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[Matsudo City] I went to Hatsusei Orchards Kunugiyama and hunted pears with my children!


My daughter (7 years old), Hatchan, suddenly fell in love with purple when she was in the second grade of elementary school. As an extension of that, I also liked fruit grapes, so I wanted to take him to grape hunting.


However, when I arrived at the site, it was “pear hunting” instead of grapes (oh, I did it again), and ADHD Gimi’s mother (me) thought. That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Hatsusei Orchards in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.


Hatsusei Orchard finds Jalan

引用:じゃらん 初清園(https://www.jalan.net/kankou/spt_guide000000184858/


When I make a play reservation, I usually browse “Jalan”, “Rochike”, or “Ikoyo”. Although it is grape hunting, I actually found and booked a cheap travel tour called “Four Seasons Trip”. At 7:30 pm in Shinjuku, you can take a bus to Yamanashi and take it to “Hottarakashi Onsen”, which costs less than 10,000 yen for parents and children. However, I thought again (I can’t get up at 7:30 in the morning!) And canceled. (⇒ Excuse me for traveling in the four seasons …) After that, when I searched for grape hunting in Jalan’s play reservation, I found a vineyard “Hatsuseien” that I could go from home.


The nearest station was “Kunugiyama Station” on the Shin-Keisei Line


Hatsusei Orchards is easily accessible from Tokyo. From Matsudo Station, take the Shin-Keisei Line for 8 stations and get off at “Kunugiyama”. You can reach Matsudo Station from JR Nippori Station on the Joban Line. I was wondering if I could go through the Joban Line to the Shin-Keisei Line with a watermelon as it is, but I had to go out the ticket gate and buy a Shin-Keisei ticket. (⇒ Is it just me?;)


Which one is it? I don’t understand at all …

So, I’m a pretty Sazae-san character, so when I went out to Kunugiyama station and looked at Google Maps, I was wondering, “Is it right or left?”


I “Hey, which do you think?”


Daughter “Hey, I think it’s right!”


No good! You’re not the FamilyMart, you just go down the stairs and walk straight along the road!

The decision at such times is more likely to be made by a girl with a pure heart! I thought, but it was on the right. However, I had to turn left after going out to the right, but I went to the right again, so I was late because I had to make a roundabout turn.


I don’t want people like me to make mistakes (⇒ Uh! Uh! Cry), so I’ll put a map below. I mean, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. If you are an ordinary person, you can go there immediately ★

♡The station name Kunugiyama is so cute ♡


Hatsusei Orchards’ grape and pear hunting is cheap! 1,000 yen per person


You can bring your own food and drink at Hatsusei Orchards, so you can save money by bringing it with you for lunch. I made a reservation for “pear hunting” by mistake as grape hunting, but the price was 1,000 yen for both adults and children. Children from 3 years old to preschoolers are 600 yen.

This is the screen when I made a reservation with Jalan.


cheap! It’s 1,000 yen per person ♡ Uhohoi ♡


Things you should bring with you even if you die when you go to Hatsusei Orchards

My shoes, both me and my child, have become quite muddy. After returning home, I washed my angry shoes.



There was no table when we arrived, but everyone will be back with a time lag, so if you wait, the table will be free.

Looking at the reviews of those who went to Hatsusei Orchards, everyone wrote that “leisure sheets and insect repellent spray are essential ★”. I also saw it and brought a leisure sheet. I forgot about the insect repellent (again), and my daughter said, “Mom!”, But since I was in September, I wasn’t particularly bitten by insects. The problem is the mud problem of shoes. I keenly realized that it was necessary to prepare for things such as covering with a plastic bag, wearing boots, and bringing replacement shoes. The ground was really muddy with pear juice (?).


Is it unexploded for elementary school students? !! Immediately I was shocked when I was told “Let’s go home”

Pears that could not be eaten are purchased for 800 yen per kg.


Mom takes a selfie with a funny face in her spare time.
It seems that it was fun to pick pears. I don’t like dirt, I’m a modern child.


Orange is the best pear! I did not know.



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