tour of HIS (60 minutes in 4 countries around the world: 1000 yen). It’s from 17:00 on weekdays, so it’s time to make dinner. whatever. Pochi! So, this is an online tour of his theme, “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!”


What is HIS Online Tour?



Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection from the winter of 2020, the domestic economy was hit hard, especially in the restaurant, accommodation, and travel industries. HIS is one of them, and in December 2020, a loss of 25 billion yen was announced. As a new graduate, I received HIS as a place of employment and had a second interview, so I was so fond of HIS that I traveled with HIS many times. I am grateful that HIS has made expensive overseas travel more accessible, so I learned that HIS is doing an online tour, so I definitely need to participate in this! I thought.


One of the businesses that HIS is incorporating as a business restructuring is “online tours” because real travel sales are declining. No, when I first saw this, I was rude, but I wondered if I started with a burning blade. But it’s not. HIS online tours are really, really interesting! There are clear advantages that real travel does not have. This has uncovered new demand, can use existing employees and resources, and is truly HIS! I fell in love with it. (⇒ I couldn’t find any other good words …;)


reputation①:There are many participants, so you can enjoy a sense of unity.

A local coordinator who showed me around Korea. Oh ~! I want to go to Korea! I tought.


I was impressed when I saw the Maldivian sea.

The name of the tour I participated in is [Extra Edition] Trial Round the World! It is a four-city tour. It’s a fun tour where you can get a fun introduction while staying at home for only 1,000 yen for 60 minutes, and a local HIS guide connecting 4 locations (15 minutes per location) with a relay. The day I participated was (1) Korea ⇒ (2) Thailand ⇒ (3) Spain ⇒ Maldives.

This person is more fun to host, so I was able to participate with peace of mind for 60 minutes with excitement ~ w



When you access ZOOM, there are 42 participants! Some people have a face and some do not. I don’t care about the appearance at all, so I gave it a fake name (I hide it in online yoga, but …!) And made an appearance. Then, at first, a man named “Mr. Yamada” became the moderator and gave a talk like a prelude. It’s a fun person like a comedian. Online tours aren’t just about looking at the screen. Everyone feels free to ask questions in chat, and Mr. Yamada asks the local guide, “I’m sorry, I’m asking this question,” and the locals will answer immediately. That kind of interactivity gives a live feeling and is very interesting. Is your computer and Maldives connected now? !! I feel like.


reputation② You can feel like traveling abroad while staying at home ♡

Ah! I want to go to Spain too.


There are overseas location programs on TV, but I feel like I’m dying with telops and commercials. In that respect, HIS online tours allow professional local guides to go to various places while holding a camera realistically. Somehow, there was something like this with Doraemon’s tools! I get caught up in a mysterious feeling.

Thai flowers are small, so it costs about 20 yen. cheap!


Since many locals are usually walking around the city, you can feel the feeling of traveling abroad more naturally without the feeling of being prepared in advance on TV. And the story of the local guide is fun! For example, the flowers used in Thai Buddhism are made of roses, jasmine, and marigolds, and if you get permission from the hotel, you can enjoy them even if you put them in the bathtub ♡. One of the pleasures is that you can listen to a lot of fun stories.


rerutation③ Don’t get tired & good for gap time ♡

Local guides always go to markets and shops and get involved with the locals.




How to participate in the HIS online tour?


HIS online tour


① Find your favorite tour on the net (free ~ 4,500 yen)


② Enter the required items such as your name


③ Pay with a credit card


④ On the day of the event, click the URL you received by email to access ZOOM.

Just click the URL (link) in the email


You can participate in the flow. Even if you are new to ZOOM, it’s probably okay. Unless you have a strange model, an old terminal, or a browser, you can see it normally. However, I recommend using a computer rather than a smartphone because it gives you a more realistic feel and the chat screen is easier to see.

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