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[Shinjuku Ward] Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Congestion and Access / Reservation / Coupons / Prices


Speaking of winter, ice skating ♡ My next goal when I sled in Sapporo last week was “Let’s ice skate in Tokyo!”. However, the Citizen Ice Skating Rink in Takadanobaba, which I used to go to, has been closed; sorry.


子が幼稚園の年長さんの時には、世界フィギアのいっちばん安いチケットで見に行きました~。When my child was a senior in kindergarten, I went to see it with the cheapest ticket in the world figure.


“Crowded” is always at Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground


It is an image around 12:30 after noon on Saturday, February 12, 2022. It seems that he can’t shoot the skating rink, but I’m a little sorry because many people usually shoot with smartphones. (sorry)


What I wanted to say in this image was that “Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground is crowded” was written in the word of mouth of the children’s outing site “Ikoyo”, but it’s true! I thought. However, it is not frustrating, and everyone enjoys ice skating while avoiding it.


Be careful if you can’t stand for the first time! There are a lot of people along the wall


The Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Rink is a large ice rink, and people who are good at school, advanced people who are spinning and jumping in the middle, and beginners who can not skate at all are skating together. That is a big feature of this ice rink. There are a lot of couples and families along the wall, so I thought (I’m going to make friends with the wall today), I was a little impatient with my child after about 8 years of ice skating;



There was no shoe box, and the shoes I took off were placed under the bench.


After noon on Saturday. It was fairly crowded in front of the rental shoe store (?) And locker just after entering from the entrance. I’d like to put on my shoes, but since someone is sitting on almost all the benches, I screamed “Hey! Hatchan. Sit there!” And instructed the child to sit down, aiming after the person left. Oiler. I asked for rental shoes of the same size as usual, but I was surprised that they were quite small.



Directions / Access / Nearest Station to Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground


The name is Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground, so I thought it was in Harajuku (⇒ I don’t know!), But the nearest station is “Sendagaya Station” on the JR Sobu Line / Chuo Line or “National” on the Toei Oedo Line. It’s a stadium station. We went from Sendagaya, but when we got off, turned left (towards the police box) and walked straight, we saw a beautiful building made of glass. If you are a baby or older than 2 to 3 years old, you should be able to walk enough.

JR千駄ヶ谷駅前です。駅前、土曜なのに人すくな~。It is in front of JR Sendagaya station. It’s Saturday in front of the station, but there aren’t many people.
この道をまっすぐ行って、左手に明治神宮アイススケート場は見えてきます。Go straight on this road and you will see the Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground on your left.


Excelio on the right side of the Sendagaya station ticket gate

アイススケートの前は何か食べましょう~♪Let’s eat something before ice skating ~ ♪



I can’t leave the house from the beginning of the morning because I’m always badly prepared. I thought that Sendagaya was only a store for adults, but there was a sunny and wide Excelsior cafe in front of the station. Some of them could be eaten by children, so go!


Meiji Jingu Ice Skating reservations and tickets can be found at “Asso View”

スマホから予約したアソビューのチケットは、入口でQR[コードを読み取り発券します。Aso View tickets booked from your smartphone will be issued by scanning the QR [code] at the entrance.


Reservations and payments can be made from the Aso View Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground page. It is not possible to buy tickets at the counter on the day because it is a corona sickness now; (as of February 2022), I was able to make a reservation on the day from the Aso View page. If you go with a child, you may not know if you will go until the day even if you buy a ticket because you are in a good mood and in good physical condition. So, I made a reservation on the day from Aso View and showed the QR code of the smartphone at the site.


Except for the following fees, I paid only 200 yen for the locker. (200 yen is returned



All you have to do is go to the Aso View page, press the “Proceed to Purchase” button, select the date you want to go, and pay with your credit card or PayPay. If you are new to AsoView, create an account first. After payment, display the QR code from the “Display ticket” button sent by e-mail or “Reservation management” displayed by logging in to Aso View, measure the temperature at the entrance, and then snap the smartphone screen. Scan



Is there a coupon at Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground? How to go cheap



Overall, you can enjoy the Meiji Jingu Ice Skating Ground


I was complaining that it was crowded and there was no shoe storage, but ice skating itself was a lot of fun. Good people will avoid it, and there are many bad people (though I haven’t fallen too much), so I’m just going! I didn’t think about it, and I enjoyed ice skating purely with my parents.




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