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[Toshima-ku] Impressions of going to see the movie Buzz Lightyear with a child! Adults who like Star Wars seem to like it ♡


I’m currently summarizing an English space article at work, so when I heard that Buzz Lightyear would be made into a movie, I thought, “Go!”


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the impression of watching movies and Buzz Lightyear with children.


Spoiler impressions of movies and Buzz Lightyear

- YouTube
YouTube でお気に入りの動画や音楽を楽しみ、オリジナルのコンテンツをアップロードして友だちや家族、世界中の人たちと共有しましょう。


No, it’s started! Buzz Lightyear movie! After all, I’m neither an avid Toy Story enthusiast nor a strong Pixar fan. However, it was an interesting movie, so I will write it!


A super-rough synopsis of the movie Buzz Lightyear


As you know from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear is the main character in this movie. It is positioned as a spin-off movie of Toy Story, and although it is related, it is a different story from Toy Story.


Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger who crash-landed on a planet, was hit by an accident in which carnivorous plants attacked. Escape the difficulties with her fellow Space Ranger woman, Alisha, and manage to escape. Judging that he can’t live on this planet, Buzz repeats a test mission to boldly return to the original star in order to pave the way for the 1200 people who got off the spacecraft together.


However, for some reason, the spaceship he is maneuvering does not reach hyper speed, and Buzz keeps failing. Moreover, Buzz’s test flight time was only 4 minutes, but the time of the planet that crash landed was 4 years. Buzz, whose mission is to complete the mission, becomes increasingly frustrated. To such a buzz, fellow Alisha presents socks for a cat-shaped robot. From there, Buzz’s life begins to change a little.


It’s impossible for infants by any means; I think it’s recommended from the 5th grade of elementary school ~

今回は池袋のHUMAXでみました。もっと大きいスクリーンで見ればよかったな~。This time I tried it at HUMAX in Ikebukuro. I wish I had seen it on a bigger screen.


After setting up to watch this movie, I surfed the net to see and enjoy my kids. Then, a lot of articles like “It’s for kids, but adults can enjoy it!” Were posted online. However, it’s crazy. It’s true that it’s a movie that children can watch, but isn’t it really an adult who really loves Don Pisha? What’s more, isn’t it a Simil movie for people in their thirties and beyond (excluding very young children) who have had a little trouble with their lives and work? !! I thought.

引用:映画バズライトイヤー 公式サイト 「無限の彼方へ、さあ行くぞ!」


引用:ディズニーオンラインストア公式 かわいいバズグッズがたくさんあります!

To show it to kids, the overall screen is monotone, such as black or gray, and I feel like I can write flashy; comedy elements and the fold-up action and momentum of the second half can be enjoyed by children, but irreparable. The sadness of human beings who have made mistakes ,. Friendship between people. Do you still not understand such things for infants and lower grades of elementary school? !! I thought. But I think it’s a rugged space adventure movie, so you can just enjoy it as an attraction on IMAX without such a thing! It may be a good idea. If you’re a Disney-loving family or a family who looks at Western movies, maybe even a small child is okay ~ ♡


I’m impressed by Izzy’s line “I don’t want you to help me! I want you to be friends”

バズはアリーシャの孫:イジーと出会い、少しずつ成長していきます。Buzz meets Alisha’s grandson: Izzy and grows little by little.


The movie Buzz Lightyear wasn’t a comedy movie from beginning to end, but I felt that comedy was included in an action x adventure movie-style human drama. And the depiction of the universe and the mechanical feeling are also amazing. The picture is very spectacular. If you like Star Wars, you might be excited just by looking at the screen.


In addition, the scene in which a woman named Izzy “becomes a companion” toward Buzz, who is trying to carry everything on her back and complete it, made me cry from my mother’s eyes. There was a scene that I thought about 3 times. This is also a skill that you can experience in life, I’m sure.


Also, the last slapstick was personally like the scene of Laputa’s airplane in Studio Ghibli, and I was really thrilled. Some people condemn such a movie as “neither way” nor “too many things”; I’m satisfied that it was a strong movie, and it seems like it’s one more time! It was a movie that made me think. thank you! Buzz!


Who would complain about the movie Buzz Lightyear?

見えませんが、バズのキーホルダーを買ってピカチューのバッグにつけて帰る、イタイおばちゃんですっ!You can’t see it, but I’m an auntie who buys a buzz key chain and attaches it to a Pikachu bag!


As you know, the movie Buzz Lightyear is controversial in some countries because of its lesbian portrayals. So, I saw the scene in question (separately,? I complain about this …?), And I felt like I was out of tune.


NASAとJAXAもこの映画に協力しています! 引用:NASA 公式サイト

Also, I often see the impressions of “boring” and “I like people with different directors” on the internet. I don’t know about boredom. If this is boring, how much do you not read? !! Because I think. It’s great to reach the goal, but I think it’s a movie that can be received in many ways, such as learning from mistakes, so I think it’s a movie that gives off some courage and shines in the good parts of America. You did. However, although there were a few places where I thought (that, why?) In the script, I didn’t care at all because of the branches and leaves!


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