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[Bunkyo Ward] I participated in a bread making class event with my children at Chinzanso!


I used to visit Chinzan-so for a kids afternoon tea. At that time, I fell in love with the elegant buildings and decorations of Chinzan-so. However, since we are ordinary people, we cannot go to Chinzan-so so often.


But one day, when I casually looked at the official website of Chinzan-so, there was an article about a parent-child bread class during the summer vacation. It was a pretty good price, so don’t hesitate to “pochi”! .. So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!”


What is Chinzan-so Presents “Urban Forest Summer Vacation! Family Experience Class & Lunch”?



引用:椿山荘 公式ホームページ(https://hotel-chinzanso-tokyo.jp/event/plan/summer2021_bread/


But it’s Tsubakiyamaso, so it’s expensive anyway, right?

わたくし、以前に椿山荘のアフタヌーンティーに行ったことがありまして、その際は大人1名:4950円でした。もう食べきれない!というくらいのボリュームでして。で、このパン教室の料金は早割を使って大人 1 名 ¥7,200、子供1名¥4,400でした。(5月中には申込みしました。事前決済が必要です。キャンセルは前日17時まで可能で全額戻ります)この価格、高い人は「高い!」というと思うのですが、果たしてそうでしょうか?

The entrance decoration made of bread will make you more excited ♡

I had been to Chinzan-so afternoon tea before, and at that time it was 4950 yen per adult. I can’t eat anymore! With a volume like that. So, the price of this bread class was 7,200 yen for one adult and 4,400 yen for one child using the early discount. I think people with this price are “high!”, Is that so?


The lunch in the bread class was not so good, and I was very satisfied with the volume!

For example, if you participate in an event for children such as “Gifte!” Or “Four Seasons Trip”, it costs at least 5,000 to 6,000 yen per person. Since there is no children’s discount for children’s events (planned for children in the first place), it costs 10,000 yen or more for parents and children. In the case of this bread class, adults will have lunch worth 3500 to 4,000 yen (believed to be), and children will have lunch worth 2,000 yen (believed to be), so the price of the bread class is 2 to 3,000 yen. This includes 3 pieces of bread to bring back. If you calculate in this way, you can guess that the price of the bread class itself is in the 1,000 yen range. You can also experience a luxurious hotel, which is a great deal! I think it’s a great project ♡


But only celebrities come, right?

The ballroom on the first floor of the hotel building was the venue for the bread class.


I have no money at all because I change jobs all the time. However, I’ve been fond of hotels since my twenties, and I go to hotels looking for a good plan. This is because I think that a hotel has a high level of food, customer service, and architecture. When it comes to moms who like hotels, there may be people who think that their husbands have a high annual income, that they are full-time employees, and that they are highly educated.

The display of the hotel is also wonderful ♡ Macaron Tower, I have a dream.


Certainly, if you take a look at the people who participated in this bread class, there are more moms who are likely to burn for the exam than my type (⇒ type that seems to have a strong vitality like working holiday visa ,,?). But if you want to go without worrying about it, you should go ♡


Only bring an apron! All materials and cleanup by Tsubakiyamaso

Cooking with children is difficult to get all the ingredients you need.


All you need to bring in the bread class at Chinzan-so is the apron for each parent and child. When I arrived at the venue, I was assigned a seat and all the necessary materials and equipment were set. A mask is required in the venue, and temperature measurement and hand disinfection are also required before the start.

The staff at Chinzanso really feels good! I think there are many people who like children. (Meromero)


I cook and make sweets for my children many times, but I get tired of the series of actions such as picking up ingredients ⇒ cooking ⇒ cleaning up after being asked for ingredients that I don’t have at home. (⇒ I’m about to be 45 years old, so …) However, in the bread class at Chinzan-so, a total of about 15 staff members will help you immediately, so you can really enjoy making bread with your children.


You can take the recipe home! Make two types of bread

良い夏休みの思い出ができたね!Wehave good memories of my summer vacation!


Bread making started at 11:00 am and ended at 12:25. After that, we will move to another venue and have a dreamy lunch for about an hour. (Lunch is a full-course meal that includes drinks and dessert ~ ♡) In about an hour and a half, we will make two types of cake: (1) chocolate chip cake and (2) bread of your favorite shape. ① is made from dough, but ② is provided with already molded fluffy bread dough, and we parents and children made only the shape.

椿山荘のパン生地、、!これ使ったら、失敗しないよね~wChinzanso bread dough …! If you use this, you won’t fail ~ w

①②とも、出来上がったら椿山荘のホテルスタッフの方がにこやかにオーブンで焼いてくれます。オペレーション完璧♡ スクリーンを使って説明してくれるので、広い会場なのに、シェフの手元までしっかりと見ることができました。

When both ① and ② are completed, the hotel staff at Chinzan-so will smile and bake them in the oven. Operation is perfect ♡ Because the explanation is done using the screen, I was able to see the chef’s hands firmly even though it was a large venue.

The chef will explain with a microphone, and then each person will work at each table. As it is a large space, ventilation is sufficient.
)Hahaha ww The shape of bread is quite difficult. I’m going to fly ♡ (⇒ I’m pretty clumsy …)


After making bread, parents and children can take a walk in the garden of Chinzanso ♡


Speaking of Chinzan-so, there is one of the leading Japanese gardens in Tokyo where you can enjoy fireflies and the sea of ​​clouds. Bread making with children ⇒ After enjoying a luxurious lunch, you can also stroll around the garden of Chinzan-so without feeling hungry. Now in summer, you can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of white fog and the sound of wind chimes ♡

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